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Abaddon Open

Within the seemingly normal world are the outcasts, those who were forced into this. The rise of Abaddon is nearing, and only one side can win the battle.

Infected Purpose Closed

What will you do to survive, when you are in a group formed by corruption, and your species is dying because of that corruption.

Destiny or Fate Closed

What would you do to be recognized, in a world where hope is already lost, and your greatest goal is just out of reach?

Etherina Open

Fantasy, Technology and the Unknown collide in an all out war! Only those who are brave enough to step out of the normal will be able to rise.

Our own limitations Open

The world you grew up in is filled with censorship, ruled by a group of people who have decided they will be our justice. Do you believe what they do is right, or do you think otherwise?

The Tale of Death Open

Only when Death has accomplished his vengeance can we all rest.

Triangle Reality Open

A world in ruins, constantly in a fight between two other worlds like it and it's own people. Your life has forever been changed, but for better or worse?

Black and White Open

Good and evil, yin and yang, black and white... There's always two sides of the same coin. Will you make it to the other side?

Dragon's Curse Closed

This is a 1x1 between The_Great_Thundorz and Kagerou.

World of Hunters Open

Welcome to the World of Hunters! Survival of the fittest is the unspoken law of nature. Only those who can push forward will be able to last!

Changing Hands Open

Every hand can change something if it reaches out and grabs for it.