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I love Doctor Who, Doctor Horrble's Sing Along Blog, Doctor Whooves, MLP:FiM, and roleplay as the Tenth Doctor and Doctor Horrible on another site... alright, 'tis a brony site, but nonetheless people... er, ponies fight to get into my forums (makes me feel loved). I LOVE to roleplay, and appreciate all things Doctor, pony, music, art, etc. related. I do have a biting sense of humour at some points in time, if I offend just let me know. Allons-y! *evil laugh*
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Reign of Dragons : Rebooted Completed

Tensions are thick, the three powers fight amongst themselves. In the shadows a group emerges with the deadly intent to raise an old, powerful enemy. With the cities at each others throats already, it'll take someone else to stop the evil from rampaging.

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Mayan Endings: A Doctor Who Story

When the Mayan calendar ended December 21st, 2012 it was for a good reason. They had predicted astrological disaster. They weren't wrong. Luckily for us, however, they hadn't met the Doctor...

Disney at Hogwarts

When Jack Frost, Merida, Rapunzel and Hiccup are admitted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry what will happen? What bonds (and trouble) will be made? (Other characters available by request!)

Superwholock: Games of the Moon

Sam and Dean Winchester hunt the paranormal, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson hunt for criminals, and the Doctor hunts for anything that would endanger the Earth. What would happen when the three factions met in one time and place?


You've never heard of it. You never will. That is, unless you're starting to show something... special. Then it will be all you know. (Open and accepting)

Wings of Lore

Before the Earth, dragons lived in a seperate world. The clans were at peace, mostly. The Zhinmoveir clan was stable, but when war spreads, what ties will be strained... or broken?

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