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A list of fictonal characters written by TheCreepyCanadian as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: The Travelling Merchant of Death

The Travelling Merchant of Death, located in On planet Arvenious

as part of The Hidden Warriors Of Arvenious

Anything you need, he's selling it. But are you willing to sacrifice something in return?

Character Portrait: Gawain Fitzpatrick

Gawain Fitzpatrick, located in Amirillo, Texas.

as part of Rage Disease

"Oh, I do like my knives.. yeeeeesss.."

Character Portrait: Number Eight

Number Eight, located in On The Run

as part of On The Run

"The girls here need to wear skirts more often, hehe.."

Character Portrait: Brain-Jar and Q

Brain-Jar and Q, located in Castle Oress Cafe

as part of Lila

Ricardo, and his cameo sidekick, Q the question mark.

Character Portrait: Beatrice

Beatrice, located in Castle Oress Lounge

as part of Lila

You know, that lesbian loli made of potatoes whose only goal in life is to get laid?

Character Portrait: Duncan Dunlop

Duncan Dunlop, located in Neo Las Vegas

as part of Long Live the New Las Vegas

"Sure, I'm a villai- wait, no I changed my mind. Now I'm one of the good guys. Whoops, I lied. I am a villain.. or am I?"

Character Portrait: Benny the Bunny

Benny the Bunny, located in Castle Oress' Basement

as part of Lila


Character Portrait: Tyran Turshcis

Tyran Turshcis, located in Solecia

as part of Redemption of a Witch ~ Shadows and Illusions

She's got a great body, but her personality.. yeah, she's a total bitch.

Character Portrait: Gerard Fransisco

Gerard Fransisco, located in Bridge

as part of Redemption of a Witch ~ Shadows and Illusions

Not to be confused with a certain character from a certain video game.

Character Portrait: Mr. Thorren

Mr. Thorren, located in The Park

as part of Lila

The manliest manly man that has ever existed. Cries a manly pool of tears when sad or overjoyed.

Character Portrait: Fellmund Narwahlt

Fellmund Narwahlt, located in The Mall

as part of Lila

Everyone's favourite perverted-thief-magician.

Character Portrait: Charles

Charles, located in Castle Oress

as part of Lila

Charles, the giant floating olive with a British accent.

Character Portrait: Charles

Charles, located in Maple Manor

as part of Maple Manor


Character Portrait: Bryant Stromgeld

Bryant Stromgeld, located in Newark

as part of Redemption of a Witch ~ Shadows and Illusions

He wields two 30 pound bastard swords. He's a cop. Yeah.

Character Portrait: Richard

Richard, located in Maple Manor

as part of Maple Manor

The good conscience of the world's biggest sinning olive.

Character Portrait: Rokkskar

Rokkskar, located in Ritzy Apartment Building

as part of Lila

He's a manbear. A goddamn manbear.