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Character Portrait: Nulli Blighted Form
Character Portrait: Illun Nulli's Guardian - (Prime form)
Character Portrait: Nulli (Stalker form) Stalker form;does not harm but collects information and can manipulate, create but can mentally harm a person with it's mind and can change the bodies features. It can also appear through the mind and Nulli does not have to change form if met with Nulli.
Character Portrait: Black Shuck Has a good and bad side. Tells people their destiny, what will happen in the future and if the Xen thinks the person should be punish, it will punish them serverley and make their life difficult. It will also kill or curse a person. It is more bad.
Character Portrait: Rounoh Rounoh is not a real thing. If you have made contact with a UIE (Unknown, Incomprehenseible, Entity), a phantasmal creature will drive the host insane, manipulate them into doing things they don't want to. The creature will soon apear physically and taunt
Character Portrait: UIE Overseer The UIE Overseer commands all guards to contain UIE's in cells and protect them. If necessary, he must eradicate the UIE.