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TheFinalOne » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by TheFinalOne as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Gargarin Sklave der Lüge

Gargarin Sklave der Lüge, located in Resdreillhm Palace

as part of Falsum Duomum

"It is your choice. The serum in my right hand will give you immense power, but a shorter life. The serum on the left is water."

Character Portrait: Prince Wolfe Hertz Grimm

Prince Wolfe Hertz Grimm, located in Ascavia

as part of Seizing the Crown

"Let me tell a story."

Character Portrait: Ganesh

Ganesh, located in Earth

as part of College of the Gods

"I'ma be trolling the universe"

Character Portrait: The'San

The'San, located in The Maze

as part of The Only Way Out

"Ba'ath on a skewer... Now that's what I'm talking about!"

Character Portrait: Sergius Aurelius

Sergius Aurelius, located in Medieval Fantasy

as part of The Crossroads of Power

He is just another peasant. At least that's what he thinks.

Character Portrait: Balthazar

Balthazar, located in The Sword Coast

as part of Seasons of the Lich

"Search the shadows while I hide in broad daylight."

Character Portrait: Eisernes Kreuz

Eisernes Kreuz, located in Grey London

as part of The London Grey

"I have the solution to all your problems. The final solution you'll ever need."

Character Portrait: Constantine Augustus Meyac

Constantine Augustus Meyac, located in More Phenomenal Earth

as part of Good Evening, Monsters! Good Evening, Abe!

"Don't worry, they'll remember. I'm sending them your finger as memorabilia."

Character Portrait: 417782 aka Hill

417782 aka Hill, located in The Ruined World

as part of Alas Poor World

"I love you, Civilian Leader."

Character Portrait: Monk

Monk, located in Wasteland

as part of Mechanophage: The Nextgen Infection

"Be careful who you don't kill or you'll find yourself in a gutter."

Character Portrait: Stephen Westwood

Stephen Westwood, located in Kraven's Crossing

as part of Rebellion: Rebirth

"God gave me a brain instead of looks. I guess I win."

Character Portrait: Makarov

Makarov, located in Thessia

as part of Myth of the New Gods

God of Arts

Character Portrait: David Young

David Young, located in Modern Fantasy

as part of Branches of Power

"Wait, let me take my I.Q. down to your level, to zero."

Character Portrait: Vladimir Zharkov

Vladimir Zharkov, located in The Galaxy

as part of ACV Decistor

Fighter Cook

Character Portrait: Aubriano del Toro

Aubriano del Toro, located in Wulfhaven

as part of Chronicles of Valore

A Human just trying to live a little and get filthy rich

Character Portrait: Hank Fede

Hank Fede, located in The Rud'bul System

as part of For a Fistful of Creds

Engineer and Communication Officer

Character Portrait: Kinderheim

Kinderheim, located in Omega

as part of Mass Effect: Dug In Too Deep

"Death? Regret? Don't fret, both you'll get."

Character Portrait: Alberto Cossini (a.k.a. Scumbag)

Alberto Cossini (a.k.a. Scumbag), located in Senate Chambers

as part of The Rise of the Tari

I be t' captain o' t' "Le Meridian"! Fear me!

Character Portrait: Krakerot Solassi

Krakerot Solassi, located in Fantasy Earth

as part of Age of the Colossus

"You will see that I'm not evil. Then you will apologize."

Character Portrait: Jay Flores

Jay Flores, located in Sewers & Subway Tunnel System

as part of Genesis: A Dystopian Opera

"Good for you, now move aside" (Work in Progress)

Character Portrait: Nathan Armani

Nathan Armani, located in An Undisclosed Pacific Island

as part of The Amber Library

Information Broker and Weapons Dealer

Character Portrait: Luke Morin

Luke Morin, located in The Real World, 2015

as part of The Internationals

Doctor. 35. Former Canadian Army; Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit

Character Portrait: The Debonair

The Debonair, located in Rattleskin

as part of Noir: The Darkest Shade

"Illiteracy is the inability to read between the lines."