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The Reality Complex Open

The shield protecting Earth from bursts of unreality has been damaged by an electromagnetic pulse. Several anomalies are popping up all over. People given strange abilities as well as zones on Earth that defy reality itself. The world is in panic.

The Superior Weapon Open

Two prototype bio-weapons have been created and are being held at a facility of some sort, will you escape? Or become the perfect weapon?

Experimental Value Open

Several individuals are being injected with Animal DNA, can they escape the grasp of a Scientific Research Corporation or will they fail?

The Screw Ups Open

Give a bunch of teens a bit of leeway they'll take a mile. Give them psychic abilities and they'll cause total chaos.

Exposure: The Hunt Open

Adventures seldom turn out as planned, especially when your trapped in a facility miles underground in the Arctic.

The Testing Initiative Open

Trapped miles underground in a old genetic facility, you emerge from stasis how long have you been here? Can you overthrow the hostile AI and escape?

Refuge: The Beginning Open

In a land torn by war, can you seek refuge and hide your unnatural gift from society?

Masses of the Dead Open

The Dead have risen, can you survive this pending apocalypse?

Trained 2 Kill Open

Your life is going nowhere, you're a teenager failing at life until you're made into a emotionless killing machine, or will you become something more?

Plauge: Requiem Open

There's a plague wiping out civilization. And only a small group of people with amazing abilities are immune to it.

Bizarre World Open

You're trapped in a surreal dreamworld, things are constantly changing in a never ending universe. Fight for survival and a chance to escape!