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TheRavenandThePawn » Universes

Soul Eater: Rise of the Raven Open

A war is waged between the DWMA and a new faction The Trinity who seeks to complete destruction of Lord Death and the DWMA... they have no reserve for mercy.

Bleach: The Reign of Chaos. Open

(Non-Cannon) The Soul Society… left to chaos… where Hollows enter freely as the thirteen court guard never existed… the king has fallen and all the worlds are aligned far to close for comfort.

Hellsing: Dust to Dust. Open

Hellsing Anime, non-cannon, The Vampires died out... so we thought.

Cydren: No Mercy Open

Leave no Evidence, Witnesses, or Loose Ends... Show NO Mercy.

Cydren: Psychosis. Open

The Valens Project... a nightmare... may God have mercy upon our souls.

WWV St. Lenin Campaign. Open

World War Five, fought for control over Africa and the special medical element that had dwindled in all other continents. Its time for war.

Bleach: Reign of Chaos Open

(Non-Cannon) The Soul Society… left to chaos… where Hollows enter freely as the thirteen court guard never existed… the king has fallen and all the worlds are aligned far to close for comfort.

A Crown of Chains Open

Is Peace worth one’s freedom, is it worth a Crown… of Chains?

Black Port: Crimson Seas Open

Pirates Wanted… Dead. Tis time to raise hell upon the seas or enforce the brutal laws of the Black Shield Empire. Bring home victory… or meet the oceans eternal embrace.

Psychosis Open

Psychosis is when one loses touch with reality… and now the tables are turned…

Blood Tithe Open

Seven girls are given as sacrifice to the dark castle in which it is told a demon lives. Though… in truth its vampires who lay in wait… one must wonder… is this better then their imagined fate?

Eyes of the Hunter Open

In the Isles of Fa’rona celebrations fill the air, the chieftains daughter of the Orron Clan has come of age. Which proud warrior shall win her heart.

For the True Mother! Open

The great Black Jet Empire stands as one of the most feared nations to ever stand. Though its people have little to fear against enemies of the state and as long as they obey…

Spilled Blood from Shattered Hearts Open

When two lovers are driven apart by power and their own beliefs. They are pitted against one another in a war that spells the fate of man kind… yet there is a third… one to equal both of them.

The Virtue of Vigilance Open

Dark streets and darker plots. When the world becomes a place where people are afraid to leave their homes due to violence can anyone rise against the evil that dominates the world.

Pirates of Black Port Open

Pirates wanted… dead or alive. Raise hell upon the seas or guard them for your liege. Stave your opposition off… or find comfort in the ocean’s embrace. Fear not the raging roar of cannons… for they are your life blood and trade.

The Black Shield Empire Open

When the light falls to darkness, and good lay slain… what can one do… surrender… die… no… one can fight! Until their breath fails… and their veins run dry. One can be remembered… but for what shall they forever stand for… fear… or hope?

Crown of Chains Open

Why must good men die. The King loved by his people lay stabbed, his wife poisoned, and the prince and his family waylaid and murdered. The princess must marry so the land has a proper king. Though the Regent has other plans.

Colony- Red Project Open

In the aftermath of a zombie invasion can you survive on the harsh planet with no military presence left and few defenses in sight.