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The Outskirts Open

Exiled members of society that have done wrong are sent to the Outskirts, to a house that has the most unusual residents.

The Search For The Fountain Open

A strange man is pulled from the depths of the sea after a three day storm, his weapons cannot be handled by other and he carries mysterious coins who is this man and where is he from? A daring pirate hopes to find out.

Windfalls - The Clandestine Forest Open

Windfalls is a peaceful town, everyone get on with everyone and there is no trouble...until a new family move in.

On the high seas. Open

The open seas is a perilous place, but when a ship rescues a mysterious woman from a horrific storm. They have no idea what secrets she holds.

Strange Town Open

A human moves into a new town and falls in love with a mysterious girl. Little does she know she has fallen for the daughter or a werewolf Alpha. But when it is revealed that the daughter loves her back can they hold there love against the moon?

A Broken Truce, A Marriage Made. Open

A truce is broken between two kingdoms, in order to mend the broken contract the daughter of the King must marry a man who is a complete stranger and is somehow different.

Broken Truce Open

Two Royal kingdoms have got on well for the past hundreds of years, generation to generation until an age old truce has been broken and now a debt must be paid. An arranged marriage but the brides husband is different.

Ducking at Shadows Open

A teen is found after a life locked up and alone, beaten and broken. Who will save him and bring him back to reality.

House Of the Dammed Open

Welcome the the house of the dammed. Pick a room just be careful. Here things do go bump in the night.

As Cold As Ice Open

A blood addicted vampire gets more than he bargained for when he plans to kill a human but ends up warming his heart. Can she help stop his killing.

Beyond The Cellar Door Open

A young teenager is found beaten and broken, locked away for 15 years from his parents. When he is found and rescued he is taken away to the safety of a local hospital where he meets a doctor in charge of his care and rehabilitation.

Maison de l'oubli Open

this house is a haven for those who are forgotten, abandoned, mistreated, with simply no where else to go. You are safe here.

Circle of Fae Open

A human moves into a new town populated mainly by Fae, when she falls in love with the leaders daughter she gets more than she bargains for one fateful night.

Bounded by hate Open

A werewolf is found locked in a basement, after a life of toruture he is freed. But he knows nothing about the real world. Who will be his saviour? {PRIVATE}

Moon's Circle Open

Private roleplay between thespaceinbetween and Diane_young

My Full Moon Saviour Open

A Werewolf rescues a Vampire from death and insists that she stays for a few days, but when it is time for her to leave the pair would rather remain together.

Traditions Open

traditions are close to breaking point when a human family moves into a werewolf inhabited town and a human falls for a werewolfs.

The Good Witch and The Big Bad Wolf Open

1x1 roleplay based on two characters in the roleplay Mysitc Grove

Life with the Clarke's Open

Life with the Clarke's is about to get interesting, with the arrival of a certain bundle of joy that is not exactly normal.

Cherry Oakes (3 SPOTS OPEN) Open

A institution designed upon the foundations of helping sick children....

Cellar Door Open

A young werewolf is found locked in a cellar of an old house in the forest. The current resident is also a werewolf. Will they fight or will they connect?

Cold As Ice Open

A serious blood addicted vampire picks up a human in the hopes of draining her dry, to feed his hunger. But when the human fights against him wanting to help him slow down his cravings.

Fang and Claw Open

A young werewolf breaks into a house injured, searching for food and things to steal he comes face to face with something else. A Vampire who owns the house how will she react? In anger, or compassion?

The Triangle Open

One vampire, One Slayer and a Human. Who will survive and who will be destroyed?

The Witch and The Wolf Open

What happens when a werewolf breaks into a witch's house half dead and he almost kills her. But the witch just may be able to help him.

Opposites Collide Open

He's a werewolf,she's a vampire. Both are a forced to be reckoned with. So what happens when he breaks into her house and they nearly kill each other?