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I want to give others the same experience I have while writing. To delve into worlds head first and live a fantastical story.
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"My daughter," Jeong Hak, the benefactor of the Hak family, stood before her. She was signifcantly shorter than her father, who was sitting atop what almost looked like a throne. A king in his own right, while was not the ruler of the Tower, Jeong had always thought himself to be something of a trail-blazer. Living in both infamy and fame, Jeong Hak was a man to be reckoned with. "When you enter that Tower, you enter as a representitive of the Hak family." There was no affection in his gaze, Usagi was certain that Jeong did not feel anything towards any of his children. Most of them were not fighters, they were like their first Mother. Scholars, gentle, not eager to prove themselves in anything other than sciences and maths.

Usagi had always been the black sheep in this respect. She was physically gifted, a fighter and clever at that. "Our only Princess Candidate, you know what will happen if you fail." Usagi did not need to meet the intense cruelty of his gaze. "Failure is not an option," her Father's lips turned upright ever so slightly. "Good girl," like a dog, he praised her. Perhaps that was all she was, not a daughter, but a dog of the Hak family. "Go," she nodded, walking backwards until his gaze was no longer upon her. Usagi breathed a sigh of relief, turning slowly and making her way to the exit. Today was the day, the day she entered the Tower. Like many others, this was a pilgrimage, but neither a right nor a privilage, Usagi was granted permission by Cali and the administration to compete and rise to the top. "Surely, this must be my curse." She whispered, wondering if she would fall to the same fate as Yeon-Ha, her Mother.

"I am unwilling to succumb to the burden of wife," Usagi whispered as she approached the empty path. The doors stood just before her, the Tower tall and imposing. "This is it," she breathed, a shiver running down her spine. Usagi touched the doors, a beam of warmth encompassing her body. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest, as suddenly, she was no longer on the path before the Tower, but inside. It was dark, could this be the first test? Usagi reached out in front of her. "Illuminate," she could feel the aether responding to her request, it was alive all around her. Usagi could feel it tingling in her palms, filling her lungs, and covering her eyes. The aether responded, illuminating a path before her. Something struck her from behind, Usagi turning. The first test, already?

"Flowing fist!" She struck something soft, someone yelping. "Kid, kid, it's just me!" Usagi stepped back, a lightbulb flickering somewhere above. She blinked, looking around her. "Down here," he waved, standing beneath her. He was short, very short, with green skin and a bald head. "You must be Hak's kid, I can smell that family all over you." His tongue slithered between his lips as he spoke. "I'm here for the test," Usagi scratched her cheek, embarrassed. She bowed, "And I apologize for almost killing you," he laughed, waving a hand away. "Happens all the time, we really need to get that light fixed. Come on it's time for sorting."

"Sorting?" Usagi questioned as the door opened. "Yes, this is where we weed out the weak ones. Good luck," the door shut behind her, slamming in her face. It disappeared completely in a blip, leaving Usagi in the field. She turned, looking up at the sky. "Welcome!" A voice boomed from nowhere, "to the first exam! There are currently five hundred of you, in order to pass, you must stay alive until the end of the hour! The timer begins on the count of three. Good luck!" Usagi swallowed hard, the real first test began now.

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❝I put my arms around myself and I'm unbreakable.❞

ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#BDA0CB ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #F7B3DA
|| Dear Winter || AJR ||

After finishing her morning routine and eating breakfast, Winter zipped up her bag. She was to meet the others at the front door, making certain that she would not see Zed along the way. Winter waited there for them, hoping that they would at least be on time. She glanced at the clock at the wall, leaning against the wall. "I'm here!" Serenity skipped up, suitcase in hand. She had already been shopping, of course. "Glad you made it, now we're just waiting for Elise." Ezra and Carter had opted to stay here, to throw Zed a bachlor party, or to perhaps torture him, Winter wasn't sure which. "Is Mercy coming too?" Winter inquired, Serenity shook her head. "No, she and Ollie went back to earth, they said they'd be back for the wedding." Winter nodded in understanding, although it stung a little that they hadn't bothered to say goodbye. Elise arrived at last, looking as though she had slept little. "Morning," Winter smiled upon seeing her.

"Wait, don't leave yet!" Ezra and Carter ran down the hall, making a ruckus. "We wanted to say goodbye," Ezra grinned, hugging Elise first, then Serenity, then Winter. He gave Elise a peck on the lips and whispered something in her ear. "See you later," Carter waved. He looked as though he wanted to say something more, but Winter was glad that he did not. "We'll be back soon," Winter promised. "Come on you two, I planned a full day for us. We're going to stop at Zeus's first to drop off our things." Winter led them to the awaiting carriage. "Zeus won't be home yet, since he's at work, but we can just leave our stuff there with his staff." Nemia was sitting in the front, she was coming along as well, since she was Winter's personal assistant, appointed to her by Iris. Nemia had been close to Iris, working underneath her for a long while. Her death had hit Nemia hard as well.

The ride to Zeus's wasn't too bad, about twenty minutes by carriage. "So I planned a lot for us today," Winter bubbled excitedly. It was no doubt strange to see her so happy, so care free. "First we're going to look at a few houses for you two, since I'm sure you're eager to establish yourselves here and start making it feel more like home. Then we'll be going to the beach, there's a great spa there and I think we can all use some pampering." Winter showed them the pamphlet, "After that, we'll be going out to dinner and then back to Zeus's." She had never gotten to have a girl's day and this was probably the closest thing that Winter would ever get to it, so she wanted it to be fun for all of them.

They arrived at Zeus's a few minutes later, where his staff was waiting to receive them. "Welcome Lady Winter and her two guests."

"Serenity and Elise," Winter supplied. "Ladies Serenity and Elise, we humbly welcome you. Should you need anything during your stay here, we will be more than happy to assist."[/color] Zeus's staff consisted of a mix of nymphs and elves, they were all males because Iris had thought it would look back for the head of Olympia to have females on his personal staff, considering what the implication could be. "We will show you each to your rooms," Winter nodded. Each of the rooms were well appointed and themed differently. Winter followed one of the staff to her room, which was gold and white. The bed was in the center of the room and there was a large box sitting on it. The bathtub was on the deck, overlooking the mountainess view that Zeus had. It was a lovely room, one Winter had never stayed in before.

There was no time to admire it, as there were important things to do today. She opened up the welcome gift, finding a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, and a bathrobe with her name on it. Her Dad had planned this, no doubt, it was just like Zeus to think of something like this. She smiled and placed it down, going to gather Elise and Serenity in order to start their day.

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #0EBFE9 | FC: #CD3333

Kore's long stride graced the walkway of the loading dock. Mimi had been waiting for her upon return, standing just behind the forcefield that kept them all from getting sucked into space. "Ms. Mars!" Mimi held up her holo pod, "you have a message from one of the sponsors."

Kore quirked a brow, but did not slow down. "I'll take it in my office," Mimi nodded. Their walk to the Overseer lounge was not all that far, Kore took the shortcut from the dock, using one of the metal maintenance halls to avoid fotors. The Head Overseer wasn't in the mood, she needed a drink and a mirror.

Her office was pleasantly cool, Mimi already had a lemon spritz waiting for her on the white desk and in the corner, a holo pod was playing several angles of the Games. Kore perched herself on her white leather desk chair, a message sliding over her holo pod, which jumped to life with a wave of her hand. From the window behind her, the stars were especially bright.

"Ms. Mars, it is good to see you." The sponsor leaned back, a pair of overly large sunglasses obscuring her face. Kore too, leaned back, crossing one slender ankle over the other. "It is good to see you as well. How is it going?"

"Just as you requested, the pills are taking effect. The poor mutt was foolish enough to finish the entire dose."

Kore swiveled over to her keyboard, checking the betting pool.

The numbers were plummeting quickly as people hustled to change their bets, spreading the money further. Her brow twitched in annoyance, it was still far too high. Kore turned back to the sponsor. "Do you have an estimate of how long it will take until she's out?"

It was Kore's job to give people hope, but it was also her job to squander it. Any competitor that could grow too close, anyone that might have a slight chance of actually winning, Kore needed to rid the Game of them. The rest of the trash would take itself out.

And what better way to do it than through the guise of a sponsor? Yes, Kore was the grandmaster of the Games, but she was also playing puppeteer behind the scenes, lording over them all.

"By my estimate and the progression of her Ori, one week." Kore nodded, a polite smile coming over her lips. "Thank you, you've been very helpful."

"I merely go where the money follows. It is not everyday a pharmacist like myself is offered such a hefty sum for a few measly hypertension pills."

She ended the call, turning back to the betting pool. To Kore's annoyance, the bets were going up again. The mutt had awoken, putting on a heartwarming performance with the hopeful little fish. With a sigh, Kore turned to watch another mutant, this one a lizard, struggle with another competitor. "What an asinine old man." She rose from her desk, a knock sounding on the metal door at the same time she.

"Come in," Ender shuffled inside, holding a holo pad. "Ender, what's wrong?" Kore asked, pushing her red veil aside to take a sip of her drink. "We have a problem, there's an issue with several of the hoverbikes."

"I am aware," she took another sip. "They aren't turning on, you mean?"

"Y-yes, how did you know?"

"Desperation makes for good entertainment, Ender." He stepped back, but did not seem surprised or upset. Instead, his expression was thoughtful. "I'm coming to the lounge, just a minute." Kore went to the mirror hanging on the wall, nodding once in satisfaction. She followed Ender out, where the rest of the Overseers and some of the managers were lingering, watching the Games, directing their production.

"Axel, how is your little leopard doing?" Kore asked, standing over his shoulder to look at his screen. "I thought the heat would break him in the first hour, but I guess that furry tail is more insulated than I thought." Kore nodded, glad to hear it. She had high hopes for that one.

"Zaxby, how is Douma faring?" Another competitor with a large amount of bets. Zaxby gripped his holo pod, gritting his teeth. "Not well, one of his arms was ripped off, he's trying to reattach it."

Kore flitted over to the bigger screens, standing over Sei's shoulder. "Ms. Mars! Everything is running smoothly so far. Your predictions were spot on!" Sei was as chipper as a duck in a pond. Kore smiled, "Well, when you're in front of the camera a lot, you know what goes on behind the scenes."

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xxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Speaking: #CD5C5C | Thought: #2F4F4F

Scout's arms were crossed over her face, blocking a hit. She redirected the force of the punch up, but did not see a kick coming, knocking her in the side of the head. Scout stumbled, she was breathing hard, seeing double. Blood dripped from her nose, staining her nice new shirt. What was wrong with her eyes? Scout blinked hard, trying to fix her vision and in that short time, was kicked in the back. The wolf was sent sprawling to the ground, her head spinning, ears ringing.

Scout grabbed the next kick Boqin directed at her, pulling him on top of her. She wrapped her arms around his throat and legs around his, arching her back, attempting to choke him. Boqin scratched at her arms, his nails tearing straight through her shirt.

Boqin's arms flailed, he grabbed her tail, yanking it hard. With a yelp, Scout released him, Boqin flipping quickly, straddling her. He pinned Scout's arms against the ground, leaning back and headbutting her, hard.

If Scout had been seeing double before, she was seeing triple now. The wolf flailed her legs out, attempting to knock him off of her. Boqin reeled back, headbutting Scout again and again until her body went limp. Fueled by adrenaline, he had hardly noticed that her ears had flopped over, her eyes rolled up.

"Stop!" Aries ran forward, pulling Boqin off of his competitor. Boqin was breathing hard, his head too, bleeding.

Aries gestured to a mutant by the door, frantic. "Get a medic, now."

It was the fluorescent lights that Scout noticed first, luminous and blinding. The smell of antiseptic assaulted her nose, having become all too familiar in the past week. Scout squinted, attempting to make heads or tails of where she was, but the world was spinning far too much. "Are you awake?" A familiar voice spoke from somewhere beside her. Aries was sitting near the stretcher she was sprawled on, a blanket having been haphazardly laid across her body, as though someone had thrown it on top of her from the other side of the room. "No," Scout mumbled, scrubbing a hand over her face. "Try not to move too much, they gave you enough anesthesia to knock out a horse."

"What's a horse?"

"It's a big, four legged animal. They don't exist anymore- never mind, they just gave you a lot okay? You woke up in the middle of getting stitches and tried to strangle a nurse." Scout draped an arm across her face, giving up on sight for the time being. "Where is that bastard, Boqin? I'm gonna-"

"You're not gonna do anything! I told you not to get hurt Scout! Tomorrow is the first Game and you're in sh*t shape!" Scout grit her jaw, recoiling. Her tail was stiff, "It's not my fault," Scout mumbled. Yelling was something Scout was accustomed to, scolding however, was another story. Her ears drooped downwards ever so slightly.

"Not your fault? Not your fault?" Aries was seething.

"Things would have been better if had never been born! You dam* mute!"

Aries tried to recall Jaden's words and took a deep breath, attempting to calm himself. This was a kid he was working with, Aries reminded himself. No matter how mature she looked, Scout was just a child.

Slowly, Scout sat upright, staring numbly at her lap. It was clear that she was still out of it from the medication. "Do you want some juice?" Aries asked at last, "Yes," Scout mumbled.

"I'll go get some." Aries rose, leaving her. Scout leaned forward, taking in a deep breath now that he was gone, her hands trembling slightly.

"You were a mistake and mistakes don't deserve mercy."

Scout flinched, leaning forward, covering her ears with her hands. It wasn't real, she wasn't there. This ship was opening up too many old wounds, ones that Scout had thought were finally closed.

The curtain rustled as it parted, someone stepping into the space. "Are you alright?" Boqin asked, frowning.

Scout released her ears, sitting up again. "Fine, just too loud." She mumbled, staring at him.

Boqin stepped forward, a piece of gauze taped to his forehead where he had slammed his head into her's. "Is now a good time?" He asked, taking a seat in the unoccupied chair. "What do you want?"

"Our deal, remember? I won, although, not exactly the way I wanted to-" Scout shook her head. "What was it you wanted again?" She asked, scratching one ear, as though she couldn't be bothered to remember his request. In truth, the medication was making her head foggy. "To be your ally, remember?"

Scout sighed, "Right... I have to ask Ljilja." After all, Scout was part of a two-man-unit. She couldn't make the decision on her own. Boqin nodded, grinning as though he knew something she didn't. "Well then, I will eagerly await to hear the result." He rose, doing a strange half-bow before leaving.

Aries returned a moment later, juice and crackers in hand. "I have to find Ljilja-" Scout swung one leg over the side of the bed.

"No, sit your a** down, you're not going anywhere until the doctor says you can."

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Trial by Combat


Visitation was restricted to authorized persons only, a list maintained by the manager of each competitor. Typically, this would include friends, allies, one's manager, and high-ranking staff like Overseers. But Scout was...less than popular. So, with Aries gone to tend to other business, it must have come as a surprise when a nurse informed Scout, "You have a visitor."

Scout could smell her before she saw her. The aroma of hot chocolate and cookies wafted into the room, growing stronger as the little mutant carrying them was let inside. She set two piping hot mugs down along with a parcel of cookies wrapped in napkins on the nightstand, then sat upon a chair and scooted closer to Scout, whose bedridden form looked like she had been hit by a bus.

Ljilja smiled a weary smile, one of pained concern. It was not an expression that Scout often saw directed at her. "Hey," she spoke softly, knowing Scout's ears were sensitive and surmising from the bandages that she must have had a headache. "I brought you some treats to help you feel better."

The Med Bay was supposed to be a place of rest and recovery. Scout found the stillness unbearable. The Nurses wouldn't let Scout leave for lunch, she had already tried. So instead she lay on the cot with a blanket half draped over her, having changed out of her bloody training uniform in exchange for shorts and a tank top. There was an arm draped across her eyes and one leg dangling over the side of the cot that was just a bit too small for her lanky form.

Her nose sniffed, picking up a whiff of something that stood out among the smell of antiseptic spray and tangy floor cleaner. Slowly, Scout removed the hand from over her eyes, surprised to see someone small standing over her.

"Oh, it's you." Scout rose, wincing. Ljilja's smile looked weary, her eyes slightly red, as though she had just been crying. Scout looked down at the tray Ljilja had brought, her tail perking up immediately. There were two ways to Scout's heart and the first one was food. "Thanks," she eagerly took a cup of the hot brown liquid, blowing on the top so that she didn't burn herself.

"What is this called again?" Scout had tasted bitter coffee and watered down tea before, but this sweet nectar was perhaps one of the few hot drinks that Scout actually enjoyed. She took a slow sip, the warm liquid snaking down her stomach. The wolf’s tail wagged, giving away her thoughts. "It's good."

Ljilja's smile grew warmer as she saw Scout moving about, albeit slowly, and she took her own mug from the nightstand and sipped at it.

"It's called hot chocolate," Ljilja said. "We had it together once; last week." As she looked over Scout's extensive injuries, she wondered if perhaps her memory had been affected. But such concerns would not serve Scout well if voiced during her recovery. So instead she asked, "What...happened?"

Scout drank slowly, she did not have a great memory for names but hot chocolate was something that she wanted to remember. “Oh… right,” she took another sip, the wolf seeming oddly innocent. Did Ljilja know that they were close in age?

At the next question, Scout shook her head, setting her cup down. “Some guy proposed a fight, he said if he wins, I have to become his ally.” Scout glowered, “his head was like a f*cking rock, I was this close to winning.” Scout held up two fingers a centimeter apart.

She grinned, recalling having taken a sizable chunk out of his arm with a bite. Good, Scout thought; it would be a memory. “Oh, I was gonna talk it over with you, but these a**hole nurses won’t let me leave.”

Ljilja’s face scrunched up as she scoured her own memories. She blinked in confusion, then slowly came to a realization. The only person Ljilja knew that wanted to ally with Scout was “Boqin? But he likes you… why would he beat you up?”

“That’s the b*tch,” Scout snapped her fingers. She really did not have a memory for names. Scout scowled, “like me? Why would anyone like me?” She scoffed, snatching up a cookie. Her head was suddenly throbbing from moving too quickly.

“Anyway, he challenged me and won, but if you don’t want him to join our team, I’ll respect your decision.” Even if Scout now had a grudging respect for Boqin, she still didn’t want to become his ally.

Now Ljilja frowned with concern, worrying about Scout’s memory. “Yeah, he confessed… during the interviews. You don’t remember?” Ljilja leaned forward, expression pinched with concern.

Scout only shook her head, shrugging. “I fell asleep during the interviews,” she admitted, reaching for another cookie, slower this time.

“He seemed nice… I like him,” Ljilja suddenly waved her hands in front of her. “Not like that! I-I mean as an ally! He-he seems interested in you anyway…” she trailed off, her cheeks a blushy purple.

“Well, I’m not interested in that sort of thing,” Scout’s ears twitched in annoyance. Did this mean Ljilja was going to let Boqin join them?

Ljilja frowned, leaning back in her seat. “He looks smart… and caring… and nice.” If Scout knew anything about romance, she would have thought that Ljilja was the one to have fallen for him. “I think you should give him a chance,” Ljilja reached for a cookie, slowly waving it through the hot chocolate until it grew soggy. “He literally fought for it.”

Scout followed Ljilja’s lead, dunking the cookie into the remains of her hot chocolate until it was soggy. “Yeah, yeah,” she sighed, licking the remaining hot chocolate off of her fingers.

“Oh! I have to tell you something!” She wiped the crumbs off of her face with an arm, getting them on the bandages.

Ljilja perked up curiously, wondering what her wolf friend might have to say.

“I got a sponsorship,” Scout was eager to tell her. Maybe it was the anesthesia but Scout seemed different today, more personable. “It’s a company making an experimental treatment for ori. They’re giving me a starter pack to try.”

They were using Scout as a lab rat and possibly benefiting from it, but Scout didn’t mind, especially if it worked.

Ljilja’s eyes searched Scout’s face, trying to make sense of what she had just said. The realization dawned on her and Ljilja gasped, placing her mug down in one motion and leaping forward in the next. Without thinking, she threw her arms around the wolf, hugging her tightly. Ljilja trilled in excitement and with a wide smile on her lips and eyes brimming with tears, she said “I’m so glad…” Her voice was muffled, her face burying into Scout’s side.

Scout winced, immediately stiffening at the touch, the cot beneath them squealing at the sudden shift in weight. Why was Ljilja squeezing her? It was an unfamiliar gesture, something Scout didn’t understand. This wasn’t an attack, was it? No, Ljilja couldn’t hurt Scout anyway.

The wolf remained there in silence, eventually letting out an awkward “Yeah…”

Ljilja nuzzled her face into Scout’s stomach. For weeks now, she had been deprived of the physical affection she was so accustomed to and it showed. “I-I had lost someone…” Ljilja admitted, “because of ori. I don’t want you to go too.”

“I-” Scout stopped, death was a natural part of life to her, just like Ljilja was used to physical affection, Scout was used to losing people.

“I don’t want to go either,” she admitted quietly. It was the first time Scout had spoken those words aloud. “For a long time, I thought the ori was my punishment.” It was cosmic karma coming to collect on its debt.

Ljilja shook her head, squeezing Scout tighter. “I think you are someone who has been punished far too much already,” she murmured. “I hope… I hope you will get better… and not get hurt like this anymore.”

Scout was frozen in place, a strange sensation welling up in her throat. It was foreign to her, the wolf having believed that her tears had dried up long ago. It was a suffocating feeling and Scout wanted it to stop.

Slowly, Scout wrapped her arms around Ljilja. Not threateningly, but to return the strange, comforting gesture. “No one has ever-” she stopped, tears suddenly stinging her eyes. “No one has ever said anything like that to me before.”

Scout had been cursed, she had had her name dragged through the dirt. Most people that met her wished death upon her.

“You are my friend,” Ljilja rubbed her head against Scout more, trying to punctuate the truth of her words and perhaps using Scout as a vessel to dry the tears that continued to stem from her eyes. “Even if you don’t want me to say it-” Ljilja looked up at Scout, sincerity in her expression. “I will say it as many times as you need to hear it.”