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"My daughter," Jeong Hak, the benefactor of the Hak family, stood before her. She was signifcantly shorter than her father, who was sitting atop what almost looked like a throne. A king in his own right, while was not the ruler of the Tower, Jeong had always thought himself to be something of a trail-blazer. Living in both infamy and fame, Jeong Hak was a man to be reckoned with. "When you enter that Tower, you enter as a representitive of the Hak family." There was no affection in his gaze, Usagi was certain that Jeong did not feel anything towards any of his children. Most of them were not fighters, they were like their first Mother. Scholars, gentle, not eager to prove themselves in anything other than sciences and maths.

Usagi had always been the black sheep in this respect. She was physically gifted, a fighter and clever at that. "Our only Princess Candidate, you know what will happen if you fail." Usagi did not need to meet the intense cruelty of his gaze. "Failure is not an option," her Father's lips turned upright ever so slightly. "Good girl," like a dog, he praised her. Perhaps that was all she was, not a daughter, but a dog of the Hak family. "Go," she nodded, walking backwards until his gaze was no longer upon her. Usagi breathed a sigh of relief, turning slowly and making her way to the exit. Today was the day, the day she entered the Tower. Like many others, this was a pilgrimage, but neither a right nor a privilage, Usagi was granted permission by Cali and the administration to compete and rise to the top. "Surely, this must be my curse." She whispered, wondering if she would fall to the same fate as Yeon-Ha, her Mother.

"I am unwilling to succumb to the burden of wife," Usagi whispered as she approached the empty path. The doors stood just before her, the Tower tall and imposing. "This is it," she breathed, a shiver running down her spine. Usagi touched the doors, a beam of warmth encompassing her body. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest, as suddenly, she was no longer on the path before the Tower, but inside. It was dark, could this be the first test? Usagi reached out in front of her. "Illuminate," she could feel the aether responding to her request, it was alive all around her. Usagi could feel it tingling in her palms, filling her lungs, and covering her eyes. The aether responded, illuminating a path before her. Something struck her from behind, Usagi turning. The first test, already?

"Flowing fist!" She struck something soft, someone yelping. "Kid, kid, it's just me!" Usagi stepped back, a lightbulb flickering somewhere above. She blinked, looking around her. "Down here," he waved, standing beneath her. He was short, very short, with green skin and a bald head. "You must be Hak's kid, I can smell that family all over you." His tongue slithered between his lips as he spoke. "I'm here for the test," Usagi scratched her cheek, embarrassed. She bowed, "And I apologize for almost killing you," he laughed, waving a hand away. "Happens all the time, we really need to get that light fixed. Come on it's time for sorting."

"Sorting?" Usagi questioned as the door opened. "Yes, this is where we weed out the weak ones. Good luck," the door shut behind her, slamming in her face. It disappeared completely in a blip, leaving Usagi in the field. She turned, looking up at the sky. "Welcome!" A voice boomed from nowhere, "to the first exam! There are currently five hundred of you, in order to pass, you must stay alive until the end of the hour! The timer begins on the count of three. Good luck!" Usagi swallowed hard, the real first test began now.

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❝I put my arms around myself and I'm unbreakable.❞

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|| Dear Winter || AJR ||

After finishing her morning routine and eating breakfast, Winter zipped up her bag. She was to meet the others at the front door, making certain that she would not see Zed along the way. Winter waited there for them, hoping that they would at least be on time. She glanced at the clock at the wall, leaning against the wall. "I'm here!" Serenity skipped up, suitcase in hand. She had already been shopping, of course. "Glad you made it, now we're just waiting for Elise." Ezra and Carter had opted to stay here, to throw Zed a bachlor party, or to perhaps torture him, Winter wasn't sure which. "Is Mercy coming too?" Winter inquired, Serenity shook her head. "No, she and Ollie went back to earth, they said they'd be back for the wedding." Winter nodded in understanding, although it stung a little that they hadn't bothered to say goodbye. Elise arrived at last, looking as though she had slept little. "Morning," Winter smiled upon seeing her.

"Wait, don't leave yet!" Ezra and Carter ran down the hall, making a ruckus. "We wanted to say goodbye," Ezra grinned, hugging Elise first, then Serenity, then Winter. He gave Elise a peck on the lips and whispered something in her ear. "See you later," Carter waved. He looked as though he wanted to say something more, but Winter was glad that he did not. "We'll be back soon," Winter promised. "Come on you two, I planned a full day for us. We're going to stop at Zeus's first to drop off our things." Winter led them to the awaiting carriage. "Zeus won't be home yet, since he's at work, but we can just leave our stuff there with his staff." Nemia was sitting in the front, she was coming along as well, since she was Winter's personal assistant, appointed to her by Iris. Nemia had been close to Iris, working underneath her for a long while. Her death had hit Nemia hard as well.

The ride to Zeus's wasn't too bad, about twenty minutes by carriage. "So I planned a lot for us today," Winter bubbled excitedly. It was no doubt strange to see her so happy, so care free. "First we're going to look at a few houses for you two, since I'm sure you're eager to establish yourselves here and start making it feel more like home. Then we'll be going to the beach, there's a great spa there and I think we can all use some pampering." Winter showed them the pamphlet, "After that, we'll be going out to dinner and then back to Zeus's." She had never gotten to have a girl's day and this was probably the closest thing that Winter would ever get to it, so she wanted it to be fun for all of them.

They arrived at Zeus's a few minutes later, where his staff was waiting to receive them. "Welcome Lady Winter and her two guests."

"Serenity and Elise," Winter supplied. "Ladies Serenity and Elise, we humbly welcome you. Should you need anything during your stay here, we will be more than happy to assist."[/color] Zeus's staff consisted of a mix of nymphs and elves, they were all males because Iris had thought it would look back for the head of Olympia to have females on his personal staff, considering what the implication could be. "We will show you each to your rooms," Winter nodded. Each of the rooms were well appointed and themed differently. Winter followed one of the staff to her room, which was gold and white. The bed was in the center of the room and there was a large box sitting on it. The bathtub was on the deck, overlooking the mountainess view that Zeus had. It was a lovely room, one Winter had never stayed in before.

There was no time to admire it, as there were important things to do today. She opened up the welcome gift, finding a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, and a bathrobe with her name on it. Her Dad had planned this, no doubt, it was just like Zeus to think of something like this. She smiled and placed it down, going to gather Elise and Serenity in order to start their day.

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"You will have an advantage over all of them, Gigi." Her Mother's words echoed in her mind. The sword passed down to her from her Mother, one of the sacred weapons of the 13 month series. "Use it the way I never got to." Usagi would not reveal her hand yet. As an aether bearer, she had a bit more experience than most, considering the Hak family background. It would be much easier to reveal that card first, since the manipulation of aether was to be expected by all those who entered. Or at least, that was what Usagi believed. "The high ground," she could see a figure scrambling up there, no doubt that was no good, as the perch had already been taken. She was short enough and blonde enough where she would blend into the tall grass if she was still, but should Usagi begin to move, it would give her away to whatever marksmen took aim from the top.

"I need cover," assuming that this was going to be a bloodbath, of course. What was the point of setting out a monster to thin the herd when the entrants here would do it themselves? To her left, Usagi heard a yelp of pain. Technically, if all five hunded survived to the end of the hour, they would all gain entry. No, that was too simple, there were too many greedy ones among the bunch. "Oh, it's just a little girl." Usagi started, turning around. A man that towered above her stood several feet away. his skin was like leather, dark and wrinkled from being in the sun. "Idiot," a much smaller man with green hair and black eyes emerged from behind him. "That's a kid from the Hak family," his smile was adorned with sharp teeth. There was nothing kind about it. Usagi smiled unassumingly, "I suppose you're here to kill me?" She asked, holding her hands behind her.

Chul's, that's what the outliers were called. Strays that belonged to no family or tribe, they had no sense of loyalty either. "Kill her," the little one ordered. The ground shook as the tall one lumbered forth, he was slow, but heavy. A strike from his large fist could mean death in an instant. He barreled towards her, usagi jumping over his fist and running up his arm. "Flowing palm strike!" She hit him across the face, the giant blinded by aether. "I said kill her!" The little one yelled as Usagi jumped off of the giant and rolled in the grass, sweeping a leg underneath the small man. He hit the ground hard, his head hitting a rock with a crack that made the tall one wince. "Daeshim!" The giant cried, turning back towards her. "You killed my friend!"

Usagi took no pleasure in death, nor did she relish in winning. "Leave, or you'll be next," but the Chul did not leave. Instead, it picked up a rock larger than Usagi's entire body and hurled it towards her. She dodged, the rock striking someone in the grass behind her. She could tell by the way it crunched that the Chul had killed someone. It let out a terrible wail, picking up another boulder and hurling it towards her. "Flowing jab!" Usagi dodged beneath the work, using the aether built in her hand to strike the Chul in the leg. It cried out, dancing one foot. "Flowing kick!" Usagi jumped high, striking the Chul beneath the chin. It lurched backwards, the fall as heavy as its body. Usagi needed to move, a fight with something this large was sure to attract others. Or perhaps, it would lure them away. Usagi was not willing to wait to find out. Beside her, a number appeared for a moment in red.


Already fifty contestants dead, two by her own hand.

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The numbers continued to count down. Usagi remained hidden in the grass, moving away slowly from the Chul. It was within the tall field that she spotted a glint and turned to investigate, her eyes widening. "The Colourless December, here?" Usagi murmured, biting down on her lip. The man wielding it did not look very Princess-y. Could he be a Prince of Cali? Something told Usagi no. Her hands balled into fists, it was the goal of every princess to collect as many of the 13-month series as possible. This was a show of power, so why did this man have it? He was sheathing his sword, having just struck someone down. Usagi stepped over the body, intercepting his path. "You," she eyed the dark-haired man before her.

He was taller than her, everyone was. "That weapon? Where did you get it?" Usagi asked, her eyes narrowed. He had sheathed the blade, but the memory of it stood just behind her eyes. The Colourless December, the sunlight bouncing off of its blade. Behind her, the sound of someone making their way through the grass could be heard. "Let's form an alligence, if just for this battle." Usagi stuck a hand out, hoping not to be betrayed. Alliances were a fickle thing, since they depended on mutual trust, something that for Usagi, was hard to give out. Would he take it? Usagi wasn't sure. Something emerged from the grass behind her, Usagi jabbed her elbow into a stomach, the sound of intense pain coming from the creature. She whirled around, kicking its bent over form into the ground.

Usagi stepped over it gingerly, walking closer to the man. "What's your name?" She asked, tossing her hair over her shoulder. The tall grass began to shift once more, this time, they were surrounded. "What's this? A little girl and a samurai?" It seemed that Usagi was not the only one with the idea to forge an alliance. The test had thirty minutes remaining, the number continued to drop. They were almost at half of what they had begun with. The people confronting them were all different shapes and sizes, with tails and extra appendages. Would aether be enough? She surely hoped so. Usagi did not want to reveal to this man her weapon. What if he was one of those rumored Princess hunters? This test was the perfect setting for murder. Besides... meeting a strange man in a field wasn't exactly the pinnacle of safety.

"Little girl?" Usagi scoffed, "big words coming from an oversized duck." Usagi rolled up her sleeves, not wishing them to get dirty. "What did you say you little brat?" The duck-man quacked, his beak lined with razor sharp teeth. "Quack, quack!" Usagi mocked, biding her time. Let the enemy attack first, it was easiset if they showed their hand immediately. "I'm gonna make you regret ever being born shorty!" He waved a feather-lined arm. Was it a wing? Usagi wasn't sure. Feathers shot out from his skin, slicing up the ground where she had once stood.

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Usagi finished her rice cake, brushing crumbs off of her lap, wanting to remain presentable. "I have the sense that if we pass this test, we'll be going to the main testing area." Usagi knew a thing or two about the first test, after all, her Mother climbed the Tower. She had warned Usagi what the first floor was like, how ruthless it was. How you could never truly trust anyone, not even those deemed friendly. Even now, Usagi was wary of her new alliance. You never knew who would stab you in the back in order to gain an advantage in The Tower.

Still, allies were important. She surveyed the room, her gaze cautiously neutral. A lot of strong contendors. "It looks like we have our work cut out for us," one by one groups would be called in, but the Proctor, Eun, was giving them a few minutes to rest. There were 80 Regulars remaining, plenty of potential to add allies and possibly make enemies. Usagi spotted a familiar face, one she wished she hadn't. Their gaze met and he grinned, sauntering towards them. It was too late to pretend not to notice, Usagi mentally cursed herself out. "Well, well, if it isn't the pride of the Hak family. How are you Princess?" He gave a mock bow, his eyes a startling blue in contrast to his pale hair. "Hello Ki Hyun," Usagi replied, giving a respectful tilt of the head. "Don't shake his hand," Usagi warned Jin under her breath

"The last time I saw you, you were still fumbling with your sword."

"And the last time I saw you, you were standing over your dead brother's body." Usagi retorted, not moving from her seat. Hyun laughed, "still as sharp as ever." He leaned over and lowered his voice. "Don't get too cushy on that throne of yours, once the tests start, you might find your kingdom will come crumbling down." Usagi smiled, "Well Hyun, I hope you enjoy the taste of dirt, because you'll be eating my dust." Hyun laughed and sauntered away, returning to his group. "I hate that man," Usagi seethed, taking out another rice cake to offer to Jin.