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I am studying Drama, Eng Lit, Triple Science, ICT, Philosphy, BTEC Business and Media Studies. I want to grow up to be a Journalist/Author or a Pyschologist (hence triple science). I love Cats they are my favourite animal and If I see a Cat on the street I have to stop and stroke it for atleast five minutes xD I like sports,dance,music and writing and I am writing two very different stories on Wattpad. I can't be arsed to write anymore sooo...see ya later!
Please check out my wattpad, (links at the top)
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Wannabe Author (not yet but I want to be) that or a Psycologist
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0- 0-2009
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fantasy high school band.

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Completed Stories

Solatium Academy Completed

A hidden school for anything not human? It's an elementary, jr. high, high school, and college in one? Haha, like such a thing could exist... Right?

Liuena Academy Completed

A magical school for those with magical abilities known as Magni. (Complete & Pending Review)

Universes Created

No Ordinary School Trip

Dear Student, We would like to Give you the chance to visit the royal library on Saturday 27th Of September Please fill in the form attached and we hope to see you there! Regards, Miss Kate Haggan

Immer Treu - High School Nightmares

DNA and gene evaluation has led to about 80 families having super powers and this is the story of their high school nightmare.

Falling Rejects

We all go to heaven some go in some get rejected and sent to a world like no other well those rejects are us and that world is the The Fallen Rejects Realms

Heart Brakes and Soul Mates

The lady's daughter has always been engaged to the prince of England now the big day is crawling closer but The Daughter has feelings for another... (main character open FCs changable too can make more mains as well)

Teen Wedding War

Two girls two guys two competative weddings

St David's Boarding School For Troubled Teens

St David's is a school for teenagers with addictions or serious behaviour problems

Fighting For Queen And Country

All are born equal but only some become marines

Just Let The Music Play

The band have always been local celebs but what happens when they get a record deal??

My Summer Romance

Two young people One tropical island in the canaries Two protective mothers One love story

Ahhh The Medieval Life.

Welcome To A Medieval Village. In A Medieval County. In A Medieval Country. In a this is going on too long I'll shut up.

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