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Thundera » Universes


A hundred years of war has created something no one could ever want or even dream of. Mutations and a horrible world of gangs, violence and prejudice.

Underage Apprentices: Criminal Heroes Open

When their instructor and tutor dies because of an organization targetting sixteen teenagers from a secret unapproved branch within MI5 will any of the kids survice?

Oakley High Boarding School Open

I know it sounds terribly cliche and common but I am giving it my best shot at making it a bit more unique and better to normal high school roleplays so please at come have a look!

Troll: Switched At Birth Open

Based on the books by Amanda Hocking. Come join in on the fun and joins us on the journey to hopefully a happy ever after?

Here's to Never Growing Up! Open

Come join the party? Midnight breakfast anyone? How about we wash it down with some shots?

Depreaaed or Supernatural? Open

Your not sad...Your just lost my fellow freaks.

The Millionaire Matchmaker. Open

A lover of love has started a club designed to help single millionaires find their love their life. So come pick up your form today!

Mutilated Butterflies Open

Welcome but I'm not sure your going to like it here but come take a peek *PLOT INSIDE*

Love On The Backstreets. Open

Not everyone has a shoulder to cry on come meet some who don't.

Reunion Of Half Bloods Open

CLOSED to bsa 1x1 RP

Fun House: Evil Clowns Open

After the death of a family the creepy horror left behind is scarier then the ashes themself.

Generations. Open

The second generation of heroes hzve risen and with them so have villuans.

Inside The Enemy Open

Five agents have been sent into an Enemy HQ to gather infomation but something back in the UK has gone wrong and the agents and trapped.

Superhumans Open

When technology advances...So do we.

Burnt Ashes Open

Isn't it funny how the unconcious mind works?

Flawed Perfection. Open

Thehighschool years..Best or Worst?

Brooklyn Insitute For The Performing Arts Open

This school has a perfect repritation but what is it really like inside the school walls?

Rivals In Love. Open

One girl two brothers. She cant date both!

I'll Be Coming Back For You Someday. Open

In 1911 Rosalie Kilman was attacked and murdered outside her expensive manor house in London but she's back and angry.

Daymare. Open

The UK has been thrown into chaos as nighrmares become reality.

Dark Shadows Open

The collins arent normal and neither is the town sweetheart.

Replay Open

Imagine no matter how you die you'd come back again.Imagine everytime no matter what you fall in love with the same boy.

Undercover: CIA's Youngest Open

BCHIF has been training children for years consistently using them in the fight against terrorists. They are used because unlike adults Children aren’t very suspicious.

Training For Senior Year Open

Ok you got acccepted into school but how do you make the school accept you?

Goodbye Lullaby Open

Two couples.Four celebrities. Four cheating lovers. Yet even though they have watched the same scene again no is pulling the vurtain down. MALE SPOT OPEN CAN ADD MORE SPOTS.

Undercover Teens Open

Welcome To Cherub. Here Kids Aren’t Your Normal Kids Who Sit Around On Sofas Watching TV All Day No Cherubs Are Special Not Special Needs. Special Agents.

Captive In Cowboy Town Open

Teenagers go on holiday and find theirselves....Stranded


CHERUB is a branch of british intelligence however this is nit your normal agent base everyone here is a kid.

Zombie Mall Open

Ten high school students are quickly realizing how dangerous school can really be..

The Hollie And The Ivy Open

The Twins Were Eachothers Everything Did Everything For Each Other Then One Night Ivy Dissapears And Things Aren't So Perfect Anymore.

It's A Wild Mutant Chase Open

Three siblings one big sisters boyfriend four war monsters one world war

Abducted Experiment Open

Six teenagers have been abducted by the Government and injected six times with weird altered specially to give them powers...

If I Had a World of My Own... Open

If I Had A World Of My Own Everything Would Be Nonsense And Nothing Would Be As It Seems.

The Gods Of Azela Open

Every element of life has a god but who says Gods mean for peace? No. They live amoungst us sometimes your wife could be one your husband? Your very own parents.

Fighting For Queen And Country Open

All are born equal but only some become marines

Perfect? Open

Pretty pretty please don't you ever ever feel like your less then less then perfect.

Heroes And The Plain Evil Are Back! Open

The originals ha dead but they left their kids so the fun isn't quite over yet..

Help me to help her. Open

Two boys have been fighting each other for the attention of Lexie Mae. But now they need to work togeather or neither will have her.

Love Lessons: The Secound Year Open

Remake Of Love Lessons Many Spots Open

Teen Wedding War Open

Two girls two guys two competative weddings

The Mystery Of Rose Wood And It Open

Monsters? Yeah right.

My Little Famous Girl Open

Celebrity Couples Are Always A Big Deal But What About When Crazily Famous Model Singer And Actress Alyssa Fox Meets A Simple Shelf Stacker From London? Could This Really Be A Reletionship?

Walking On Eggshells Open

Lydia Started With Two Parents and her twin .By thirteen she had a baby sister. By eighteen she had no one.

No Ordinary School Trip Open

Dear Student, We would like to Give you the chance to visit the royal library on Saturday 27th Of September Please fill in the form attached and we hope to see you there! Regards, Miss Kate Haggan

Avenging Angels Open

The angel council have ruled the supernatruals for so long but now the other races are rising up togeather but the angels can they with stand the whole of their people?

Raised By Wolves Open

Pack Leader saved Imogen from a rabid wolf when she was a tiny baby five years on She is becoming a distraction and unwanted by the pack but what about when a mysterious were wolf teenage boy turns up wanting to care for her Somthings up in town but what

I dont wanna cry but the tears are fallin' Open

Lexi is seven teen shes been kidnapped raped and beaten but where is her hero?Her knight in shining armour?

Heart Brakes and Soul Mates Open

The lady's daughter has always been engaged to the prince of England now the big day is crawling closer but The Daughter has feelings for another... (main character open FCs changable too can make more mains as well)

Love 2012 Open

Your the good girl with no repriration he's the bad guy who is wanted by local police and then there is your friends his friends and the enemy known as The Old Bill. NEED GUYS

Let Us Rock Open

The National Under 20s Music Contest Is Drawing Nearer And Nearer But Can A Group Of Kids From A Local Run Down School Really Take The Crown?

The Real Street Life Open

Gangs have ruled London for years but two gangs in paticular are feared the most Devils and Morning Star. So what are their lives like?

Immer Treu - High School Nightmares Open

DNA and gene evaluation has led to about 80 families having super powers and this is the story of their high school nightmare.

One hell of a party Open

Simples music DJ alcahol boys girls party time

Immer Treu - Summer Camp Open

The Immer Treu summer camp isn't like others. Some kids have weird mystical gene inside them this is the camp that makes that gene show.

A Vampire Town Open

Vampires have lived in Raven Wood for centeuries. Humans are the new thing. When vampires become addricted to human blood things go wrong later. At first it makes them stronger faster live longer then blood does seem too perfect anymore.

No The Party Wont Start Till I Walk In. Open

Annabelle Greene is holding a party and everyone is invited!

Vampire Party Open

It's dead simple. A Party With Vampires.

Just Let The Music Play Open

The band have always been local celebs but what happens when they get a record deal??


What happens when everyone over 15 well erm Poofs?

St David's Boarding School For Troubled Teens Open

St David's is a school for teenagers with addictions or serious behaviour problems

Working for the FBI Open

This is the story of twelve secret agents their topsy turvy lives and the lives of their blanked out familes and friends;

Ahhh The Medieval Life. Open

Welcome To A Medieval Village. In A Medieval County. In A Medieval Country. In a this is going on too long I'll shut up.

Spooky Open

Witches Spooks Monsters We've got it all in the county

My Summer Romance Open

Two young people One tropical island in the canaries Two protective mothers One love story

Behind These Hazel Eyes.. Open

Bella grew up assuming she couldn't be more normal but is there more behind those hazel eyes then what we know? ((need people!!!))

Life Isn't Fair Open

For The Unfortunates Life Isn't Fair. The Unfortunates Are The Living Dead. The Living Dead Suck The Life Out The Living Fortunates. You Guessed It The Unfortunates Are Vampires And Nothing Will Stand In Their Way.

Medieval Slavery Village Open

1 Master 1 Rule A million lies A milllion brokenpromises Too many deaths A hundred more slaves

The Thunder Cats Open

"We do what we want When we want!"~ Thundera their Empress These witches and cat shifters are free but when they go on rampage what chaos could that cause?

Faery Tale Open

We ARENT The sing and dance version of Fairys OKAY!

Love Lessons Open

There is a school designed to teach in normal subjects but there is one diffrent subject which everyone must pass their exams in..... Love

The impossible Open

Here everything impossible lurks. It may not be on earth or any other planet but It will be here,

Breaking The rules Open

Theres two species on this earth. Humans and Angels. The Angels have to protect their human but they cant fall in love but many ignore this law

Guardians Of Time Open

There are many like us many memembers of the Guard. But people keep getting in the way as the mess up the past leaving us to fix it....

The Forest Open

Us warriors have been in the forest for years obeying prophercies and our clan leaders praying to star clan but know friction is starting between the clans is it safe here anymore for the kits and queens?

Incarceron Open

We are trapped and there is no way out ............... Is there?

Falling Rejects Open

We all go to heaven some go in some get rejected and sent to a world like no other well those rejects are us and that world is the The Fallen Rejects Realms