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A list of fictonal characters written by TnevdaNai as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Nai Storm

Nai Storm, located in The house with endlessness

as part of The One With The Wolf

"My life has always been about winning wars and losing people... Now that I'm human again, all I want is to live normally, grow old with someone. I don't want to lose someone again."

Character Portrait: Nai

Nai, located in Home

as part of Our Weird A$$ Family Comedy!

"Sometimes... I don't even..."

Character Portrait: Murasaki Eri

Murasaki Eri, located in Joel's Vacation Home

as part of Katekyō Hitman REB0RN!: The Next Generation

" If I were you... I'd really, really choose not to fight me."

Character Portrait: Maeve Zoreeca

Maeve Zoreeca, located in Stihlholme

as part of The Broken Continent

"To fight Demons, we have to become demons of our own."

Character Portrait: Miyamoto Keiko

Miyamoto Keiko, located in Japan

as part of Katekyō Hitman REB0RN!: The Next Generation

"You're speaking to a champion, an apex predator."

Character Portrait: Sherra Freeman

Sherra Freeman, located in Earth

as part of Bullet Hell

"For the betterment of the people, I will end it all."

Character Portrait: Zoivita Eklektus

Zoivita Eklektus, located in Verreie

as part of Until The End: The Battle of the Gods

"I was raised by the Roenshi, but I'm actually a human."

Character Portrait: Valerie Leonhart

Valerie Leonhart, located in Earth

as part of Bullet Hell

"For my 'father'... I'll do anything."

Character Portrait: Miodog Bludfola

Miodog Bludfola, located in Earth

as part of Bullet Hell

"This is gonna be fun~ Let the blood spill~"

Character Portrait: Corvetta Ravenshaw

Corvetta Ravenshaw, located in St. Peter's Conservatory

as part of Thine Own Beauty

"Boom! What are you gonna do about it?"

Character Portrait: Meeko Reul B. Flueret

Meeko Reul B. Flueret, located in The Empire

as part of Archon Academy

The resentful Spellsword with a sunny attitude and fiery drive for power, not to mention a intimidating rapier in her hands.

Character Portrait: Sapphire

Sapphire, located in La Maison des Joyuax

as part of The Gathering of Birthstones

"W-Wah! S-Sorry! I'll just go off some- Oh no! I'm sorry!"

Character Portrait: Yoshitsune Shineda(AtoobuuO)

Yoshitsune Shineda(AtoobuuO), located in Chapter 5 - Stolen and united

as part of Antiva Chronus Online

"I will keep my promises...I will get everyone out of here."

Character Portrait: Ashe Kokkino Hoo

Ashe Kokkino Hoo, located in Wednessilia

as part of The Lost Record of Halcya

The Ashes from a distant land in a place foreign to her.

Character Portrait: Elphida RA. Dynami

Elphida RA. Dynami, located in The Empire

as part of Archon Academy

"I can't...I just can't do it!"

Character Portrait: Destin Reeve

Destin Reeve, located in The Interactive Dream Dimension

as part of Lucid Dreamers: Revolution

"They're gone...why are we even fighting? Our cause is over, the IDD is lost..."

Character Portrait: Sani Shotogan

Sani Shotogan, located in Kuusou

as part of Chasing Rin Hayashii

"New Rookie for the Chikyuu no Mirai, watsup?"

Character Portrait: Shinko Nuvolanera

Shinko Nuvolanera, located in Osea

as part of Ace Combat: Darkened Skies

"Born? Made? It makes no difference. One just has it easier, the other needs to put in effort. "

Character Portrait: Shinachi Takaki

Shinachi Takaki, located in Maid Universe

as part of Maid: A Crazy Story!

"S-stop that! Hey! I said stop! STOP before I slap you!"

Character Portrait: Roan Tainee

Roan Tainee, located in The Rise of Zhi

as part of Avatar: The Rise of Zhi

"Wait for me, sister..."

Character Portrait: Dnaria Renigeen

Dnaria Renigeen, located in Terreth

as part of Aboard The Phoenix

"You don't throw a whole life away just because it's banged up a little... You fix it. That's what I do... because I can."

Character Portrait: Roze 'Loz' Tanegawa

Roze 'Loz' Tanegawa, located in West Avenue

as part of Knight Cafe

"Well, that's too bad, ain't it? To be judged by the last few pages of a book without knowing the beginning?

Character Portrait: Oomiya Haruo (CirCleS2uare)

Oomiya Haruo (CirCleS2uare), located in Babylon

as part of Conquest of Babylon Online

"If he is this world's 'God'... then I will be this world's 'Lucifer' and defy his will!"

Character Portrait: Shan Tainee

Shan Tainee, located in The Rise of Zhi

as part of Avatar: The Rise of Zhi

"All this work for a noble...I'm way in over my head here..."

Character Portrait: Nel Iante

Nel Iante, located in Lunaria

as part of Hiding From Death

"These powers... are they unacceptable?"

Character Portrait: Riot Northodoxas

Riot Northodoxas, located in Chapter 1 - Broken Balance

as part of Sora Coelus

"I don't care what they think. I am me."

Character Portrait: Lily

Lily, located in Undecided

as part of Vocaloid3: I=VocalON


Character Portrait: Yamada Jun

Yamada Jun, located in Izumo High School Host Club

as part of Izumo High School Host Club

"I never told you to try and understand me, did I?"

Character Portrait: Gael Briar and Gaea

Gael Briar and Gaea, located in Elendia

as part of Dragon Legacy: Dawn of the Dragon War

The Wild Girl and The Chosen Earth Dragon.

Character Portrait: Tarrent Atwater

Tarrent Atwater, located in The Ocean

as part of Seafarer's Tale: Drowned Kingdom

"WOOHOO!!Surf's up!!"

Character Portrait: Naeco Orako

Naeco Orako, located in Hutye

as part of Seasons

"...Chill down."

Character Portrait: NEL '02' O-Two

NEL '02' O-Two, located in Earth

as part of Gundam: For Freedom

"Just a bit of this toggle here...Contact has been established! Go, transmit! ASAP!"

Character Portrait: Eri Murasaki

Eri Murasaki, located in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! universe

as part of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation

"Be careful with what you don't like me when I'm angry. I'll bite. "

Character Portrait: Nagataka Huyu

Nagataka Huyu, located in Fate Hight School

as part of Kingdom Hearts: A New Beginning

"My resolve will not be fazed,not even if the darkness intervenes."

Character Portrait: Inoue Shin

Inoue Shin, located in 2073 Tokyo, Japan

as part of The Perfect Race

"What if this life right a 'dream' as well?"

Character Portrait: Kamui "Gackpoid" Gakupo

Kamui "Gackpoid" Gakupo, located in Undecided

as part of Vocaloid3: I=VocalON

"Divine Power Of Music."

Character Portrait: Kimori Keiko

Kimori Keiko, located in Happy Face Cafe \(^o^)/

as part of Love's Express Miracle Messenger

"I...just...Ugh!Whatever then!"

Character Portrait: Connelia Nike

Connelia Nike, located in Earth

as part of What Begins With War...

"You can't even begin to imagine the pain that runs through me..."

Character Portrait: Silvia GladeO'Rose

Silvia GladeO'Rose, located in Elendia

as part of Legend of the Dragon Soul

"Fernis...down boy. They're not for eating... Good boy. "

Character Portrait: Galen Oora Alex-Zander

Galen Oora Alex-Zander, located in Human Empire

as part of Hellward

"Let's fire this baby up!"

Character Portrait: Janus Rai

Janus Rai, located in DWMA

as part of Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy!

"I never wanted to be something like this..."

Character Portrait: Tulya Delmont

Tulya Delmont, located in Another Earth

as part of The Prophecy of the Four Villages

"Aight!So where we be heading to eh?"

Character Portrait: Date Shiki

Date Shiki, located in Aizawa

as part of Choker and Garter Club

"Hey!How's it going everyone?"

Character Portrait: Lyall Sigmund Beoulve

Lyall Sigmund Beoulve, located in Aspara

as part of War of the Sun and Moon

"Sure,this silver collar is just charming..."

Character Portrait: Zhane S. Hollock

Zhane S. Hollock, located in Mystere Academy

as part of Mystere Academy

"...Huh...Can't believe this school is so out of hand."

Character Portrait: Artemisha Sandifer

Artemisha Sandifer, located in Aethes

as part of Skinwalkers: Resonance of the Lost

"Better take care of yourselves.Though...I'm here if need be."

Character Portrait: Eclair Rosabelle

Eclair Rosabelle, located in California

as part of Califorina Love

"Yea,it's Eclair.No,I'm not French...well,not completely."

Character Portrait: Jade "Trigger" Mirage

Jade "Trigger" Mirage, located in Earth: 2051

as part of The Final Twelve

"Target Locked On. Say goodnight, scumbags."

Character Portrait: Silvia GladeO'Rose

Silvia GladeO'Rose, located in Elendia

as part of Legacy of the Dragon Soul

"Fernis...down boy. They're not for eating... Good boy. "

Character Portrait: #01 - The Silent One

#01 - The Silent One, located in New York

as part of SE7EN Assassins

"...Death arrives on swift wings...Mine are the swiftest..."

Character Portrait: Geminus Dualfang

Geminus Dualfang, located in Somewhere in New York.

as part of The Eclipse Chronicles: Dead of Night

"Red Moon?Blue Moon?Bring them both."

Character Portrait: Joke Virgel

Joke Virgel, located in The town of Rollen

as part of When You Wish Upon a Star

" There are infinite possibilities. But they'll always end up at one point. Zero. "

Character Portrait: Zinan Aomori

Zinan Aomori, located in Shinoda

as part of Royal Pain

"Troubles,sadness,anger,let me melt them away with music."

Character Portrait: Argene Cybele Wildrose

Argene Cybele Wildrose, located in Snowflake City

as part of The Twelve Guardians

"Dragons are real...I saw one before.And I'll prove they exist."

Character Portrait: Chinen Aika

Chinen Aika, located in Yukkuri Academy

as part of DEAD: Zombie Survival!

"I know about my name. So shut up."

Character Portrait: Kreiss Exulto

Kreiss Exulto, located in Crescent Island

as part of Ace Combat: Heaven's Limits

"I'll give it my best.And I'm sure everyone else will too!"

Character Portrait: Shinseichi Eri

Shinseichi Eri, located in Shibuya | Pandora

as part of Beauty and Hell

"You won't want to see me out of control."

Character Portrait: Avit Vurente

Avit Vurente, located in Kuusou

as part of Chasing Rin

"You're not the greatest without someone else."

Character Portrait: Eden Brown

Eden Brown, located in Knott

as part of Things that go Bump in the Night

"I don't really know what kind of girl I am."

Character Portrait: Kanun Nemow

Kanun Nemow, located in Earth

as part of Avatar: Pro Bending League

"The flowing water that counters any adversary."

Character Portrait: Jujigin Yuudai

Jujigin Yuudai, located in Class 4-A

as part of Class 4-A: Stranded

"...Knowledge is a curse, not a blessing...get it straight..."

Character Portrait: Zelda Corvina

Zelda Corvina, located in A sparkling world...

as part of Spring Rain and Havoc

"I like it? I'll steal it."

Character Portrait: Aomori Niero

Aomori Niero, located in Iwatodai Dormatory

as part of Persona

"Live for everyone who lost their lives. "

Character Portrait: Jonathan Cain Guillory

Jonathan Cain Guillory, located in New Orleans, Louisiana

as part of The Ruby in the Smoke

"Prince of Thieves, Master of Illusions, and the soon to be Thief of The Ruby. Now, allow me to show you how I intend to do so. Watch carefully, lest you miss the show."

Character Portrait: Keiko Kimori

Keiko Kimori, located in Earth

as part of Loves express: Story of Two People

"I...just...Ugh! Whatever then!"

Character Portrait: Lea Onardo

Lea Onardo, located in Atmora

as part of Destiny: Willpower

"So hey,we're doing this,aren't we?"

Character Portrait: Klio Zengen

Klio Zengen, located in Earth

as part of Avatar: Pro Bending League

"Control the ebb and flow of water,know when to stop and when to attack."

Character Portrait: Levina Hildegarde

Levina Hildegarde, located in Kingdom of Astaleth

as part of Breaking Chains

"The Princess's safety is my duty."

Character Portrait: Astraea Ross Spica

Astraea Ross Spica, located in The Academy

as part of Astrological Academy

"Another drink please~!"

Character Portrait: Roan Tainee

Roan Tainee, located in Earth

as part of Avatar: Pro Bending League

"Be the immovable mountain that ensures victory."

Character Portrait: Rosabelle Justus

Rosabelle Justus, located in Pelossle Boarding School (in England)

as part of House of 14

"At least there's a place to stay."