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I'm an aspiring author, with a hobby of roleplaying on various forums. Since my old forum RPing roost has become somewhat inactive, I've set out in search of new roleplaying communities. Yoroshiku~!
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I'm trapped in your fridge! Help! Where's your ice cream? I don't know. I didn't see any ice cream.~
Writing stories, doing a paper route, and being an all around manic- Ooh, look, shiny thing! Come back, shiny! Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
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11 Apr 2006
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Universes Created

Moonrise - The Heavens Between Us

It was the year 2099 of the Mobian Age of Enlightenment, or the ninth span of the 22nd Decade of the Lunar Calendar, when our lives changed... Private 1x1 for Tsukiakari and Mat_z6.

A War of Titans: Peace of Mind

After decades of constant war with no definite outcome, the arena in which conflicts are fought has changed. Titans, giant humanoid combat units, and their operators, will be the ones who decide the fates of themselves, and of the world. 2x2, non-private.

Within These Worthless, Broken Wings

1x1 between myself and FamishedPants. Read if you want, but please don't post a character.

Out of Despair - The Magus and the Undine

Even in a cold, empty world such as this, even in a land on the verge of collapse, is there yet a cause worth fighting for? Is there yet a master worth serving? Is there yet hope beyond despair? "Are you still there?" Private 1x1.

Through Sadness: To Break Through Fate...

No matter how great the evil, there will always be those willing to face it. These brave few will stand, no matter what fate has in store for them. We can fight if there's a place we can return to, but we sometimes must find that precious home ourselves.

Observer Record

Is it wrong to forget? Is it wrong to remember? Is it wrong to cherish a fleeting moment of happiness only to stave off grief? And... is it wrong to want to be loved? 1x1 Private, Tsukiakari and Sonicx00.

Six Legendary Souls: Celestial War

Not all wars are fought between nations. Some wars are fought between ideals, and those who embody those ideals. The Soul Controllers will be brought forth from the ranks of Humans, and the Six will rise to aid them. Their lives will never be the same...

ArcArtes: Aim for the Top!

When a few puny wannabe magic warriors are given the lowest of low ranks and dismissed as having no potential, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even an idiot can do the impossible, with enough determination...

BLACK or WHITE? - Fate of 495 Years

Private roleplay between Tsukiakari and Asher MstrImmortalis. Feel free to read it, but don't create a character.

Colour in my Closet

Humankind is not alone. Amongst the stars lurk a multitude of bizarre denizens of the darkness. That much the boy could accept, but when he heard tell of eldritch horrors mankind was never meant to behold, he hadn't imagined someone like... her.

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