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Benedicto had finished his sermon late today. It was his time to shine, and he could never pass that up. He had stayed longer to personally greet the somewhat higher members of society. Although there was no one reaching any of the riches Ivelda or even Benedicto himself could produce, some landowners were richer than others. They had learned which heels to lick, and as long as these heels belonged to Benedicto, he wanted to make sure to acknowledge them.

He had collected the money for the church from them. Some of them asked for a personal prayer, and for the right amount he was always happy to help. He was well aware some of them tried to ask for Ivelda’s favour through him, which was a role he did not at all mind to take on.

He reached his chamber again and was happy to see his washing bowl had been prepared. He used a cloth to wipe the sweat from his forehead. As he washed himself he changed his clothes to something more comfortable. His sermon might have been done for the day, but his duties surely weren’t. He loved this little break in his day. The speeches he had to give were always very energetic and powerful, they left him heated and drained and longing for some solitude. So the 30 minutes he used afterwards to clean himself were a little bit of heaven for him.

”Is my carriage ready?” he shouted through the door. His staff knew they had to be ready for this, as he had little patience and his punishment was severe and sometimes cruel. ”Yes, Preacher Carama, all is prepared and ready.” was the short response he received back.

Benedicto opened the door and saw the short man who had replied to him. ”Good, good, lead the way.”
He walked behind the man as they exited the church. He saw the carriage, shiny and clearly just cleaned for him. Of course he would not say it, but he was pleased that they paid special attention to him. They knew they had to be careful, especially with the task he was undergoing just now.

In front of the carriage were 2 strong horses to carry it. And in front and behind the carriage were 4 of the most broad shouldered monks they had been able to find. A bodyguard way stronger than any he would actually need, but effective nonetheless.
He stepped into the carriage and checked the list he had with him. ”First stop, the home of Miss Anne-Marie”.
The carriage started moving to the same house they had been to the days before. The home of the stable girl he had interviewed the day of the assassination attempt. He had threatened her family, and he had to make sure to follow up. As soon as he would not follow through on his threats, they would be worth nothing.

Although the girl herself had not been home whenever he visited, they had already expected him. No wonder the news of his interrogation had reached them quickly. He had visited them frequently, feinting concern as they did not have enough money to feed the entire family. He had been ready to take the kids or the father away to a monastery, so they had no need to worry abut feeding them. But the fear of being taken to never be seen again had been far greater than anything else. They had been able to convince Benedicto by giving him extra money, showing him they had money a plenty.

Twenty minutes later, he booked the same result as the day before, walking away with some extra coin. Smiling to himself as he had heard their stomachs rumbling as they had paid him.
”Next stop, the Redstone estate!” he shouted to the carriage driver. The Redstones were a more wealthy family, but instead of the patriarch coming to the sermons the last few days, he had send his wife and daughter. Something Benedicto considered a grave insult. It would take about half an hour to get there, so he opened his book and continued reading where he had left off the day before.


Raiden looked on as the Outrider stepped into the bar with a small crew of ragtag creatures. He pulled his hood a bit further over his head, knowing his bright pink hair would have given him away in a second. Barely looking up from under his hood, he observed them.
After he saw Korgan was being served their mead, he raised his own hand to the barmaid indicating he’d like a refill of his own without ever uttering a word.

When his pint arrived he chucked a generous amount of coins on the table and put his finger on his lips. The barmaid gave a small thankful nod, indicating she would keep his secret. He had sat there long enough for her to recognise him, but he did not feel like he should reveal his presence yet.

He almost went into hunter mode, opening his ears to all the sounds he could hear. Noticing the smells in the small establishment and instantly recognising the salty scent of this group. They came fresh from the Sea, something he hoped never to experience again. Both the smell and the movement of the water made him nauseous in an instant.
He was familiar with most of them. They always seemed to hang around Korgan, not missing any chance to lick his boots so they can feel better about themselves. It was despicable, but exactly what you could expect from Orc’s and Goblins. And somehow, the worst one of all was the Jester. Raiden had a particular dislike for the human doll.

Korgan was blind to think these creatures cared about anything but themselves and the riches they could earn from being near him. He would rather spend a thousand years alone than one day in their company. Actually, a thousand years alone sounds rather good right about now.
He noticed how quick the mead was flowing. And although they became rowdier with every round, the barmaid said nothing as long as the coin kept flowing in.

He felt the atmosphere change when one of the Goblins’s questions turned the group from laughing loudly to still and reminiscing. Raiden knew none of them, part from possibly the jester, would have been allowed in the bar or even the city before Ivelda’s rule. He could not question his Queen’s decisions, but it didn’t mean he had to like these creatures. He was pretty sure she was as despised by them as he was. But they kept the people scared and at the same time, people were strangely aware they were still being treated better than these hyena’s of society.

He heard Korgans comments about being human as clearly as he would have when sitting next to the boar. Finishing his final drink he got up and stopped in front of the other booth, finally taking his hood back. His pink hair shown brightly as the outside sun hit it through the windows.

”So little piggy doesn’t miss being human? A good thing our Queen always knew you were nothing more than a beast. You must have oinked in pleasure when she released you of your human ‘burden’. ”
He heard growls coming from the lips of the beings surrounding Korgan. ”You’re in the wrong part of town looking for trouble, archer!” said the Orc called Karlok.
”Oh what, can you only be in this part of town when your breath smells like Master Piggy’s arsehole? You must be drinking the mead to try and get rid of the taste. But I can see there is a bit of shit on the side of your singular tooth. Just here…” Raiden showed his own teeth and scratched his teeth, indicating to the Orc where he could see the mark.
Confused he saw the Orc trying to get rid of something that wasn’t there.

The midget got up on his chair and knocked Karlok’s arm out of his mouth. He was shaking his head fervently, and pointed with a shaking finger at Raiden. Karlok looked at his hand and then back at the midget, finally realising he had been tricked. Both of them turned to the archer, again growling with anger.
”Francisca, what a surprise! I hadn’t seen you there. You must have been hanging on your Masters teat. Keep drinking little boy, you might grow big and strong someday. Or are you hoping to stay a little piglet, like him? Maybe practice your squealing a bit more.”