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I'm just a normal kid from Arizona. Not much else to tell.
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Hearing back from Colleen was nothing short of a miracle. He listened through his helmet now, being fully prepared at this point to disembark from the confines of the prison. Patching his voice to Colleen, he spoke calmly. "Alright, now that you're actually paying attention, we can do something about this. I'm staying inside as long as I can to run the defenses, as well as making sure we don't have a full blown riot in here. I need you to focus your attention on whatever the hell that thing is making it's way toward the prison, we don't have time to fight this many battles at once. For god's sake woman who taught you how to prioritize? I'm deploying assistance, try not to let it get ruined."

Shifting his attention to his main control area, he input the codes necessary to reroute the exterior defenses so they weren't blindly firing at god knows what. Instead he focused them on the incoming vessel, the one marching it's way toward the prison, the one emitting the...fear.

All the anti aircraft defenses ceased fire momentarily, swiveling on their bases to the new coordinates, a low hum emanating from within before they opened fire. The collective force of the assault would me much more effective now that it was actually aimed at something!

Flicking to a different program on the controls, he input the codes for his own personal side project, The W4RD3N. Initiating the auto pilot he locked it on to Colleen's position. "You've got incoming Colleen, it's a friendly, the thing I mentioned to not let get ruined."

With that he made his way for the main prison chambers, to ensure security was still acting accordingly, and things in his prison hadn't gone completely to hell.

From within a sealed surface outside the prison walls, a launch sequence began. The doors slid open, revealing a some thirty foot gap in the prison wall. It also reveled a fifteen foot mechanical being with no pilot. From within it's sealed dome cockpit, the machines beeped to life, prompting the machine to move forward. A bulk of faded crimson emerged, it's legs moving fluidly on their own, prompting little lag time between steps. "creating energy field..." a robotic voice echoed from within the construct as it lurched forward, a glisten of light manifesting in a ten foot radius centered on the construct before disappearing. "primary combat functions...ready.."

As the weapons throughout its being hummed to life, it made it's way quicker to Colleen's location. "detection grid...activated" Picking up on her exact coordinates, it paused for a moment. "gravity fluctuation systems...ready"

Suddenly, the construct was slightly airborne, lingering for no more than a moment before soaring higher, further away from the prison toward his target. Traveling a short distance before coming to it's mark, settling down surprisingly precariously next to it's ally, a low hiss projecting from it's various limbs, it almost appeared to be looking down at her. "ally...confirmed. begin protection protocol 8-4-1...initiated."


"Is she really that important to you?"