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xxxxThe precious scene of Fuyuki and Bishop nestled closely together didn't go unnoticed as Devone looked out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't tell if the troublesome brown-haired girl's association with her childhood friend was by coincidence or a petty plan. It was not yet known to her that they were assigned in the partnership program. Devone walked on and left it alone. The two keeping busy even with each other was good news because then they would bug her less. She didn't have time to amuse Bishop's want for friendship and she definitely did not want to amuse Fuyuki's nosiness. Less distractions.

xxxxShe was one of the first students to return to the school grounds when the coast was clear after losing her appetite and skipping lunch. There were a lot of loose ends to tie up and she had to be on top of everything. In a matter of days, she had started to form small alliances with strange companions like a certain violent junior (Rocco) and a mysterious force (Ryou). I can handle one but the other is out of control. The senior class representative (Shiori) was also a consideration for pointing out the rat. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day. Devone was not discouraged and acknowledged the potential these relationships held once she understood what made these individuals tick. If she had an army, she'd be prepared for war and she could sense one fast approaching. Her slap had been a declaration and created a ripple effect in the once calm waters between the Reizei and Hakuryu clans.

xxxxHer footsteps echoed through the desolate hallway until she stopped, turning around to her side. She thought she saw someone, someone that looked a lot like her but there was nothing there. A trail of reminiscence lingered after sighting her childhood friend and denial of caring about it was starting to play tricks on her.

xxxxIt was far too early for class to gather and she was an easy one to get bored. Devone opened the door to the photography club room, taking the opportunity to look around while the owners were away. She located what she was after, bent down and pulled out a yearbook from one of the shelves. Devone blew the dust off the cover before sitting down in the club president's chair and flicking through the pages. She didn't own any herself because school spirit was a waste of time and money. There was no way she would support that cause and even if she did, there was never anyone to sign her good graduation wishes. Who are you really, Serinuma? The girl's form was scratched out on every page where she was mentioned. Devone pulled out the other copies of the same yearbook and the previous year ones as well but to no avail. They were all the same. How interesting. Is this a display of hate or a game of Where's Wally?

xxxx"Kim-san." Devone looked up from the scattered yearbooks spread out on the table. There were many but somehow, there was an organized layout for everything. It was a habit after her personal detective work. She didn't expect anyone to disturb her even if she was discovered but the other student that set foot in the room was recognizable in an instant after a particular incident in the same morning. "Kahae-san's, ex's, friend." Devone greeted back. "Oh, it's actually--" Devone shut the yearbook she was currently looking through, the sound rudely cutting off the introduction. "I don't care." The girl recoiled as Devone's eyes, red like a demon's stared for her to cut to the chase or get lost. The slash on Devone's cheek had dried but it did not suit her. She was always one for appearances. "I know why you did it.. why you told Kahae-senpai to break up with her. It was because Kahae-senpai was cheating, isn't it? You must have known, you always know and even though it would paint you as a villain.. I guess what I'm trying to say is--" Devone stood up and walked towards the door, paused by the girl's side. "Choose your next words carefully." She warned. The talk was making her sick. The girl heeded the warning, saying nothing else and Devone exited to continue on for the next class.