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"I'm headed straight for the castle
They wanna make me their queen."
- Halsey

"Justice…." She heard her true name spoken amidst the sea of people. It was a wonder she had heard it at all but perhaps her memories unlocking not long ago made her hyper attuned to it. She paused in her steps, turning her head in the direction of where the voice seemingly came from. Torres stopped in his tracks too, a single step behind her. He didn't want to lose her again after being coerced to pay for Lucie's new and expensive outfit from his own pocket. She adjusted her sparkling diamond-coated tiara to sit nicely on top of her pretty little head. "I guess I should go ahead and claim what's mine." she muttered under her breath, more to herself than anyone else before walking over to join the group gathering around Professor Evers. Torres was confused by whatever Lucie could mean but obediently followed without delay. He maintained a polite distance, enough to watch over the VIP but also not intrude.

"Hello, hello, make way." Lucie said aloud announcing her arrival, strutting through the group of recognizable faces, wearing her exquisite dress of blue and white. There was a discernible mix of emotions happening all at once as her eyes briefly acknowledged everyone. There was confusion, grief, anger... just to name a few. Lucie however did not sympathize and focused solely on herself and her own goals. "Are you done biding for time, coward? Because I want my time back." Lucie said, her words directed towards Ms. Evers sharply. She didn't know all the details surrounding Ivelda's takeover, her parents' deaths, and the state of the fractured kingdoms but none of that mattered. All Lucie... or rather Justice knew for certain was that she alone belonged on the throne of Serein and princess trumps peasant, the upper echelon of society or not. She had been done a great injustice living in this world of normal, boring people all thanks to an incompetent enchantress and her more competent evil sister.

"If Ivelda was powerful then... what chance do we have now? And I'm sure at least some of us have a lot here... Are we leaving it all behind?"“I agree with Sibylla, but what did you mean we would have come into our powers? Did Iveda take our powers?”

Justice had overheard some of the conversations, enough of it to purse her lips and shake her head in judgment. "Wow, you must have a lousy kingdom if you're not even willing to fight for it. By ALL means, stay behind and be a peasant. You certainly think like one." She remarked about Sibylla, even as the girl seemed she was close to tears and being comforted by another girl, Silvia. She had lived an easy life and knew little about hardships and struggle but she did know that with big risks came big rewards. The Bannisters had taught her that much and she had her eye on the prize. "You know what? Call me generous but I'll take her kingdom too if she doesn't want it. Somebody's got to take over after Ivelda is done being a poser." Justice said with a nonchalant shrug, treating their kingdoms like gambling chips.

As far as she was concerned, all this crying and catching up was a waste of time. What was done was done and the longer they took reminiscing about the past, meant the less time spent actually doing something. She didn't have the patience for it, accustomed to getting what she wanted when she wanted it. Any delay or hesitation was a nuisance. It didn't help that unlike the other princesses, she wasn't considered their friend. Sure, there had been playdates arranged and gifts exchanged but nobody had a place in her heart held higher than herself. "I will take my chances, all of them." She said as passionate as a pledge, looking down at the Angelite statuette in her hand now knowing what it represented. "And you're going to help me. Consider this your chance of redemption." she said to Ms. Evers as if it were an order, royal status boosting her ego and sense of self-worth more than it already was.

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"I'm scared of changing, the days stay the same
The world is spinning but only in gray."
- Lzzy Hale & Lindsey Stirling

The Spring Festival outing was straight out of a nightmare for the young Bannister. Lucie wasn't stealing the spotlight, her bodyguard wasn't present, Reese bumped into her and ruined her outfit and finally, the Angelite statuette was gone. Why did she even come? Stupid place, stupid people, and stupid waste of time...

"It was no problem sir. Oh, Lucie, here's your statue dearie. Mr. Torres, Lucie wanted this statue."

Lucie snatched the statue out of Ms. Evers's hands. Her eyes inspected every nook and cranny and her fingers glided over the surface of the stone to feel for any potential damage. When she was certain that no harm had befallen the statuette, she let out a big sigh of relief. The day wasn't a total disaster after all.
Torres nodded as Ms. Evers shared the VIP's desire to obtain the statue and waited for both her and Reese to leave before returning his attention to the task at hand. He gave Lucie space and time seeing as she was occupied with her fascination for Angelite. When she appeared more available to talk, he approached from the front with an eloquent bow towards her. "I apologize, Miss Bannister. Allow me to purchase the statuette for you. Is there anything else that caught your eye?" Torres had grown accustomed to Lucie's colorful language. He expected that dealing with the aftermath of Lucie's solo adventure was not going to be pleasant. However, no harsh words came. Not even a glare.

Lilith's magic traveled all the way from the booth of her puppet show and across the fair to reach the pendant, unlocking the memory of who Lucie used to be. "Torres-" Lucie was about to get up and give the bodyguard a piece of her mind but her dangling Angelite pendant hanging between her cleavage, tapped her chest once. The gemstone warmed against the touch of her skin. It was usually cold but somehow almost burning up now. The same could be said for her hardened heart. Her knees buckled carrying a new weight and her vision blurred. Nothing made a lick of sense. Nothing at all. Her frail body gave in, weak, exhausted, and confused. She started falling and her eyes closed. Torres caught Lucie in a nick of time before she hit the ground. This time, however, her hand gripped the Angelite statuette tightly as if her life depended on it.

"Mother… Father..." Little Justice was in the Royal Treasury room and pointed her index finger from one Angelite statue to the other. The statues of interest were of a man and woman that resembled her parents beside each other, displayed in a glass case. She blinked a few times then realized what was missing. "Hey! Where's mine?!" she said outraged with a raised voice, pointing her finger at one of the guardsmen as if he was at fault. The guardsman stood at attention, his posture a little stiffer at being singled out. Her private tutor for the day's lessons Mr. Charvet entered the room. He thought he had lost her in this maze of a castle and for once, thanked his lucky stars the girl was quite loud.

"Princess Justice, these are the King Temperance XIII and Queen Viollette's proposal statuettes." Mr. Charvet began to explain, his hands clasping together hidden within long sleeves. He stood next to her, admiring the statues for himself. It wasn't every day one had the opportunity to visit the treasury. "When a man or woman falls in love and wishes to marry, they declare their love by carving their lover's likeness into Angelite. Your mother and father, however, both proposed to each other. Quite a coincidence, isn't it? They must be very happy together." Mr. Charvet said with a knowing smile.

"...I have to wait?" Justice's mouth was agape at the thought, completely missing the romanticism of it all. She was not known for her patience. "Yes, you are much too young to wed, Princess but someday I am certain, you will receive many proposals." Mr. Charvet replied with a chuckle, not fully convinced by his own white lie. All the royal attendants and the royals themselves were worried about the princess's social aptitude. She was a beautiful child much like her parents but that mouth of hers though. They all just hoped it was a phase she would grow out of eventually.

"Okay but I will accept nothing less than the most perfect and prettiest Angelite statue ever!" she said with unwavering confidence, flicking her long blue hair over her shoulder. Mr. Charvet pushed up his glasses. "Not all have sculpting skill, Princess." While a fair point, that did not change her mind. "A subpar statue is a subpar boy!" Justice exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear before running off with a mischievous giggle to escape her studies once again. Mr. Charvet sighed aloud, having to pursue the little girl all over again. "I am too old for this." ⧗


Lucie's eyes fluttered open, pushing Torres away with all the strength remaining in her."You know I HATE physical contact!" she reminded him, managing to slap him across the face at least once before he restrained her. A bright red mark was evident but Torres held the pain in well. "I apologize again, Miss. But you are not well. Please wait a bit to regain your senses." Lucie sighed aloud dramatically, applying her full weight and adding some to make the ordeal as difficult as it could be for him. If she wasn't comfortable, he wasn't going to be either.

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xxxxThe precious scene of Fuyuki and Bishop nestled closely together didn't go unnoticed as Devone looked out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't tell if the troublesome brown-haired girl's association with her childhood friend was by coincidence or a petty plan. It was not yet known to her that they were assigned in the partnership program. Devone walked on and left it alone. The two keeping busy even with each other was good news because then they would bug her less. She didn't have time to amuse Bishop's want for friendship and she definitely did not want to amuse Fuyuki's nosiness. Less distractions.

xxxxShe was one of the first students to return to the school grounds when the coast was clear after losing her appetite and skipping lunch. There were a lot of loose ends to tie up and she had to be on top of everything. In a matter of days, she had started to form small alliances with strange companions like a certain violent junior (Rocco) and a mysterious force (Ryou). I can handle one but the other is out of control. The senior class representative (Shiori) was also a consideration for pointing out the rat. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day. Devone was not discouraged and acknowledged the potential these relationships held once she understood what made these individuals tick. If she had an army, she'd be prepared for war and she could sense one fast approaching. Her slap had been a declaration and created a ripple effect in the once calm waters between the Reizei and Hakuryu clans.

xxxxHer footsteps echoed through the desolate hallway until she stopped, turning around to her side. She thought she saw someone, someone that looked a lot like her but there was nothing there. A trail of reminiscence lingered after sighting her childhood friend and denial of caring about it was starting to play tricks on her.

xxxxIt was far too early for class to gather and she was an easy one to get bored. Devone opened the door to the photography club room, taking the opportunity to look around while the owners were away. She located what she was after, bent down and pulled out a yearbook from one of the shelves. Devone blew the dust off the cover before sitting down in the club president's chair and flicking through the pages. She didn't own any herself because school spirit was a waste of time and money. There was no way she would support that cause and even if she did, there was never anyone to sign her good graduation wishes. Who are you really, Serinuma? The girl's form was scratched out on every page where she was mentioned. Devone pulled out the other copies of the same yearbook and the previous year ones as well but to no avail. They were all the same. How interesting. Is this a display of hate or a game of Where's Wally?

xxxx"Kim-san." Devone looked up from the scattered yearbooks spread out on the table. There were many but somehow, there was an organized layout for everything. It was a habit after her personal detective work. She didn't expect anyone to disturb her even if she was discovered but the other student that set foot in the room was recognizable in an instant after a particular incident in the same morning. "Kahae-san's, ex's, friend." Devone greeted back. "Oh, it's actually--" Devone shut the yearbook she was currently looking through, the sound rudely cutting off the introduction. "I don't care." The girl recoiled as Devone's eyes, red like a demon's stared for her to cut to the chase or get lost. The slash on Devone's cheek had dried but it did not suit her. She was always one for appearances. "I know why you did it.. why you told Kahae-senpai to break up with her. It was because Kahae-senpai was cheating, isn't it? You must have known, you always know and even though it would paint you as a villain.. I guess what I'm trying to say is--" Devone stood up and walked towards the door, paused by the girl's side. "Choose your next words carefully." She warned. The talk was making her sick. The girl heeded the warning, saying nothing else and Devone exited to continue on for the next class.

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"You say that I'm kinda difficult
But it's always someone else's fault."
- Marina and the Diamonds

Lucie wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. Torres had one job and he screwed up royally. But in all fairness, any screw up that brought her discomfort was considered screwing up royally by Lucie's definition. She was a merciless employer. There had only been one other time Torres screwed up which was her first time on the university campus when he had the audacity to steal the spotlight among her peers. The nerve! It didn't matter to her that it wasn't common for personal bodyguards to frequent universities. What mattered was that it was her day, her debut and he made it all about him by soaking up all the attention until she felt as insignificant as a stone on the street. It also didn't matter that he didn't utter a single word to anyone.

"I'm going to rip him to pieces! I knew I should have listened to father and picked someone with inferior looks.." She could imagine it happening all over again, her bodyguard somewhere out there in the festival having the time of his life surrounded by young infatuated women. Lucie was cursing at the mental image as her hand balled into a fist. She always had an eye for beautiful things and people but it did not work in her favor with the innate need to compete with the other good-looking person in her presence too.

"Hello, Lucie, are you okay? Why that's a lovely statue you have there. Is it Angelite?"

Lucie let out a breath she didn't know she was holding in as her name being said brought her back down to reality. "I am so frustrated! How hard can it be to follow me around? I'm not even sprinting." She responded, venting openly. Lucie let out another huff before turning around to see who she was speaking with. She recognized Ms. Evers quickly, given that she was her English professor at college and classes required students to sit down and stare at the teacher while they lecture for ages. The girl standing behind Ms. Evers however, Lucie didn't recognize. But she recognized the gown. There was another question to answer first before getting around to that.

"It is Angelite! Angelite is always lovely." Lucie sighed in admiration of the statuette in her hands, clasping it lovingly and pressing the stone against her cheek much like a child with a cherished stuff toy. "My bodyguard is busy being an imbecile unfortunately so I'm stuck here until he finds me. I am not leaving without it." She said assertively, taking a moment to adjust the angle of her parasol that provided a little shade from the sun's rays. Lucie wasn't comfortable standing around especially since she had already found what she desired. If Torres was here and competent, she could have bought everything and moved on to browse other interesting stalls or left entirely to return to the comfort of her own home. But he wasn't here and she wasn't a thief and stubborn was she. She was not letting the Angelite statuette go at all costs.

Lucie turned to the blonde girl (Dawn) with Ms. Evers, the dress earning her attention. "Nice choice. It suits you and complements your eyes." She noted the gown's color along with the girl's eyes and gave a nod of approval. "Did you buy it from a stall back there? It caught my eye but I couldn't stare for too long.. The vendor was ugly. If I stared any longer, I swear I could have thrown up in my own mouth." Lucie said casually with a smile. It was normal for her to speak her mind as harsh as it may be. Her attitude was not restrained even in front of authoritative figures like Ms. Evers. The professor and her acquaintance were both beautiful people though so this was as accommodating and polite as Lucie could be.