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A list of fictonal characters written by Verix as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Callidora Develan

Callidora Develan, located in Cynosure

as part of Aurea Cor

You will soon learn you have few choices.

Character Portrait: Tae Jeong

Tae Jeong, located in Fae Realm

as part of Aes Sídhe

As I looked at the dead moth, this minute wayside triumph of so great a force over so mean an antagonist filled me with wonder.

Character Portrait: Lilith Averescu

Lilith Averescu, located in Fae Realm

as part of Aes Sídhe

Soon I would be engulfed; swallowed; deformed

Character Portrait: Einosuke Saitou

Einosuke Saitou, located in Asteria

as part of Astrologia Eclipse

Sovereign of Scorpio

Character Portrait: James Mathews

James Mathews, located in Washington D. C.

as part of Those Not Like Us

If you're not angry, you're not paying attention.

Character Portrait: Estelle

Estelle, located in The Land of Cosmos

as part of Natsukashii

Queen of Stars

Character Portrait: Seok Areum

Seok Areum, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Immortal Ties

"Time is not kind to everything."

Character Portrait: Seung

Seung, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Immortal Ties

"I look at the world and I notice it's turning."

Character Portrait: Anya Ivanov

Anya Ivanov, located in Grishaverse

as part of The Grisha Chronicles

"But still my heart is heavy with the hate of some other man's beliefs."

Character Portrait: Amara Livianus

Amara Livianus, located in Ireland

as part of B3

Peter Pan | Peter Pan

Character Portrait: Aaron Pierce

Aaron Pierce, located in Kairos

as part of mbuki-mvuki

Just as life had been strange a few minutes before, so death was now as strange.

Character Portrait: Yukimura Masaru

Yukimura Masaru, located in Concert Hall

as part of Hanakotoba Romantica

RoseChandelier | Shiragiku | Chrysanthemum: Imperial

Character Portrait: Gabriel Becke

Gabriel Becke, located in United States of America

as part of B3

The Wolf | Red Riding Hood

Character Portrait: Ondine Caudill

Ondine Caudill, located in Time (Present: The United Kingdom)

as part of Age Is But A Number

"Life without a purpose isn't a life worth living."

Character Portrait: Sae

Sae, located in The Cosmos

as part of Yuanfen

like real people do | queen of stars

Character Portrait: Caelius Amador

Caelius Amador, located in Reskaea

as part of Dawn Brigade

"There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand."

Character Portrait: Laurence Price

Laurence Price, located in New Wicker

as part of Deceitful Ranconteur

Don of Circe

Character Portrait: Eleanor Avery

Eleanor Avery, located in New Wicker

as part of Deceitful Ranconteur

Underboss of Coveta

Character Portrait: Elias Velasco

Elias Velasco, located in Theos Academy

as part of Theos Academy for Demigods

Do I dare to dream?