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I'm a fan of roleplaying, writing and gaming.
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St. Bernard, LA
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29 Sep 1986
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D&D, Pathfinder
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Age of Magic

Ages come to pass, time and time again, this is of the Age of Magic. Its rise, power, gift, and corruption.

The Masquerade - Redux

Vampires are a reality, and they are at war with their own kind. Humanity is caught in the middle.

The Invasion - Redux

A remake of an older alien invasion based role play I created.

Wielders: Fragile

Everything has a purpose. There are those of us who are born with the gift to manipulate souls and elements, others must train...

Legends of Airne: The First War

In a world with no record of war, peace can only last for so long.


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The Dresdin

A science fiction role play that takes place aboard an exploratory ship called "The Dresdin". It follows a series of files that were captured during the ships operational period.

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Plasma erupted through the dark of nothingness. It lingered away from the gravity of its star. Something travelled with it, in the void of nothing. It was lost, drifting through something it could not perceive. It took only moments for this something to turn into matter. With this transformation, came form. With this form, came a figure. This figure lofted through space. It traveled to an unknown destination. This figure had consciousness, and in its thoughts; it wondered the questions of all sentient beings. It created descriptions for the nothing around it.

It drifted, age after age. It never learned the answers to its questions; it only came up with possibilities. Eventually, this figure found something new. Perhaps, this something could be an answer. It was round, with beautiful colors of greens and browns. These colors were bordered with glorious blues and whites. The figure grew excited, as excited as it had ever been. In fact, it had never been excited before; and did not know what it was feeling.

The figure grew larger, could this mean it would come to the figure? It grew larger and larger, till it encompassed nearly all the figures vision. Something new was covering the figure. This was a new feeling as well. It caused the figure to cry out loud, it had never known such a sound. This was pain, as the figure we engulfed in fires as hot as what bore it into life. It burned down through the atmosphere of the planet. Large ridges climb out of this planet, rushing towards the burned figure. The pain has left, and the figure looked at the world that rushed towards it.

A line that swirled and twisted through this planet, moved toward the figure. This was its destination. Only moments were left.

The sound resonated through the valleys and rivers. An explosion that had not been seen in years reverberated through the air.

I woke up, in darkness, as lost as the figure I had dreamt of. Perhaps this was I, in some other world. I shook my head a bit. I searched for time, but it eluded me; there had been a power outage. The clock blinked 5:00 am. This meant it had been five hours since the power outage. I glanced around, and searched for the possibility of light. I nearly prayed that it decided to stay away for another few hours. However, I was denied. Light peeked from my darkened curtains.

I slipped out of the bed, and noticed that my cellular phone had called for me. It flashed and blinked. I had missed a call. My slumber had taken its toll on my body, and I stumbled toward the phone; the covers still clinging to me as a lover would hug for their companion. The phone still taunted me, just out of reach.


0.25 INK received for post #914, located in Life:

"Sign up?" I mumbled, still draped in the dark of covers. "Oh, the game..." I gazed back to the phone. "I fell asleep playing the thing mate. Rather addicting I'd say." I opened the phone, hoping for a break from work. I was in luck. A text read, quite clearly. Rather, yelled into the back of my skull. "You are fired." It had only been my hope that they'd choose to get rid of me. They had a binding contract to me, and would now have to pay me for doing nothing.

It stood from the liquid. The steam poured from every crevice of the blackened being. It took in the sight of it's surroundings, and the feeling of pain as it cooled. It seemed this was it's only feeling, other than the excitement of hope.

A sharp crack sounded from behind it. No, from it. It's rocky skin cracked as ice formed in ribbons along it. It yelled.

"Har'vos Nar'ak!" Another yell came from the beast as another sheet of ice cracked it's rocky shell. The ice flew from the surrounding forest.

The beast moved as best it could, trying to find the source of its pain. It saw a flash of blue from the shadows before it. It felt the pain in its chest. Now it learned anger, frustration. Why should it be attacked for doing nothing?

"Das'al De'vahn!" With that, the beast was frozen to the water below it. A black haired man slipped out of the forests edge, "Suffer demon, for you can no longer burn."

The figure did not know the language. Yet, it understood the meaning of suffer. It suffered. It was covered in an icy shell that held every segment of it together. The ice cracking the hot rock of its flesh. It could now only watch, as it had for so long before. It watched the black haired man smirk at it.

I smirked in my victory against the unknowing company. I had this planned all along. "How about dinner after work mate?" I looked up to my room mate. "My treat."