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Love School Drama (v.2) Make a reputation for yourself or make a fool out of yourself. The choice is yours.

Full House of Fame

A reality tv show following the lives of a group of celebrities living together. On camera and off camera, are they the same people?

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aka Prince Egon

ImageA year ago...

"Void, prompt me."
"Looks like you got lucky. You're the prince of an ancient kingdom called Ezeba and the pitiful girl at the end of your blade is Gissu, your older sister who Egon, that's you, caught hand feeding the rebels the guard rotation.
"And why would she do that?"
"Beats me. Maybe because Egon's next in line, a conceited prick and executed her rebel lover."
"Got it~ The check point?"
"Kill the girl. Seems like the real Egon has reservations."

The blade felt heavy in Yuusei's grasp, his borrowed fingers curling tighter around the hilt. "I've never held a weapon before. How surreal." He tilted the blade ever so slightly towards himself, the cold steel shifting under Gissu's chin as he glimpsed the prince's reflection spotted with her tears. A young well-kept slender face with a button nose and hauntingly cold bright blue eyes stared back. "Does a kitchen knife count?"

"Brother! Please.. "

Yuusei loosened his grip on the blade so it'd fall a little, a shallow line of red tracing the girl's jawline after. Gissu's eyes swelled with water as her lips trembled. She didn't need to look down, the heated droplets felt on her neck.

"Where are my manners? Letting my mind wander while my dear traitor of a sister is groveling."

"Don't you remember who nursed you back to health? Who stayed by your bedside every day when father couldn't care less? When I snuck medicine for you when you were grounded? Don't you remember anything at all?!? I'm your sister! All my life I dedicated to YOU."

"What da fuq?" Yuusei grimaced, Void's voice in the back of his mind trying to fill him in on the long backstory that he was not aware of but Yuusei didn't need awareness. He'd already made up his mind. He erupted into bone-chilling laughter, his chest heaving as he ran out of air and his lungs pumped with blood. He started to fiddle with the sword, releasing a finger then a few before reaffirming his grip and resolve tighter than before.

"You know, I was beginning to have doubts but if that's the best you have to offer me, an appeal to my conscience, then know this, I owe you nothing and I will regret nothing. Love begets love."

Gissu swallowed the lump in her throat, her brother not forgiving her as he usually did. What was different this time? Why? She stared up at him, seeing her brother but not recognizing the neutrality in his voice. Her eyes filled to the brim, no longer able to hold back. She screamed, the high pitch defeaning as it bounced off the walls and echoed back, she shook around desperately trying to wriggle free or create distance as the sword was raised in the air coming down until-

Yuusei halted, Gissu frozen in place. Her horrified expression slowly faded as she closed her eyes almost at peace of what was to come. Something was off.


A long exasperated sigh escaped her lips.


Gissu's eyes opened wide, turning left and right then shot up at Yuusei.

"Am I interrupting something?"