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VincentRayne member of RPG for 10 years

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I'm pretty quiet and keep to myself most of the time but I don't mind expressing myself through creativity. I love drawing, writing, playing the guitar, bass, violin, and piano. I play video games as well. a lot. I really like to see people do better so I try to help people in some way or another. I try to consider others and treat people how I want to be treated.
I started writing when I was in my first two years of jr. high school. I started with a series called Moonlight. I found myself interested in the fantasy theme at the time and have been writing various stories of the genre since. It wasn't until my high school years that I've taken a liking to horror stories as well as gothic stories. I mean, I always read the Goosebumps stories as a child but I could never really grasp how to get it's effectiveness until I read the Resident Evil books. Since then I wrote a couple of stories that I haven't finished but have gotten good feedback on.
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Favorite visual artist abe yoshitoshi Favorite TV shows Phineas and Ferb. some anime too. Charmed. The Walking Dead. Abe Yoshitoshi's works are high in my praise book too. Favorite bands / musical artists Dir en Grey, Akino Arai, Kanon Wakeshima, Maaya Sakamoto, Akiko Shikata, just to name a few. Favorite games Resident Evil series, most fighting games especially Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, and Bloody roar. Parasite eve Trilogy.
Began Role Playing:
0- 0-2001
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Last of Us or Parasite Eve.
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Favorite Setting:
Normally the future. Modern Fantasy

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What should you do with students who misbehave? You make them understand that they have a chance in life if they just change.

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Metahuman: Rebuilding The Heroes' Throne

Vigilantes rebuilding their reputation and working together to save the common folk and thwart villains until they earn the right to be called heroes...

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Valoria City was a place that looked as beautiful as the name made it sound. It was a city that quickly built itself up to rival some of the larger capitals in the nation. Unfortunately, soon after its rise Valoria City seemed to fall at a much quickened speed. Many gangs and organized crime syndicates sought to claim the new city as territory. Then the fights for territory began. The city saw a drastic rise in crime in a short amount of time that even police had trouble with containment.

This, of course, sparked the rise of meta-human superheroes to also give their try at Valoria City. But their powers coupled with the plethora of weapons the criminals they faced had only resulted in catastrophic collateral damage. It wasn't long before the people of Valoria City had enough of the so called "superheroes" and laws immediately went into effect to put a leash on any and all meta-humans.

Any meta-human that entered the city received a bracelet that kept track of their location and use of powers. Any excess use resulted in violation of the law and they would be treated as a criminal. If a meta-human was discovered without a bracelet would immediately be escorted to be issued one if they haven't received the item yet. If it was found out they were already issued a bracelet but didn't have it on their person they would be escorted back to their home to retrieve it.

As time progressed so did Valoria City. The surge in violence was drastically reduced and contained, primarily, to the slums of the city. Technological advances were being made due to different organizations moving to the city as well. It wasn't long until the bracelets were produced for everyone and was used as a form of ID, credit card, money transactions, gps, watch, etc. If it could be done electronically to interact with society then the bracelet could do it. The mayor also thought it would make it seem like the meta-humans weren't just being singled out as well. That way they would be a bit more comfortable in Valoria City.

Now, Valoria City is one of the largest cities in the nation made up of several districts. And as the city grows so does potential criminal investments. And this time containment is barely holding them up. A lot of the common thugs graduated to organized crime. Working for more money and with bigger risk. Sometimes things went well. But when they didn't, the whole district would feel the consequences. And lately the citizens have been concerned with rumors of meta-humans being a part of these crime syndicates as well...