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Vio-Lance » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Vio-Lance as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Zirek Nattord

Zirek Nattord, located in Genesis

as part of The Multiverse

Youthful Lightning

Character Portrait: Katchinah Dwam

Katchinah Dwam, located in USA Midwest

as part of Undead Apocalypse

"A ragged looking doll in this cruel, harsh world? That would be none other than I!"

Character Portrait: Kalivala Sha'Tarl

Kalivala Sha'Tarl, located in 12 DISTRICTS

as part of The Hunger Games: Rebirth

"The inevitability of death here is inescapable. My fate be sealed - now all I may do is bring honor to my name, and the name of my family."

Character Portrait: Laylin Sierus

Laylin Sierus, located in Sonic Universe

as part of Sonic Adventure: Origins

A cheerful, somewhat shy fox - not very well known, but always willing to lend a hand.

Character Portrait: Klien "Wiseman" Litan

Klien "Wiseman" Litan, located in Crix

as part of Vyricia, land of the adept

A booksmart martial artist, carved from a rough life into a stoic, and even iconic fighter: Wiseman. Few suspect the quiet 'scholar' to be the brilliant fighter of the arena.

Character Portrait: Katchinah Dwam

Katchinah Dwam, located in United States

as part of The Solanum Virus 2

A young Apache indian girl, taken from the hardships of the wastes, and turned into the most rag-doll-like person you'd seen.

Character Portrait: Vilkauti (Gnoll)

Vilkauti (Gnoll), located in Rivenmarch

as part of Through Monstrous Eyes

One of the bipedal hyena-like peoples known as 'Gnolls', Vilkauti is a cool-headed, mild-mannered and overall somewhat playful character. While not the most adamant warrior, he is a stalwart companion to the last.

Character Portrait: Heisen "Helmet" Flauss

Heisen "Helmet" Flauss, located in Panem

as part of The 33rd Annual Hunger Games!

"Hey. What are you lookin' at? Me? I'm Helmet... or at least... that's' what everyone calls me.... I'm thirteen, and the boy from District 12... I'm pretty fast, and if I can't beat you in a fight, I think I can beat you in a race."

Character Portrait: Calahad Rojo

Calahad Rojo, located in Kraven's Crossing

as part of Rebellion: Rebirth

" Fearless must the heart be wielded to bear this burden. Fire. Fire burns brightly in this heart of mine, the flame deepening with every twig of fear it is fed."

Character Portrait: Nai-Lee Seishan

Nai-Lee Seishan, located in Crix

as part of Vyricia, land of the adept

A small, spunky woman, whom is skillful with many different weapons, and forms of combat; few deadlier than her own two fists.

Character Portrait: Buck Clemison

Buck Clemison, located in Earth

as part of LOUD Chapter One

"It's typical to think that you can think tactically. What I think thinking tactically really is... is thinking in ways your enemies won't think you thought about thinking. Simply leave them in the dust."

Character Portrait: Lakilester Uraldo

Lakilester Uraldo, located in Amestris

as part of Homunculus Disposal Unit: FMA Brotherhood

A mysterious, yet suspiciously kind man, hidden by hooded trenchcoats and masks.

Character Portrait: Ratheric Vennor

Ratheric Vennor, located in Multiversal Cafe

as part of The Multiverse

Ratch is nothing short of a punk. He honestly needs a spanking, but he refuses to let anyone give it to him without a fight.

Character Portrait: Leyanah Wallard

Leyanah Wallard, located in Port Angeles, Washington

as part of Broken Grace

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatevah. All I hear is 'Please punch me'."

Character Portrait: Kotch

Kotch, located in The Serengeti

as part of Ghosts of the Grassland

A spunky hyena with a lot to prove, and many friends to help him on his way.

Character Portrait: Arron Brandy

Arron Brandy, located in Tokyo

as part of War in total Darkness

"We'll get out of this shit - I know we will."

Character Portrait: Zhong Wei

Zhong Wei, located in Maozuka Gakuen, Tokyo, Japan

as part of Are you Serious?!

A gentle chinese man, who's name literally means "Loyal Power". He acts as somewhat of Kyoko's caretaker.

Character Portrait: Helsety Aymoira

Helsety Aymoira, located in Chalise

as part of The Four Corners of Ter'Milera

A deciving, cunning witch whom cleverly hides her true form.... Or at least her true age.

Character Portrait: Annah & Monica Heilif

Annah & Monica Heilif, located in Albakove

as part of Taking her hand

"Now, here's the real question: Which one of us is a boy? Nope, wrong. The answer? Both."

Character Portrait: Prince Lyon Trevond

Prince Lyon Trevond, located in Hausse

as part of The Cromwell Estate - The Race To Be Queen!

A harsh, tough man whom is not very much liked by the population. His strict rule in his Father's sickness has earned him the title "Stoneruler".

Character Portrait: Sasha Cleyin

Sasha Cleyin, located in Village of Fayfair

as part of Written in Blood

An extremely wanted Highway Brigand, hiding from the law.

Character Portrait: Neyah Hakita

Neyah Hakita, located in Heros

as part of The Shadows of Heros

A tribal warrior with a fierce heart... and an even more fierce blade.

Character Portrait: Lina Cross

Lina Cross, located in Orre Region

as part of Pokemon - War of the Shadows

A young, but experienced pokemon trainer.

Character Portrait: Gloriyah Chikiahyi

Gloriyah Chikiahyi, located in Altrucia

as part of Glory Found in Friendship

A strict, dignified ruler, whom trying to help her Kingdom recover after the tides of civil war left it in shambles.

Character Portrait: Corentin Edouard

Corentin Edouard, located in Empire of Lancaster

as part of Masquerade: Sword and Betrayal

"Alas, someone is always the bad guy. And even worse yet, that bad guy is usually me."

Character Portrait: Claire Rutcher

Claire Rutcher, located in Loren- Vast city

as part of House-trained

"No, I don't really think it's odd. I actually kind of like it."

Character Portrait: Rasphody

Rasphody, located in Anywhere

as part of Sonic FreeRealm

A bright, yet thoughtful fox with a talent for controlling the elements of water and ice.

Character Portrait: Winston Regail

Winston Regail, located in Seattle... Whats Left of it

as part of Nothing like the smell of Zombies

"Shame. My ancestors predicted this day would come. Sadly, it was six-hundred years late."

Character Portrait: Serett

Serett, located in DBZ Universe

as part of Dragon Ball Series : Untold Stories

A spunky, young Saiyan warrioress, placed on a peaceful world after the destruction of her home planet.

Character Portrait: Bryan Stendon

Bryan Stendon, located in Across The River

as part of Across the River

"Bring it, furball. Let's see how you like boot."

Character Portrait: Marron Veceldo

Marron Veceldo, located in Crystal Mountains

as part of The Crystal Mountains

"I'm going to start shooting you now.... I'm not quite sure when I'll stop."

Character Portrait: Ezzie Halberg

Ezzie Halberg, located in The City

as part of Copy of Sonic: Needs original title

"'Scuse me? Care to give me that smile again, so I can see which teeth I haven't knocked out yet?"

Character Portrait: Devin Stritch

Devin Stritch, located in USA

as part of The Framed

"I'mma dust ya hard, son. But my whoopin's hurt more than yo' daddy's belt!"

Character Portrait: Wyve Vadit

Wyve Vadit, located in A parallel universe where time stand still.

as part of To Wield One's Soul

"Peace and strife hold hands within my body, creating the perfect family.... Of complete whoopass!"

Character Portrait: Almerah Meave

Almerah Meave, located in Central Continent

as part of MMORPG Fantasy

"I-I'm not a woman! I swear!"" *Obviously fake masculine voice.*

Character Portrait: Aminere Hel'Keldak

Aminere Hel'Keldak, located in The Hollow

as part of Into the Hollow

"A pirat' dey call me. Can ya' belie' dat? I dun get no recognition fer bein' da captain!"

Character Portrait: Garrand Fauntan

Garrand Fauntan, located in The Academy

as part of The Outcasted

If one word could describe him, you couldn't find it in a dictionary.

Character Portrait: Russel Marron

Russel Marron, located in Downtown

as part of Even Broken People Deserve A Happy Ending

A man with a compulsion to insult everyone. Because people are idiots.

Character Portrait: Yaein Logan

Yaein Logan, located in The World of Epica!

as part of Quest For Epic

A smart-assed young archer, whom really needs a beating. But even then, some don't think he'd shut up.

Character Portrait: Delmund, Beowulf, & Felgus Mandain

Delmund, Beowulf, & Felgus Mandain, located in Falkar

as part of Nightmares of Fallen Lands

"Swordsmen three, be we! And our foes flee when 'tis us they see!": All three brothers in unison.

Character Portrait: Avery Neiyah

Avery Neiyah, located in victorian era of london

as part of Black Butler

One of the younger 'maids' working at the manor.

Character Portrait: Amy Rengaude

Amy Rengaude, located in Elyon

as part of Stand With Me

A young, but skilled nomadic knight.

Character Portrait: Rossin Dorfrey

Rossin Dorfrey, located in The Forests of Aerire

as part of Apotheosis

A cool headed monk of the mountain...whom isn't afraid to bite back.

Character Portrait: Sultan Krigak Baufazur

Sultan Krigak Baufazur, located in Altrucia

as part of Glory Found in Friendship

"Not all demons are these pretty faces you see prancing around. Someone has gotta be the ugly one."

Character Portrait: Cecil Sicyan

Cecil Sicyan, located in Vampires Castle

as part of The Blood Moon

"Oh the quandaries. So many things to be learned about such fragile creatures."

Character Portrait: Bartholomew Valcoda

Bartholomew Valcoda, located in Anywhere, USA

as part of Let's Rob A Bank

A German chemistry teacher...whom got a little tired of grinding the bottom of the barrel.

Character Portrait: Kelly

Kelly, located in Arceus's Office

as part of War of the Gijinkas

A pikachu Jinika, whom is a little confused...

Character Portrait: Tybalt Klea

Tybalt Klea, located in everywhere

as part of Kingdom Hearts: The Chosen 5

The guardian of Sora's son, Tyler. He's too cautious, and always seems to be watching over the boy's every move. But his intentions are good.

Character Portrait: Penelopy Hargorne

Penelopy Hargorne, located in City of Aslia

as part of For the True Mother!

A quick and speedy Xel Naga, with high hopes and spirits. Her energy is limitless and unfounded.

Character Portrait: Phaspher Durane

Phaspher Durane, located in Roppongi

as part of Tiger's Semester

A prodlogical teenage boxer from Romania.

Character Portrait: Keedan Brendan

Keedan Brendan, located in Large, dark forest, home to the Werewolves

as part of Hidden Wolves

A young albino werewolf, whom knows more than his appearance lets on.

Character Portrait: Hector Laipen

Hector Laipen, located in World

as part of Let Me Go

"Keep me out of your gut, and I'll put an arrow in the bloodsuckers'."

Character Portrait: Laine Graden

Laine Graden, located in Astal

as part of Hero of War

A wise, yet young and aspiring mage. Although, you could never assume this from his attitude.

Character Portrait: Esmerelda Lurke

Esmerelda Lurke, located in Camp Rock

as part of Camp Rock

"Eff the goverment.... Or...something like that!"

Character Portrait: Lily Asheron

Lily Asheron, located in Post-Apocalyptic Europe

as part of Sector Konig: Reboot

A small, fatherless child, doing all she can with what she has: Not much.

Character Portrait: Grant Jeykain

Grant Jeykain, located in Dusk Mount, Washington

as part of The Eternal Fall

The world's largest man..with the world's largest heart.

Character Portrait: Whip Venst

Whip Venst, located in Aresia

as part of Shipwrecked

A rogue pirate from Swiden, running from something other than the law...

Character Portrait: Sirus Lyndon

Sirus Lyndon, located in Episode 1: Pilot

as part of Teen Titans II

The youngest of the New Titans, and probably the most annoying.

Character Portrait: Kelly Avent

Kelly Avent, located in ................

as part of The Magic Castle

A young....well..he's technically a wizard...

Character Portrait: Barry Lungred

Barry Lungred, located in Aikoba

as part of Handle with Care

A retired cyborg war veteran whom seems to have something out for the Little Brothers and Sisters.

Character Portrait: Reita Loulean

Reita Loulean, located in Hogwarts

as part of Hogwarts: History retold

A shy, nervous witch, with a knack for D.A.D.A.

Character Portrait: Maximillian Keed

Maximillian Keed, located in Global

as part of Global Fractures

"If this keeps up, they'll be nothing left to fight for...."

Character Portrait: Bardal

Bardal, located in ..

as part of Clover

"So what if these 'Clover' things are different. They're still people, and deserve to be treated as such!"

Character Portrait: Felliandix Regaldond

Felliandix Regaldond, located in Altrucia

as part of Glory Found in Friendship

One wouldn't believe we was the ruler of one of the more fierce war-bound Kingdoms.

Character Portrait: Lynndis Reidale

Lynndis Reidale, located in Berchan Elite Highschool.

as part of When the Roses Bloom and the Snow Melts

A tough, stubborn woman, whom isn't afraid to fight for what she stands for.

Character Portrait: Keirnan Lence

Keirnan Lence, located in Terra

as part of Darkness and Silence

An early combat experement, with a bright outlook on the rest of his life.

Character Portrait: Grauffand Stonearm

Grauffand Stonearm, located in Azeroth

as part of War of Azeroth

A fierce Dwarven fighter, who's rage for battle cannot be told by words alone.

Character Portrait: Creeden Blagget

Creeden Blagget, located in Kingdom of Hyrule

as part of Legend of Zelda: Awakening of Evil

A happy-go-lucky Kokiri whom is proud of his herritage.

Character Portrait: Terry Langud

Terry Langud, located in Uppperworld, Midworld and underworld

as part of Grim

A kindhearted priest whom stands for neither side...yet morally, should.

Character Portrait: Tatyana Ledaskov

Tatyana Ledaskov, located in Dystopian near-future America

as part of Resistance in Artistry

A Russian Guerlla fighter, with a large vendetta against the goverment.

Character Portrait: Virgil Saston

Virgil Saston, located in North Star Academy

as part of North Star Academy: School For the Gifted

A gentle, soft-hearted man whom wishes well for everyone. Oh. And he's also dead.

Character Portrait: Marond Leajah

Marond Leajah, located in Space

as part of Outlaw Galaxy: Legend of the Drunes

A soft hearted, but fierce pilot whom has made friends with Sikes.

Character Portrait: Haddo Peagan

Haddo Peagan, located in One of the Foure Nations

as part of Avatar- A New War

A young, upstart earthbender, whom, dispite his appearance, knows a lot about Earthbending!

Character Portrait: Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat, located in Underland and Modern Day London

as part of The Looking glass wars.

A mysterious, riddling assassin, whom can't help but feel like he should aid Alyss. However, his real motives are still unknown...

Character Portrait: Sanger Vausle

Sanger Vausle, located in Academy school grounds

as part of Anexia Academy: The Adventurous Academy

"No matter what knocks you down, you gotta at least try and get back up."

Character Portrait: Jamie Helvel

Jamie Helvel, located in Crescent village

as part of Changes

"No, they're real, mister! Jamie promises!"

Character Portrait: Karrellone Esmerald

Karrellone Esmerald, located in Aroura

as part of Fayte

"My will is hers, as my body is her shield. I exsist to please you, Mother... Please allow me to do such."

Character Portrait: Katchina Dwam

Katchina Dwam, located in Hugoton Kansas (Near State Border into OK)

as part of Zombie Apocalypse: Part II

"Not even the purest river can purge this plague.. Then it shall be I whom start the curve."

Character Portrait: Vince Vills

Vince Vills, located in Crankshaft

as part of Crankshaft

A duo of balistics and brutality unmatched, a bounty on his head. The cries and life of the banditry were finally put to bed. Now he seeks thrills out fighting other of his kind. But with this group of explorers he finds himself wearily aligned.

Character Portrait: Ikue the Odd

Ikue the Odd, located in The Great Library

as part of Dreamers of Northmere

"My difference is not only of appearance, but of ideals and values. But, dispite this, I am not above you at all."

Character Portrait: Sierius Soleren

Sierius Soleren, located in The Cloud Sea

as part of Gunship: The End of Peace

A 'Veteran' mercenary with a tailing trail of woes and foes. But through the hurt and hate, a steel heart has been forged, and this ragged man trods on today.

Character Portrait: Katchinah Dwam

Katchinah Dwam, located in Ohio

as part of As The World Burns

A young, fire-hearted indian girl whom's high spirit and willingness to fight would set other's heart's a blaze with courage. She wants to see the end of the undead, even if she has to fight for the rest of her possibly drastically shortened life.

Character Portrait: Jackie Neigels and Leroy Gaussfried

Jackie Neigels and Leroy Gaussfried, located in California Wasteland

as part of Welcome to the Wasteland

"Bloo'y great. 'ow da 'ell are we supposed ta git outta dis one, genious?" "Uhm... Fighting? Like we always do?" - Banter between Jackie and Leroy.

Character Portrait: Esemerine Boult

Esemerine Boult, located in Aiki Academy

as part of Heart and Dress

"Jeeze... I didn't think there was this many people like me..."

Character Portrait: Joseph Turok

Joseph Turok, located in Fusion World

as part of Video Games: When Worlds Collide

Silent, deadly, and able to kill things hundreds of times his size, Turok stands valiantly against anything NOT hundreds of times his size.

Character Portrait: Maximillian Porlin

Maximillian Porlin, located in Magna

as part of Long Lives The King

"Just because I'm a militiaman doesn't mean I'm just some dolt who found a weapon.... I can fight!"

Character Portrait: Sierus Soleren

Sierus Soleren, located in The Cloud Sea

as part of Gunship: True Beginnings

A playful, unorthadox man, whom seems to know an aweful lot about pirates....

Character Portrait: Rojandra Esecielo

Rojandra Esecielo, located in Alcatraz Island

as part of Alcatraz Academy for the Lethally Gifted

"I may be a 'Little Red Hood', but piss me off, and I can be one Big Bad Wolf!"

Character Portrait: Leonardo Crestes

Leonardo Crestes, located in Chi Rho

as part of Halo: Attack on Chi Rho

"Might want to hang on, Amigo. Dis is gonna be a bumpy ride!"

Character Portrait: Zhong'Wei Mhenwute

Zhong'Wei Mhenwute, located in Wen-Terra

as part of Cacodemon: Rebirth

A calm forigner with a heart of gold and a soul of silver... but his blade is made from even more precious metals. "I have no doubt, my friend, that you will have peace in the afterlife..."

Character Portrait: Katchinah Dwam

Katchinah Dwam, located in Infected America

as part of The Infection: Awaken the Damned

A young, fire-hearted indian girl whom's high spirit and willingness to fight would set other's heart's a blaze with courage. She wants to see the end of the undead, even if she has to fight for the rest of her possibly drastically shortened life.

Character Portrait: Serett, Klene's Student

Serett, Klene's Student, located in DBZ

as part of Dragonball: Saiyan Might

A young, firey-hearted Saiyan warrioress. What she lacks in experience she makes up for sheer unfaltering willpower and determination.

Character Portrait: Fabio & Maximilian Penway

Fabio & Maximilian Penway, located in Novus-Terra

as part of Skies Eternal

A pair of downtrodden, homeless young boys. What they lack in knowledge of the world, they make up for with childish innocence, and high spirits.

Character Portrait: "Nini" Ninimoro Owire

"Nini" Ninimoro Owire, located in New York, New York

as part of Underground Freaks

Self-refered to as the "Male Waitress of Freaky Midnight", Nini is probably the strangest man-demon you'll ever meet.

Character Portrait: Aminere Hel'Keldalk

Aminere Hel'Keldalk, located in Celandine

as part of The War of Celandine

"Waves, watah, an' womens. Dat be da pirat's dream.... I wus livin' et 'fore I ended up en irons."

Character Portrait: Gaspard "Grimes" Ophenes

Gaspard "Grimes" Ophenes, located in Terra

as part of The Seven Day War

"Greasy green skin of a goblin and the height of a stunted-man. As you assume, I -do- get all the ladies."

Character Portrait: Penelope Wind-Splitter, and the Cursed Blade

Penelope Wind-Splitter, and the Cursed Blade, located in Nortim

as part of Linatia

"I shall send you to the depths with the most wretched sword ever forged! Behold; the Curse-ed Sword.... Jacquis!"

Character Portrait: Klaustalon Silverstine

Klaustalon Silverstine, located in Terra

as part of The Seven Day War

A punk-ass, no good bike-thug whom happens to be Anjali's brother. Klause is a rotten apple at it's worst. But under all of the sour attitude, perhaps something more may lie?

Character Portrait: Galadi Fhrochelt

Galadi Fhrochelt, located in Novus-Terra

as part of Skies Eternal

"Oh, I'm so very sorry. I suppose I'll go and give aaaalllll this money back to it's owner, then. I'm sure that will go over so very swimingly."

Character Portrait: Shouse Baizaike

Shouse Baizaike, located in Feudal Era Japan

as part of Inuyasha: Return to the Feudal Era

"I'm really sorry... it's not like I have a choice...."

Character Portrait: Nini Leden

Nini Leden, located in The Continent of Ashra

as part of Of Light and Darkness: The Land of Ashra

"What they don't know won't hurt them.... Right?"

Character Portrait: "Jamie"

"Jamie", located in Lone

as part of Lone

"Nuh-uh! Jamie isn't strange, Jamie is just different!"

Character Portrait: Fei Wong Feng

Fei Wong Feng, located in The Four Nations

as part of Avatar: A War Between Nations

"Pictures are worth one-thousand words... but you can't write a story with pictures."

Character Portrait: Milly Ouleay

Milly Ouleay, located in Midieval Times

as part of What the imagination can do...

A brighthearted, and spunky tomboy, well known around the entire town.

Character Portrait: Monica Leighfox

Monica Leighfox, located in Nomad

as part of Nomad - Book One: War

A brave hearted halfling, fighting to protect everything she loves. And as said, 'The heart of a volunteer is stronger than that of a soldier.'

Character Portrait: Foxx Jaming

Foxx Jaming, located in Seshamine

as part of Dungeons and Dragons: Twisted Truths

A very well known explorer across the lands, with many wild tales. Many maps have his name proudly written on them.

Character Portrait: Monica Leideen

Monica Leideen, located in Tetharlin.

as part of Legacy Followers.

"Raised by dwarves, taught by dwarves, drink like dwarves.... I just need a big beard, and I'll BE a dwarf...."

Character Portrait: Ley'Viule Saithe'Den

Ley'Viule Saithe'Den, located in Athenia

as part of Legend of the Dragon - 1st Encounter

A young, tribal hunter from an extingushed tribe of hidden peoples.

Character Portrait: Vasalgo Lelden

Vasalgo Lelden, located in The Shar

as part of Capitol Academy

The Delta Company Commander, a highly skilled magister, whom is also deadly with a blade.

Character Portrait: Keikatz Buchet

Keikatz Buchet, located in The desert, Medieval Times.

as part of Demos

A goblin nomad, skilled in the art of fighting with two weapons.

Character Portrait: Hexal Kullo

Hexal Kullo, located in The Earth, far into the future

as part of The Dream Beyond That One Star

A brash, young rebel whom usually acts faster than he can think.

Character Portrait: Fa

Fa, located in Lentha

as part of There's Another World Over There

A mystical creature known as a Manakete, Fa is the last of her kind.

Character Portrait: Jesse Revede

Jesse Revede, located in World Without Humans

as part of Sick Sad Little World

A masterful spellcaster, whom is hundreds of years old...however, assumes the form of a young witch....

Character Portrait: Monika Celden

Monika Celden, located in Earth

as part of Surviving 2012

A crazed young woman, her world in shambles. So she might as well destroy whats left of other's. She often refers to herself as "The Mistress of Death".

Character Portrait: Keikatz Buchet

Keikatz Buchet, located in Triand

as part of Silencing the King

A kind-hearted goblin, whom isn't all she appears.... Though she poses as a common tinkerer, there is much more to this little goblin.

Character Portrait: Makke'Soole

Makke'Soole, located in Pelagius

as part of Blood and Mail: Hark Our Tale

"I am like a storm. The rain upon your skin might feel pleasant at first, but you'll be sorry when it roars, and turns into a tornado."

Character Portrait: Lirriah Beivla

Lirriah Beivla, located in Albion

as part of Fable: Revenge of Jack of Blades

"Size is hardly of issue."

Character Portrait: Devonte Lahiet

Devonte Lahiet, located in Episode One: Abduction

as part of Teen Titans:Second Gen

"It's all ice, baby. Chill."

Character Portrait: Viktoryah Galedivtch

Viktoryah Galedivtch, located in Modern Day Battlefield

as part of Field of Strife

A russian child soldier, ready to fight for her life, and the life of the Motherland.

Character Portrait: Joseph Lansen

Joseph Lansen, located in Pandorum

as part of Deathmakers & Gunslingers

"Who'd shoot a holy man? Well, if you try to shoot this holy man, you'll become a holey-man. Ha! Ya see what I did there?"

Character Portrait: Bastion

Bastion, located in Lyron, Canada

as part of The Chess Pieces

The Rook

Character Portrait: Bridget Halland

Bridget Halland, located in London

as part of London Burning

A tough hearted woman, just trying to make it by day by day.

Character Portrait: Tragedy Troupe

Tragedy Troupe, located in Steampunk London

as part of The Clockwork Girl

A bunch of orphans and urchins of the street that have formed a preforming troupe. Greatly overshadowed by the freak show.

Character Portrait: Sierus Soleren

Sierus Soleren, located in The Cloud Sea

as part of Gunship: Freedom

A playful, unorthadox man, whom seems to know an aweful lot about pirates....

Character Portrait: Thoto Reighes

Thoto Reighes, located in Canese University

as part of Canese University for Nekos

A young, shy, but happy neko boy... whom is also a maid, apperently.

Character Portrait: Joseph Puckett

Joseph Puckett, located in Earth 2017

as part of The Dead Don't Sleep

"Well. I can say I neeeeeevvver expected this to happen. Never. Soooo...."

Character Portrait: Penelope "Pippy" Jaume

Penelope "Pippy" Jaume, located in Earth

as part of Halo: Project 4

Smart-assed, loud-mouthed female spartan whom likes to dish out the beatdowns.

Character Portrait: Brass

Brass, located in Black Night

as part of Haven: Infected

"I dunno why I'm called Brass. I just am. Do what I do; just go with it."

Character Portrait: Kalli Whisperleaf

Kalli Whisperleaf, located in Medieval Town/ Veridian

as part of Veridian Town

"Yes, yes. Get the 'But you're just a child' out of your system now. I'm probably older than you'll ever be right now."

Character Portrait: The Winzalf Brothers

The Winzalf Brothers, located in The Kingdom of Hyrule and surrounding lands

as part of The Legend of Zelda: The War for Hyrule

Laegholt and Oliver Winzalf - The witty and humorous pair of siblings that never cease to amuse... Most of the time because it ends up getting one of them hurt.

Character Portrait: Penelope Grielle

Penelope Grielle, located in Tamriel

as part of Elder Scrolls: Elite

A young, brash Redguard, with a bit of stress misplacement issues- Better known as, 'she likes to cut things'.

Character Portrait: Priscilla Amilea Brittne

Priscilla Amilea Brittne, located in The Cloud Sea

as part of Gunship: Freedom

A less serious, even some what polite corsair. Oh - and she's also Sierus's to-be wife.

Character Portrait: Yseph Laigeht

Yseph Laigeht, located in Earth

as part of DNA Splice

A small, hyena hybrid, whom can endure much more than one would think.

Character Portrait: Debeutay, The Sinister Servant

Debeutay, The Sinister Servant, located in Devil's Playground

as part of The Devil's Playground

"And you are, exactly? Not that it matters, honestly. I'm sure Mi'Lord has many things to do other than speak with you."

Character Portrait: Kachinah Dwam

Kachinah Dwam, located in The Earth

as part of World Pandemic

A young, fierce hearted South American Indian girl.

Character Portrait: Karl

Karl, located in Avalon

as part of Lucror Metus University for Monsters

"Deary me! I do hope you put up more fight than that!"

Character Portrait: Marxira

Marxira, located in Behind the Door

as part of A Door in the Woods

A demon whom comes exclusively out for halloween.... But what on earth does he do for the rest of the 364 days of the year?!

Character Portrait: Keikatz Buchet

Keikatz Buchet, located in Paizo's Golarion - The Inner Sea

as part of Buccaneering on the Inner Sea

A lowly goblin warrioress hoping to make her name known in this world.

Character Portrait: Amandi Launden

Amandi Launden, located in Avalon

as part of Fantasia

"Not all of us are terrible, you know. Just most of us.... Honestly, I'm the only one I know like this."

Character Portrait: Chirag Tsani

Chirag Tsani, located in Aroura High

as part of Fate

An indian man, a dedicated hitman, and a master of guns, both large and smal.

Character Portrait: Jenny Spokensilver

Jenny Spokensilver, located in Albakove Castle

as part of Battle for her Hand

A crossdressing boy whom has befriended the princess. He is constantly seeking her for advice on fashion and make-up, but always offers his oppinion on whom she should try and marry.

Character Portrait: Renault Undantis

Renault Undantis, located in The training grounds

as part of Ever wood

A bishop whom has devoted his life in the pursuit of banishing the undead from this realm.

Character Portrait: Armina Akshey

Armina Akshey, located in Fantasy

as part of Broken Wings

A Regal noble, raised as a Circa, whom is extremely nimble and agile, but still boasts surprising strength for her appearance.

Character Portrait: Matilda Hennings

Matilda Hennings, located in Shadowdance Kingdom

as part of Wild At Heart

A "Tough Girl" mercenary, whom is often hired to rid the Kingdom of bandits and brigands.

Character Portrait: Leeanna Bretter

Leeanna Bretter, located in The Wild West

as part of Plains of Red Dust

A gun-loving cowgirl whom is fed up with her dull life. She wants something to happen in the dull town of Jakal Flats

Character Portrait: Kali Brasen

Kali Brasen, located in Old World

as part of The Ordain

An elven warrior whom known for her seriousness in battle. It is said that she is so nimble she can deflect arrows with her blades.

Character Portrait: Bastian Turam

Bastian Turam, located in Planet of Sahara, 2550

as part of Beyond The Fringe

A Goliath pilot whom is desperately lost without his beloved bipedal tank. He jumpy, and a tad cowardly, as well.

Character Portrait: Ninrian

Ninrian, located in Netherfield

as part of Rebellion

A playful fairy of Longbourn, whom usually speaks with a lot of sarcasm or teasing remarks.

Character Portrait: James Correy

James Correy, located in Hades High Security Prison

as part of Wrongfully Accused!

An ex-Ranger whom has been wrongfully imprisoned. He's fierce, but cool headed.

Character Portrait: Jensiene Orvani

Jensiene Orvani, located in Tortall

as part of Tortall - A new war

Captain of the "Silverhand Brigands", she is an interesting individual. She can be serious, or she can be playful and outgoing.

Character Portrait: Lyon (Formortis)

Lyon (Formortis), located in Lotteima

as part of The Ten

A soft gentle soul....whom the Demon King Formortis has consumed.

Character Portrait: Annete Terra Lewez

Annete Terra Lewez, located in Abandoned Mansion

as part of Kidnapped for a Reason

Small girl recently captured. She's very shy and timid.

Character Portrait: Rinovskane Travint

Rinovskane Travint, located in Queens

as part of The Fury of the Dead

Romanian specialist in undead disposal. He isnt worried about himself, simply anything of this world that shouldn't be.

Character Portrait: Al'Sha'Heznat

Al'Sha'Heznat, located in Deadend City

as part of Vampire Wars (Revival)

Mysterious human whom seemed not to have allied himself with either side. He constantly watches each side, and sometimes, for the right price, might offer this information to the other side.

Character Portrait: Brock Beckner

Brock Beckner, located in America

as part of Walk on Water

A tough, headstrong genetically enhanced young man. His will is as iron as his fist, and once his mind is made, there is no changing it.

Character Portrait: Urvant, the Holy Juggernaut

Urvant, the Holy Juggernaut, located in Anachrosia

as part of Once Upon a Time

A mighty crusader, whom is going to show that the humans are not just all talk. He is a renoun champion of the blade.

Character Portrait: Demitri Foulflame

Demitri Foulflame, located in Japan

as part of The Moonlight Chronicles

Demonic guardian whom is kind but fierce.

Character Portrait: Kirea Lighthold

Kirea Lighthold, located in Ashaeria

as part of Ashaeria

A crossdressing High Elf whom is quite adept at fencing.

Character Portrait: Gurag

Gurag, located in Demortris

as part of The Mercs of Demortris

A special breed of orc, that has changed over time to be a murdering war machine. He's currently incarsarated in a Noble's Mannor, as a whipping slave.

Character Portrait: Ena Heswon

Ena Heswon, located in Death Night Guild

as part of Guilds Of Magic

An extremely young girl mage from the deserts. She is a natural, but seeks someone to tutor her, as she is still mediocre with more advanced magics.

Character Portrait: Lalia Ketsen

Lalia Ketsen, located in Earth. A small mountain top in Maine, hidden

as part of Mystic U

A punk-rocker girl whom has way too much energy.

Character Portrait: Wyndim Fausts

Wyndim Fausts, located in Badlands

as part of Beyond the wall, human, vampire, zombie.

A human weapons dealer, whom rarely engages zombies himself, but makes sure the Teams have plenty of firepower.

Character Portrait: Nino Yasonge

Nino Yasonge, located in Aurum

as part of Soir

An extremely young Curator that wields magic profoundly well for her age.

Character Portrait: Ena Heswon

Ena Heswon, located in The west coven

as part of The Witching Wars

An extremely young girl mage from the deserts. She is a natural, but seeks someone to tutor her, as she is still mediocre with more advanced magics.

Character Portrait: Teseska Grantt

Teseska Grantt, located in Tamonia

as part of Tamonia

An ex-Spetznaz, wanting to put an end to all vampires.

Character Portrait: Nisolan Actforth

Nisolan Actforth, located in Krine

as part of Night Terrors

A black market arms dealer. He is quite cheery and playful, and has a mysterious air about him, other than that of dealing illigal arms.

Character Portrait: Cybernetic Commando

Cybernetic Commando, located in Fictional Comic-Book Universe.

as part of Rise of Champions: The ParadigmIX

A woman with a few 'enhancements' on her body. She is stuborn and hard headed, but overall good aligned.

Character Portrait: Drido "Giant Bane" Jyssepe

Drido "Giant Bane" Jyssepe, located in Flamedance Castle

as part of Royal Secret

A older, retired halfling fighter, whom has befriended Songrose. He is filled will tales and stories of the days of old.

Character Portrait: Kojack Gaerto

Kojack Gaerto, located in The four Nations academy

as part of The Four Nations Academy 2

A tough, no-nonsense earthbender, whom is afraid of his powers....

Character Portrait: Jensiene Orvani

Jensiene Orvani, located in The Docks

as part of Seven Seas of Terror

A female captain of the "Brashblade Brigands". She is quite the character, being laid back and easy going one moment, and ready to draw her pistol the next.

Character Portrait: Terisa Winding

Terisa Winding, located in Maine, USA

as part of And in further news....

A young maid that worked for minimum wage at the hotel.

Character Portrait: Dukald Garfarthen

Dukald Garfarthen, located in Norr

as part of The Gift

A fierce dwarven bear rider, turned into a hardened Battlemaster.

Character Portrait: Lyon Flowan

Lyon Flowan, located in earth 2022

as part of The War

Tough human, whom is not going to give up his life without one hell of a fight.

Character Portrait: Alison Rachel Vandy

Alison Rachel Vandy, located in Fallout. Our universe different.

as part of Fallout: Brothers in Arms

Tough tomboy whom is trying to survive out in the wastes. Her bark is a lot worse than her bite.

Character Portrait: Lailya Vrooks

Lailya Vrooks, located in Meta Guard

as part of Mech Frame

Valliant, elderly soldier from Senricol's Mercenary Army. She is loyal, yet wise.

Character Portrait: Ratheric Vennor

Ratheric Vennor, located in Zadonia

as part of Desperate Times...Desperate Measures

Ratch is nothing short of a punk. He honestly needs a spanking, but he refuses to let anyone give it to him without a fight.

Character Portrait: Zermon Paratone

Zermon Paratone, located in Medieval Kingdom

as part of Arabella Demonte - Rogue Princess

Zermon is the Crimson Knight. He is renoun for beating, and now killing One-Blade

Character Portrait: Fleetfoot

Fleetfoot, located in Jump City

as part of Teen Titans: The Dark Heart

Titan whom combines blazing speed with viscious Jeet Kune Do style attacks.

Character Portrait: Tarvon Duradon

Tarvon Duradon, located in Solinus Sea

as part of The Multiverse

Dwarven warrior. His great hammer and fiece strength make up for his small stature by a longshot.

Character Portrait: Kline "Foxchild" Zanan

Kline "Foxchild" Zanan, located in Contiguous United States

as part of Survival Revival

Half Apache man whom is determined to escape the teeth of the ravinous dead. He is kind, yet strong hearted.

Character Portrait: Feolond Sacredstone

Feolond Sacredstone, located in The Reemus System

as part of The Multiverse

Extremely elderly dwarven sage, master of many magics. He is known for his wisdom, yet great power.

Character Portrait: Fae

Fae, located in Lyon, France

as part of Shadow Hearts IV: Sacred Souls

Fae looks to be a small child, but is actually a Manakete

Character Portrait: Baxter Vane

Baxter Vane, located in Medieval Kingdom

as part of Arabella Demonte - Rogue Princess

Baxter is the swordsman fondly called "One Blade" (Deceased)

Character Portrait: Bardock

Bardock, located in Real World

as part of Invasion of Fiction

Rebel, one saiyan army

Character Portrait: Vitzilliev Hinorz

Vitzilliev Hinorz, located in The Garden

as part of Neko's Playground

Teenaged Foxboy

Character Portrait: Sirus Lighten Reighfox

Sirus Lighten Reighfox, located in Wing City Eastern Gate

as part of The Multiverse

Regal, Sorrowful Lancer

Character Portrait: Breana Delsea

Breana Delsea, located in Route 29

as part of Pokemon Johto Journey ~ The Heart And The Sou

Breana is a young pokemon trainer whom adores Grass, Bug, and Ghost Pokemon.

Character Portrait: Darron Barix

Darron Barix, located in Tellius

as part of Fire Emblem: Fading Radiance

Darron is a stalwart Marshall of Daein. He swears his Allegience to Pelleas.

Character Portrait: Rowen O. Benard

Rowen O. Benard, located in German Frontline

as part of World War 2

Nervous Corperal, known for his shakey stature.

Character Portrait: Shivara Burzt

Shivara Burzt, located in kalendornic

as part of Petals of Anier

Goblin witch with serious anger issues.

Character Portrait: Chaston Revreal

Chaston Revreal, located in Varnic

as part of The Chronicles of Riv'nar

Elegant noble, whom has traded a mannor and wealth for adventure and excitement. He is a masterful swordsman.

Character Portrait: Satchel Yuven

Satchel Yuven, located in Earth, 2038

as part of Outcast Hybrids

Rugged Hyena hybrid made for absolute survival.

Character Portrait: Ja'Kal

Ja'Kal, located in City

as part of Project Angel

Character Portrait: Marisia Loudens

Marisia Loudens, located in Hyrule

as part of Hyrule: Return to Twilight

Young girl whom has educated herself in the magic arts. She is an apprentice, but not to be underestimated.

Character Portrait: Jessica Aretold

Jessica Aretold, located in Kono

as part of Kono Defense Force

Jessica is a combat cyborg in the body of a young girl. She's not fully aware of the power she possesses.

Character Portrait: Virgil Devsone

Virgil Devsone, located in Kono

as part of Kono Defense Force

Virgil is a dangerous cannibal, and has a very violent personality. But beyond that he's absolutely charming.

Character Portrait: Reno Chack

Reno Chack, located in That one Galaxy

as part of Star Wars: A New Empire

Youthful Jedi whom has a great skill with Lightsabers.

Character Portrait: Tashirena Veskorn

Tashirena Veskorn, located in Amberlasia

as part of In The Land Of Fantasy

Dark skinned woman with a kind, but fierce heart.

Character Portrait: Nino

Nino, located in Gambit's Hotel, 2nd Floor

as part of The Multiverse

Kind hearted girl, whom aspires to become a mage.

Character Portrait: Lyon (Formortis)

Lyon (Formortis), located in Wing City Gardens

as part of The Multiverse

A soft gentle soul....whom the Demon King Formortis has consumed.

Character Portrait: Monica Raybrandt

Monica Raybrandt, located in Lao-qing

as part of The Multiverse

Princess whom has traded her tiara in for a bastard sword.

Character Portrait: Monica Raybrandt

Monica Raybrandt, located in Medieval Fantasy

as part of The Fatespinners of Kimom'e

Princess whom has traded her tiara in for a bastard sword.

Character Portrait: Ja'Kal

Ja'Kal, located in Advanced Warfare: 3050

as part of Advanced Warfare: 3050

Prototype Super Human Soldier.

Character Portrait: Ja'Kal

Ja'Kal, located in Kos

as part of The Multiverse

Prototype Super Human Soldier.

Character Portrait: Creeden Sandson

Creeden Sandson, located in Hogwarts

as part of Hogwarts: Rise of the Daughters of light/dark

A young wizard whom hasn't a lot of money, but is very wealthy with knowledge and skill... you just have to prod him a bit to make him use it!

Character Portrait: Brandy Lanton

Brandy Lanton, located in Palm Island, in the middle of nowhere

as part of Neko Island

A cute neko with a knack for decieving everyone he talks to.

Character Portrait: Luigi

Luigi, located in Sigma Palace

as part of Super Sonic Bros X- The Wormhole Saga

The younger brother of the famous Mario Brothers: The lean green high-jump machine, Luigi!

Character Portrait: Rebeccah Lancere

Rebeccah Lancere, located in The East Coast

as part of Solanum Infection

A high-spirited woman, doing all she can to ensure survival of those around her.

Character Portrait: Lillian "Blast" Deam

Lillian "Blast" Deam, located in Silent Earth

as part of Blood Red Summer

"Destruction? Obliteration? Anhilliation? All synonyms for me."

Character Portrait: Satchel Grahm

Satchel Grahm, located in Still Creek, Wisconsin

as part of Rise of The Living Dead

A retired Vietnam veteran, adept at staving off zombies, raiders and thieves, as well as dementia.

Character Portrait: Raechel Pravsane

Raechel Pravsane, located in Kabira

as part of Dark Souls

An ill treated Dark Soul whom only wishes to fit in with the rest of humanity.

Character Portrait: Mai'Yr Tahlik

Mai'Yr Tahlik, located in Raevant

as part of Runefaust

An elven man whom is a few trees short of a forest....and then some.

Character Portrait: Rolland Joy Jahleah

Rolland Joy Jahleah, located in Adoption Center

as part of Neko/Inu/Kitsune Adoption

A cool headed mechanic, looking for a close friend...maybe more.

Character Portrait: Nataliah Revsere

Nataliah Revsere, located in Town

as part of Land of adventure

A female warrior whom is adept at close combat.

Character Portrait: Lyla Hasedon

Lyla Hasedon, located in NightFall Acadamy

as part of NightFall Acadamy.

A young 'witch', with many aspirations and goals. He also has a surprising grasp on magic for his age.

Character Portrait: Thericia Deslore

Thericia Deslore, located in Star Wars Multi-verse

as part of Star Wars: Fight Between the Force

A young Jedi, abnormally adept with a lightsaber.

Character Portrait: Sarayah Swingle

Sarayah Swingle, located in Manhattan, New York

as part of Cigarettes & Love Notes

A cold hearted woman, whom has an air of mystery around her...

Character Portrait: Bryson Aurgo

Bryson Aurgo, located in Thryth

as part of Thryth

A sarcastic, smart-assed, mouth pilot with more bite than bark.... But that's why he has a tank!

Character Portrait: Katalina Baradah

Katalina Baradah, located in London

as part of 28 Months Later

An israeli commando, sent with a platoon of other to help the American Military. She's the sole survivor.

Character Portrait: Vitzilliev Tai-Wo

Vitzilliev Tai-Wo, located in the cells

as part of Infused

A chinese boy, infused with Fox.

Character Portrait: Lyon Tereah

Lyon Tereah, located in Kyokuyo Island

as part of Maid Academy

A very odd 'maid', whom is a very naturally talented cook.

Character Portrait: Amy Calehart

Amy Calehart, located in The school

as part of Neko, Kitsune, and Inu high

A neko that isn't all that appears to be...

Character Portrait: Heather Maren

Heather Maren, located in Left Wing

as part of KIN, School for Kitsunes, Inus, and Nekos

A crossdressing Neko whom seeks to have a lot of friends.

Character Portrait: Leyona Besdorn

Leyona Besdorn, located in Lamura High School

as part of Lamura Monster High School

An odd alchemist with more than a few interesting 'qualities'.

Character Portrait: Raychel

Raychel, located in Station Square

as part of Sonic High

A cute rabbit with a small secret...

Character Portrait: Radner Boulding

Radner Boulding, located in Hyrule

as part of The Legend of Zelda: Rise of Ganon

A laid-back hylilian, capable of shattering boulders with his bare hands.

Character Portrait: Kellard Credcoff

Kellard Credcoff, located in The realm of Gue'van, the Dragon Lord realm.

as part of Dragon Lord Academy

One of the few humans that the Dragons trust.

Character Portrait: Kadditch Batodel

Kadditch Batodel, located in America, 2057

as part of The War that Never Ended

"We will fight. And we will win. It is only a matter of time."

Character Portrait: Tahl'Atriea

Tahl'Atriea, located in The secret forest of Seikio

as part of Elven Descent

A fierce Rising Sun warrior. His name's meaning is "Blade Dancer".

Character Portrait: Joust Tevesoe

Joust Tevesoe, located in New York, 2037 a.d.

as part of Survival Instincts: Underground

Rain's personal bodyguard, and good friend. He's a tad overprotective, however.

Character Portrait: Nimine Renan

Nimine Renan, located in Mount Olympus

as part of Wings of Wind

The warrioress of Virtus, standing strong and steadfast against Hades and Nemesis.

Character Portrait: Mario

Mario, located in Yoshi's Island

as part of Super Sonic Bros X- The Wormhole Saga

The Older brother of the famous Mario Brothers: The man in the red cap, Mario!

Character Portrait: Kata'lenah Faetarah

Kata'lenah Faetarah, located in Drakoon

as part of To Sail The Seven Seas

A spunky young pirate with a lot to prove. At the top of her list; become the best swordsman the sea's ever known.

Character Portrait: Jadena

Jadena, located in Hyrule

as part of Legend of Zelda

A kokori sharpshooter with a spunky attitude.

Character Portrait: Halik'Thazar

Halik'Thazar, located in The world of Nihon

as part of Demongun

"You can keep your guns that take forever to reload; I'll turn you into a pincushion before you get that second shot."

Character Portrait: Karatche Heskull

Karatche Heskull, located in Aeos

as part of Dark Lord of Aeos

One of the few goblins that have not fallen under the control of the Dark Lord.

Character Portrait: Cecilia Salivar

Cecilia Salivar, located in Gaia

as part of The Fall of Azazel

A red-haired halfling myrmidon. Her sole blade whips around her body with shocking speed.

Character Portrait: Katayah Salivar

Katayah Salivar, located in Gaia

as part of The Fall of Azazel

The blonde-haired "Red Wolf". She stands brave and endurant against even foes five times her size.

Character Portrait: Rebolte Ortz

Rebolte Ortz, located in Shaeryn

as part of Champions Rise

"Know but one thing, before you fight me. You know nothing of my past; but I know everything of your future: Death."

Character Portrait: Jeorge Beed

Jeorge Beed, located in Stage

as part of Roleplays Got Talent!!!

"You won't find this brand of comedy anwhere else. Frankly because most don't find it funny."

Character Portrait: The Black Prince

The Black Prince, located in Hyrule.

as part of The Light of Time

A mysterious swordsman, whom SEEMS to be on the good side.

Character Portrait: Keytah'Alekt

Keytah'Alekt, located in Training grounds

as part of Call to arms

A tribeswoman, trained in the magical arts.

Character Portrait: Selacs'Drah

Selacs'Drah, located in Jhenabackis

as part of Rise of the Ascendants

A Cronac warrior, whom competed in his homeland's gladiatorial arena for a large portion of his life. Fighting is everything he knows.

Character Portrait: Chey

Chey, located in Bloodheim

as part of Admeta

A spirited faerie of the northern plains, with control over an odd combination of both earth and ice magics.

Character Portrait: Jaffar Felix Frotto

Jaffar Felix Frotto, located in Verona, California

as part of Belles vs. Valentines

"I keep these bast'ids swimmin' in guns'n'ammo. W'the hell you do?"

Character Portrait: Viktoriya Tetsokov

Viktoriya Tetsokov, located in 1940's, WWII.

as part of World War II - Live, Love, Survive

"I vill not vatch my country die. I vill fight!"

Character Portrait: Elliane Vivian

Elliane Vivian, located in Fire Emblem

as part of Fire Emblem: Rising Radiance

A young girl whom is naturally talented with the spear. She is one of the newest recruits for the New Greil Mercenaries.

Character Portrait: Alexandria Rosestone

Alexandria Rosestone, located in Beach house

as part of 18th Birthday Bash

"Come on guys- It's the beach! Blue sky, blue water, white sands.... Try and focus on something other than peaking at me in a swimsuit!"

Character Portrait: Sasha Kiaras

Sasha Kiaras, located in Virtual World

as part of The New Battlefield: New Earth

The leader of the Resolutionaries. She is concidered many things inside the world, including: Veteran, Leader, Lunatic, and and Idealist.

Character Portrait: Leya Lesari

Leya Lesari, located in Junyo High School

as part of Trapilicious

A tenth-grade trap, new to the Junyo school. He's shy around other students, and even male teachers sometimes, afraid he'll be made fun of and bullied here too.

Character Portrait: Maximilian Rezzant

Maximilian Rezzant, located in Land of Twilight

as part of Kingdom Hearts: Twilight Warriors

"Calm down? Calm down?! I'll show you who needs to calm down!"

Character Portrait: Raena Barike

Raena Barike, located in Chubu

as part of Samurai Champloo: Swords of Six Dragon

Fiery headed swordswoman, with a temper to match.

Character Portrait: Joseph Puckett

Joseph Puckett, located in New Jersey to Maine.

as part of Quarantine the world

A survival expert; Self-titled "Survivalist".

Character Portrait: Fasha Rotakove

Fasha Rotakove, located in Vanguard City

as part of Survival in a Dead World

A young Israel rebel, whom only knows what she was taught - fighitng.

Character Portrait: Tai-Min Wu

Tai-Min Wu, located in Victory City

as part of So You Think Your Badass?

A chinese martial artist, whom trained since youth. He seemed to have more to life than fighting.

Character Portrait: Dalmore Hailbeit

Dalmore Hailbeit, located in Solaceon

as part of Plunge

"And the lone bard stirred up a song, one in which most rhymes sound wrong. And right as he ran out of ideas, he sat back, and had more beers!"

Character Portrait: Tando Faxlan

Tando Faxlan, located in Earth

as part of FurTonia

A fox commando and ex-SAS. He's now part of a liberation group dedicated to freeing all furries from abusive living conditions.

Character Portrait: Joel Tewn

Joel Tewn, located in Tamerial

as part of The Elder Scrolls: Adventures

A hardened mecerenary, earning pay by the swing of the axe.

Character Portrait: Tai-Min Wu

Tai-Min Wu, located in Grand Oaks City

as part of This City Needs a Hero

A chinese man, whom is little more than the chinese stereotype....Or is he?

Character Portrait: Saviere Deint

Saviere Deint, located in Destiny Islands

as part of Kingdom Hearts Echo of Souls

"I see not your struggle; why don't you lie down and die already!?"

Character Portrait: Sa'Sai Salivar

Sa'Sai Salivar, located in Gaia

as part of The Fall of Azazel

The Mysterious "Triple S". He's clouded with charm and with, as well as the air that he might be robbing you.

Character Portrait: Ain'Shay Salivar

Ain'Shay Salivar, located in Gaia

as part of The Fall of Azazel

The eldest Salivar child, and the "Serene Ranger".

Character Portrait: Reave Kallun

Reave Kallun, located in Sea of Nara

as part of Pirates of Black Port

A lumbering child of the bear, renoun for his gladitorial prowess. He currently seeks a ship to take him around the world. His reason is unknown.

Character Portrait: Hel'Kataralz Meliktarh

Hel'Kataralz Meliktarh, located in New York City

as part of The Sealed

???I am who I am. The pain of others, I do not feel. The sorrow of others does not touch me. Death feeds me. Death pleases me. I am the essence I consume. You fools will become corpses here, because I wish it to be.???

Character Portrait: Viktor Randold

Viktor Randold, located in Carintha

as part of Carintha

An old Bishop, whom teaches the use of light magics.

Character Portrait: Ghillian Requeil

Ghillian Requeil, located in Quebec, Canada

as part of Arcane Armageddon

An elderly human, known as "Wolf Reaver". Though time has left this man behind.

Character Portrait: Helsety Raydorn

Helsety Raydorn, located in Arinia

as part of Arinian Magic Academy

An older cyberwitch. Mellow and relaxed, even when it comes to combat and training.

Character Portrait: Creeden Thorwalp

Creeden Thorwalp, located in Crossroads

as part of Alchemist's Waltz

A grand inventor, known for his...eccentric attitude and well as quite a few grand inventions.

Character Portrait: Phaspher Carroan

Phaspher Carroan, located in Eternita

as part of Border Between Game and Reality

A hyperactive, eccentric student, whom knows his stuff...and then some.

Character Portrait: Winchester Jetsain

Winchester Jetsain, located in Earth

as part of The Dawn Project

An extremely large man, deemed mentally insane and sent to Hollywood Mental Asylum.

Character Portrait: A.C.E.H.A.S.

A.C.E.H.A.S., located in Blood Sweat and Tears Incorporated

as part of Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Advanced Cybornetically Enhanced Humanoid Assassin Soldier. A.C.E.H.A.S. is one of Hex's pride and joy - one of the few able to think for themselves.