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Completed Stories

Quest for the Blackstone of Lucifer Completed

[COMPLETED] An Indiana Jones Adventure: 1938. You are a member of a secret society sworn to retrieve the stone which was once a prized possession of Lucifer.

The Abomasum Completed

[COMPLETED] Supernatural (Lovecraft style) RPG, you are one of the family members or indiviguals connected to the house

Search for the Mystical Warrior of Erin Completed

[COMPLETED] ANOTHER INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE. 1944, the Nazi's are loosing the war. Their only hope is to find 4 magical items, discover the secret of their power and create an army of invincible warriors.

Hell Hath No Fury... Completed

[COMPLETED] ...Like a woman scorned. Especially if that woman is inhuman. [3 players RPing, could use more]

Universes Created

The Party House on the corner

An original RPG based on the basic concept of the film "The Cabin in the Woods"

The Hulk Universe

An alternate universe RPG [with the interest and creation of several other Marvel type RPG's I have updated mine]

SteamSphere Warriors

(CLOSED) New Version here

SteamSphere Invasion

AKA: Alien invaders vs Post-Victorian, (Hypothetical/Futuristic Victorian era world) Steampunk Swashbucklers riding Heavily mechanized war-horses.

Sev7enth: THE RING


Godzilla 2012: Save our World

An evil alien race resides on the Earth in secret, sponsored by a shadowy organization known as Future Corp. The humanoid-like race have come to the planet with a diabolical plan to capture Godzilla. (could use more Godzilla fans to take part)

Eternal Seas

Reborn again and again, forever destined to live out dark aventures connected with the sea [A new member joined, YOU CAN TOO].

Operation SS Metal Dragon

Occupied Germany 1949. The first of several RPG's related to the popular Indiana Jones Adventures roleplay series. [original RPG]

G.I. Joe 2021: Cobra Bites Back

Story takes place 34 years after the final battle between the forces of G.I. Joe and Cobra

Signed & Sealed

Old school, simple roleplay, creating character profiles not neccessary. Just read the first post and then continue the story in another.

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