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Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult Open

In you is the soul of a hero, powered by a divine spark granted by the gods. In you is the power to change the world and right ancient wrongs. In you is the inherited destiny and legacy of a legend. Go forth young champion and conquer.

Dead Seasons: The Red Autumn Open

In the Kingdom of Nallan, the high king prepares to step down and appoint his eldest child in his place. But, just as the first red leaves prepare to fall, an ancient forgotten curse is released upon the unsuspecting kingdom. (reboot in consideration)

Through Monstrous Eyes: Continued Open

A continuation of previously abandoned rp. Players take the role of monsters in an RP which turns the typical fantasy adventure on it's head.

The War in Dubai: Open

This is a private roleplay for me and a few friends transferring our original rp to this site.