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I haven't got anything to say, really.. I'm simple, kind and my characters are almost never mean. But I do have a bad temper and I'm not too easy to get along with at first, but I hope to make some good friends here.
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Universes Created

The Outcasters; continued

This is a remake of the original, created by SmilingNutella. It was recently flagged as closed due to Nutella being inactive. See more inside.

The Wolven Kingdom - Rebellion

The Kingdom has been overtaken by wolves and lycans. A small group, led by Okashi Madrahi, has made it their mission to free the world. Do you think you're strong enough to take back your home? Okashi seems to think so..

Hotel Kastros

Temptation, impulse, seduction.. It's all part of the plan.

Good vs Evil - Fight for Dright

For centuries there has been a difference between the good and the evil, now it has progressed into a full-blown war. Each side have a dream of someday ruling over the city, whether it be for good purposes or bad. Which side are you on?

||Vampire Diaries - A New Life||

Live their lives, feel their feelings, experience their experiences. What would you do if you could change these people's lives entirely?

Zusiko - A World Unknown

Four friends set out on a journey to find an old artifact that has been said to grant magical powers. But on their travels through an old cave, they find a world they never knew existed.

Sabre's Mansion

You have a special gift/ability that caught Sabre's eye. He wants you to come stay with him at his mansion for the damned. Do you accept?

Death of Me; Broken Bonds

Two best friends have been hiding dark secrets from eachother, but all is revealed when the rival families go to war.

Legend of Os'Roth - A Pirate's Dream

Follow the lives of eight pirates, each of which have a dream to restore civilisation to the world.

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