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Just a winged octopus who likes to dawdle away her time by writing...
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My own imagination
I'm just a student, but I do a lot of community theater.
Writing, of course! And reading, and acting, and singing, and playing piano, and drawing, and painting... I love all the fine arts.
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0- 0-2008
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The Dragon Quest series.
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The Bane of Mortality

Vamps. An endangered species. Predictably, environmentalists are up in arms. The hunting must stop. The sun-burning must stop. But maybe the vamps are not as helpless as humans would assume...

Pokemon Apocalypse

Everything has changed. The Noise broadcast on the radio... the wild Pokemon grew, mutated... became th-thirsty for human blood... is Pallet the only town left?

Are You Hot?

The game show all of America is in love with: the search for America's Sexiest Person! But beware, losing can have dire consequences... (Closed!)

Love Keeps You Sane

3 Couples 1 Chance In the world of Arlos, demons snap every day and become raging, bloodlusting beasts. That's why the Academy of Shamans exists...

Jack the Ripper

In Victorian London, serial killers roam the streets, the most notorious of whom is Jack the Ripper... [Have fun. Survive. And don't get caught.]

Character Storage

Sometimes you just want to make a character sheet to stash it away somewhere safe for future use. This is not a roleplay. This is character storage.

Coffee in Hell

To preserve the balance of the Mediaolum: the sacred goal of the Guardians of heaven and hell. But when half of the Guardians lose their memory, all they've worked for is in peril. | A romance with some drama and a heaping of torture! (ALWAYS OPEN!)

From Dust to Dust

Magic is a chemical, a chemical that needs to be harvested. Unfortunately, this is quite dangerous. That's where you come in... [UNLIMITED POSITIONS]

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