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Successfully created a universe for others.

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Universes Created

The Souls of the Cities

After a close encounter with WWIII, the governments of the world created the City Souls to become representatives for their country. They stay at an Academy to learn and enjoy regular high school life. {Seven Male and Three Female Roles Available}

Seven Friends and a Club

Seven friends are reunited and forced into the same club. (4 OPEN SPOTS}

Applegate House

At Merriam Boarding School, Applegate House is the Outcast House, the one house that has never won the school's Point Game. Maybe this year will change that. {8 OPEN SPOTS}

One Last Adventure

Six friends used to play together everyday in an imaginary world. Only, the world wasn't imaginary and now they need their help.

Ashmont Academy Secrets

Welcome to Ashmont Academy, an all girls' school with some of the best curriculum in the world. Please, don't mind the rumors going around.

Not A Fairy Tale

1,500 years after Maranth banished all mages from the world, the people that have become nothing more than fairy tales are reincarnated. {9 OPEN ROLES|Seven Males|Three Females}


The Prince of Montague is engaged to the Princess of Capulet and the kingdom is rejoicing. The only problem? The Prince is in love with his lady Protector and the Princess is in love with a stable boy. {3 OPEN ROLES}


Millions of years into the future, the Humans have settled on a new planet called Noir, inhabited by Directs.{CLOSED}

Underneath It All

The supernatural walk among us. Vampires. Werewolves. Psychics They all exist beside us. They work with us. They attend school with us. They raise their families under our noses. They have their feuds on our front doors. They hide among us. {Open}

A Bullet in the Gun

It's been fourteen years since the start of the zombie apocalypse.

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