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Hey. Im Amber, I am starting my whole account, and currently I have no Roleplays that I take an active part in. I have grown more.. Dare I say it.. mature. X3
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Running with my wolfpack.
Artist, author and actor
I love drama, RPing, wolves, dragons, horses, drawing, readng, writing, acting.
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06 Oct 2002
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scifi, animals, anime, fantasey

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Universes Created

The day the world stopped

Heaven and hell are at a war. Dragons, demons and more are all fighting against angels and humans, alongside with a few sympathetic dragons and demons. Who will win?

Dragons of Pern

The dragons of pern must rise up and kill the evil side called The Dragons of Daminish.

Warriors Cats, Cats Of The Forest

"Beware. 4 will become 2, Lion and tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest. ~Bluestar, fallen leader of Thunderclan A warrior cats RP for all the fans of the warrior series!

Fight for earth....

Dragons have landed on the earth, looking for a territory.. Humans want to kill them, for wanting the earth. The dragons have to fight back.. The war between dragons and humans has begun. (more info inside)

The dragon keepers

dragon hunters are killing all the dragons in the world. The dragon keepers MUST help save them! You can be a dragon hunter, dragon keeper or a dragon. more info inside!!!

Lonewolves to packmates

Lonewolf who sings alone at night, You have no need to cower in fright, For there lies a place that takes in all, No matter how big, no matter how small, Join out pack, we love and care for all. ~more info inside!~

Zaragonzia, the world of dragons

This is the land of Zaragonzia. Dragons roam free. Everything is peaceful...until the DragonSeekers come.They want to destroy the dragons. Then..DragonKeepers come. They want to protect the dragons at all costs!!!!!! ~MORE INFO INSIDE!~

Outcasts, banished from the City of Olerakia.

10 Teens are banished from teh city of Olerakia. Why? Becasue they are gifted...gifted with the power to turn into any animal possible.

Magic facility

there is a prison, called the Magic Facility. Its where they keep abnormal people with powers and do experiments on them. But will hey have enough? And will some break out, and run away, to live the normal life they never had? ___more info inside!!!!___

The Fight Between Humans and Wolves

Wolves and humans have started a war. They have to train, to kill. But what will the humans do when the wolves side with dragons? And what will the wolves do when the humans side with witches, vampires and sirens?

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Lonewolf who sings alone at night,
You have no need to cower in fright,
For there lies a place that takes in all,
No matter how big, no matter how small,
Join out pack, we love and care for all.
~Celeste the lone wolf~