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Universes Created

The Bond to a Broken Heart

A Boy named Garret meets a young man and he falls in love with this boy but he has a tail that the both of them have left on spoken...(1x1 Between me and Enitsirk)

Cowboys & Indians

In 1856 Cowboys try to push away the Native American Indians off they're land and when they do things don't turn out so well..

Anthro Online

A group of teens join a online game in the year 2019 called Anthro Online..(Look Inisde for more detail)

The Landon's House

The Landon's Love the Holidays and are Very Festive around this time of Year celebrating each others welcome...<3 (More Inside)

Don't forget Me

A Group of people who has been friends for the longest of time meet when they're all fully older.

A Tide Turned In Time

Kingdoms Fight for their kingdoms safety as they face a great darkness....

A War Unspoken For

In the year 2075 The Government Takes over the world and leaves the poor to die and the rich to live...Who are you?

The Hellsing Vampire Academy

Look Inside For Info

A Rebillous Act

This is a 1x1 RP between me and Patcharoo

The Soul of Hearts Academy

The Soul of Hearts Academy is Academy for male and female only, They each must have a special gift and be given a partner.

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