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Character Portrait: Vaika Kyrine she is an angel with light brown hair and blue eyes she has white angel wings and a halo as well...
Character Portrait: Sainu daikatsu a 19 year old girl, been with Neku (Kecil) ever since she was 16.
Character Portrait: Velvet Rose a phoenix girl, she was born from a phoenix but was burn a human somehow... http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l145/Butterflywings123/animegirl5.jpg
Character Portrait: Rachiel Little Light she's Michai's twin sister. she has brown wolven ears, and a tail. she also has Black angel wings. she can act completely different from michai.
Character Portrait: Alex Rogue a vampire girl, she looks alot like a boy though... black hair, purple eyes.
Character Portrait: Veno (Aka Venito) she's Evra Von's little sister. she has scaly green skin all over and bright yellow eyes. she has green hair like her big brother, and it's mid-length/long. she's very shy, and lives at the cirque with Evra.
Character Portrait: Tammi. a young girl with red hair and green eyes, she's in love with Sariel.
Character Portrait: Lemon a little orange and brown mermaid. she lives in the bar sink.
Character Portrait: Naoko a 17 year old boy, aqua hair, aqua eyes. he usually wears no shirt with jeans. he has a handsome build.
Character Portrait: Arik a 8-10 year old boy. he's a very quiet boy. he loves to read and usually has his hair in front of his right eye.
Character Portrait: Wishes a cute little baby dragon, she can just fit in your hand. she's white with light pink stripes and ears. she has big blue eyes.
Character Portrait: Elphie a mutated creature, she seems quiet but people who can read her mind will understand her.
Character Portrait: Laira a beach Gecko, she's very carefree and very social!
Character Portrait: Chelzi "The Rave Raptor"