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A list of fictonal characters written by YuumanN as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Ebb Lazurny

Ebb Lazurny, located in Emerald Forest

as part of Remnants Lost

Member of Team OPLE

Character Portrait: Lynia Verstalt

Lynia Verstalt, located in Capella

as part of Chasing Constellations

Capricorn // Relationships WIP

Character Portrait: Lev Keisting

Lev Keisting, located in Anthemia City

as part of Anthemia Academy

"Aim, breathe, pull the trigger, repeat. Seems easy enough, right?"

Character Portrait: Leith Elvan

Leith Elvan, located in Iowa

as part of The Vampire Codes

"Of course I don't understand. Why do you think I'm here?"

Character Portrait: Vaeril

Vaeril, located in Askaria

as part of Askaria : The Decay


Character Portrait: Alastair Southwark

Alastair Southwark, located in Solaris

as part of Pandora's Fate

"Your Highness, there's an ugly and deformed face to your kingdom you have yet to witness, and I am here to pull the veils off it for you." [MWIP]

Character Portrait: Wanizame

Wanizame, located in Japan- Sengoki era

as part of Ways of the Samurai: Journey

"Spare me the moral speech, hypocrite."

Character Portrait: Gil Colquhoun

Gil Colquhoun, located in Present Day

as part of The Rings

"I have paid my dues already, and I intend to collect."