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To all who had witnessed it, the massive ancient dragon Dorant Magthulia would have seemed to vanish instantly in a brilliant flare of light.

This however was not the case. Far above their heads, where the dragons own had once been, there fell from the sky a small and frail appearing humanoid form.

For most, falling from such a great and terrible height would be a terrifying experience, but should any have been able to hear his words, they would think the man insane.

"Most curious... I would have thought the transformation would be slow, perhaps even painfully so, but no. Furthermore it appears that all the energy of my being has indeed remained within my grasp, although not within my body. My mass is no longer the same as it was, leading me to believe it has been converted to an energy state, which makes sense. Perhaps the most perplexing is, surprisingly, the lack of my tail. So strange to think something I live my whole life with, to the point of forgetting it's presence, is no longer there. Walking will be rather difficult I think, I'll have to compensate for the lack of counter balance that it provided. Flight will be a bit more laborious now I think, having no wings. I'll have to rely on magical conveyance for that now I suppose. Hmmmm I wonder how I change back."

This is only a sample of the ramblings of the old man who fell from the sky down upon the gates of the dwarven city, teeming with their forces as it was.

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She didn't even get to make a friendly introduction with the man! The rain came down harder on the odd trio and she sprinted for cover with them. Aetheria traveled for the first time on her own, the right of passage a unique one for her family. If she could convince her parents to not take up the family tradition of woodcutting, then she could put her roots somewhere else. She giggled at the raindrops that tickled her nose.

Maybe it was in her genetics, but she felt more alive in nature. Aetheria stepped from hiding and began to dance in the rain, her tongue reached out to taste a few raindrops that fell from the blackened sky. To any other person, she'd look half-crazy, but it was her elven nature getting the better of her. Rain didn't bother her, but welcomed her. She could feel the electricity in the air, as silver streaks sparked across the sky. She didn't have to be educated in why it would bother Brishen, or even Sireth. They weren't like her kind. Her mother explained this fact to her when she was younger. Nature had a way with elves, but it was unnatural and even ethereal.

Aetheria giggled and smoothed down her rain soaked hair, her skin glistened with a newness, her spirit lifted thrice from the experience. She missed home, but this was no time to be homesick! The young half-elf motioned toward her companions.

"Come on, scaredy cats! Last one to reach a tavern, buys the food and drink!" Aetheria exclaimed and giggled into a sprint. If the cat wanted more pets, he'd have to follower her. Likewise, if Brishen wanted company, or explanations, he'd have to follow suit of the strange half-elf.

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It was a long way up the mountain, and the path was rather dusty, and it was the perfect temperature and temperament of wind for a nap. The black cat stretched, ambling towards a rock half shaded by one of the many grand trees about. He flopped himself comfortable. Yes, a perfect time for a nap.

Up the path came a whistle; soon followed by a short man. He carried on his back a pack and a guitar. The tune wasn't somber, but it wasn't anything happy either. Perhaps he, too, had noted how dusty the path had grown. A small cloud puffed out with each step. He came to stop near the rock, the shadow of his head eclipsing just beyond the snoozing cat.

The cat, if he did take any notice to the looming shadow and man, didn't budge from his slumber.

After a few moments breath, right when the presence of man had begun to be familiar to the great forest, he opened his mouth and remarked upon the weather. When had it last rained, too thought the trees?

“It's been a while,” Purred the cat, rolling onto his back into another glorious stretch. There was a great rumble in the distant mountains, as if to accentuate the words of the cat.

There was a scuffle as the man balked, scrambling behind the nearest tree for cover. Had the cat just said something, as in used words, as in talked ?

“Too long for the trees to be happy,” Continued the cat; the trees bristled agreement. The man's heart raced. It had taken him this long to notice everything around him was not only alive, but truly living. A breeze rushed over the area, steady, haunting. Something in the air caught Brishen's eye, and he knew at this point he might be losing his mind; a man was falling from the sky. The figure was too distant to make out other than that yes, it was human.

On that note, Brishen fainted. Sireth the cat blinked thrice, stretched, and decided to keep watch over the human until it came to.

0.01 INK received for post #2761575, located in Exalted Mountains:

Sireth hated the rain, but didn't fancy standing under the fading cover of a slow soaked tree until it stopped- which didn't seem like it would be anytime soon. He leapt into the rain with a howl. The black cat scampered after Aetheria and did his best to dodge the raindrops.

Brishen, on the other hand, set his pack on the ground and began rummaging through it. He unearthed a threadbare oilcloth and draped it around his head and shoulders. Brishen hurried his way after, almost wishing for the path to be dusty once more.

To Skyfall Citadel!

0.01 INK received for post #2760614, located in Exalted Mountains:

Aetheria awoke and stretched with a laziness well practiced. The sun washed over her like a comforting blanket of warmth, which caused her to stir with a sleepy yawn. Up in a tree, Aetheria had slept on the thickest branch and had not regretted her decision. While the birds chirped to greet the sun, she stretched her muscle and checked her weapons, along with potions, gadgets and anything else she had brought with her on her journey. She covered her mouth with a slender hand and yawned once more, then used her momentum to spin off the branch, using her hands to swing in motion. Birds fluttered from the disturbance by the young elf and twittered with nervous anticipation. Always nimble, the blonde elf landed with a steady footing and watched a little blue bird flutter near her.

She reassured the bird and allowed it to rest on her index finger. It puffed up its chest and ruffled its feathers in agitation, but forgave the exuberant elf. Aetheria giggled and watched him fly off to tend to his nest. She then realized she had rested near the birds family, which would make anyone agitated. The bird chirped back toward her in a friendlier tone, but she waved her goodbye's and headed off on her own.

Trees crested the edge of the path, which comforted the wood elf. All her life, she had grown up amongst the trees, wildlife and rarely experienced the political side of her mother. Aetheria watched the wildlife scurry across the worn path and munched on a handful of berries from a pouch. Her stomach grumbled for something more substantial, but hunger would have to wait. Perhaps a town was just up ahead and she could rest at an Inn, or grab something to eat at a tavern.

In the pathway, Aetheria squinted against the blinding light of the sun and thought she saw a cat. She loved cats! Aetheria shoved the remaining berry into her mouth and picked up pace to investigate the odd creature. It appeared to be by a sleeping being, so she approached with caution. She didn't want to startle the cat and lose her chance to converse with them.

Aetheria tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her pointed right ear and gazed at the cat. She ignored the growl of her stomach and eyed the still form of the man.

"You poor thing! Is this your owner? What happened?" She said in a soft tone and went to investigate the still being for any wounds. "Are you hungry?" Aetheria asked the cat, even though she understood how stubborn cats could be. While she hadn't spoken to a cat yet in all her life, perhaps it could be persuaded with a bit of food. She reached into her other pack and produced beef jerky and laid it on the ground.

The offering was small, but sometimes it was the gesture that gained a creatures trust.