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just your average guy, who enjoy's roleplaying, tabletop or otherwise still consider myself learning however
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0.51 INK received for post #2780481, located in Exalted Mountains:

From the start of the very earth's trembling; the few remaining Realm Forgers had begun their last motions in a plan long in the making, the ancient people built this last forge after the forming of these mountains all those millennia ago. Kardel ushered the last of the Forge masters deep into the underground, away from the body of the colossi.

Riak watched as his father and his people abandoned the last forge, his goal elsewhere, he would do battle as the previous Thane had done, the 14ft tall giantlike being bounded through the tunnels and veins that wormed throughout the Colossi, carrying a bundle of Pitons a foot long and at least 4inches thick. he would use these magic imbued pitons to destroy a leg at least, once embedded in the rock with a whispered command phrase the Pitons would explode with the power of a megatonne bomb.

the Thane would breach the surface at the waist, standing on a ledge that had eroded into the body of the giant monster in its slumber.

"Never did we think this day would come... and for that, we were ill-prepared." unhooking a pair of gauntlets and a pair of metal frames to be worn over his boots, the spiked items would allow him some manner of safety as he began the climb towards the heart.

0.26 INK received for post #2782821, located in Exalted Mountains:

Riak, swung wildly as the titan thrashed about, reaching high into the heavens for whatever yet still eluded it, the rubble of the village had begun falling by and past Riak now, he solemnly watched the carnage that had befallen those poor bystanders above; come crashing down from the sky above.

with a heavy sigh, Riak checked his position, he was far up, just under where the lowest rib would sit, so he would take the hammer at his belt and another of his dwindling supply of magicked pitons and strike it into the rock. "by the might of my forebearers, those that yet live, Ni'thorne return to the bowls of darkness!"

Riak roared as brought the hammer against the piton once more.

The strike echoing through the mountain range followed by 178 explosions from the other pitons that Riak had been hammering into the leg over the length of his climb of the titan, those explosions the power of a single megatonne bomb each, Riak had to be quick hooking the hammer into its loop on the belt he began running around the stomach of the great titan and dived into a cubby hole as the last, the piton just exploded like the rest.

the intention was to blow the leg clean off if not explode it from the inside through all the tunnels his people had long ago dugout in their mining explorations.

"how volatile did father make these things?!" Riak grabbed his climbing gear spiked into the rock and hung on for dear life.

0.26 INK received for post #2791659, located in Exalted Mountains:

Looking out from his cubby hole at the centre of the great titan's stomach Riak, saw the damage, a soft sigh escaping his lips. shocked back into reality by the voice carried by the winds.
realising and sensing the oppressive presence of magic the Builder cast a simple but powerful spell upon himself. his arm turning to black smooth metal, he checked he could articulate his fingers; nodded when he could and then punched his fist into the rock of the cave, finishing his spell so that the rest of his flesh and form transformed into this same fantastical material he closed his eyes and froze. becoming a near-indestructible statue, but he in no way could interact with the world until the spell wore off but that could take as long as untold centuries.

0.25 INK received for post #2780496, located in Space Station Z Docking Bays:

Alpha's craft dropped from its cross galactic speeds and came into its FTL speeds, making its way through the shipping lanes to land upon one of the docks, returning to pick up an order for what the eggheads back on 'Prometheus' were calling 'nullifier crystals'.

Alpha's view lit up and the shuttle came to a crawl allowing inertia to carry it through space, the fighter craft looking ship transforming into a Gundam style mech, 25 metres or 82ft tall. using its zero-g flight controls to board the station and on one of the shuttle platforms.

though his landing was unauthorised, he pinged his credentials through and got a rectify on that, though only for a favour later on. Alpha disengaged from his larger body and exited the mech. the NC7 automated soldier stood at 6ft exactly.

Aschen patrol on high alert...parametres unknown...activation of equipment approved...self defence only

Alpha watched the text appear in his vision, the robotic body shifting slightly as Alpha fidgeted on the spot for a minute, once the body he arrived in was locked down and secured.

0.25 INK received for post #2751321, located in The Andromeda Galaxy:

deep within the void of the Andromeda, far from any inhabited systems, a once dormant Webway gate began to sluggishly power up, the psychoactive crystals dotting the colossal crescent moon shaped gateway. these Crystals began to glow as their deep hidden power returned to them, and one by one each crystal began to shine brilliantly, almost like stars.

this process had taken little more than two minutes before, from the inner ring of the crescent, azure blue lightning of psykic power arched towards the center where it would peel back the blackness of the void into a turquoise blue portal, and from the twisting tunnels of the webway.

First of the ships to exit the webway gate were the Mírandon's battleship escorts and cruisers, followed by the lighter class ships and then Mírandon itself, the craftworld only just fit within the gateway. the colossal 'world ship' slower than its defenders but just as graceful as those ships almost a school of fish that swam around a much larger beast.

across the hull of the Mírandon its 'habitats' housing millions of Aeldari who wished to stay aboard the craftworld that had for so many millennia been their home and granted them safety. cities with a view to the void constructed from wraithbone. a psycho-reactive material, incredibly strong, highly resistant to damage, limited self-repair, and with the right psykic presence malleable to any form the Bonesingers so desire.

From the chamber of the autarchs, Vallek and his council watched the transition and solemnly looked to one another.

"the last time we left Myran was some nine thousand years ago, how are you so sure that we do so without risking the secrecy of our home?" one of the council spoke up.

The rest looked from Vallek whom clad in his heavy aspect armour and his blade at his waist. "I'm not, we leave Myran under the care of half the fleet, as we always have...however the Farseers have cast their runes and in time we will have no choice but to abandon Myran... unless we set out to alter the course of fate." Vallek stood up and walked away from the circle looking out into the void across the length of the craftworld. "I do so, knowing that I risk every man, woman, and child aboard the craftworld. and it is for that reason that any and all threats will be dealt with."

a unifying nod of agreement went about the council and the autarchs dispersed to meditate the details of the council, train or watch over the craftworld.

"Kaileth, I sensed your entry hours ago" he turned to watch the cloaked pathfinder step forward from his hiding spot, the relic long rifle hung from the pathfinder's shoulder, there was no chatter between the two, but to scholars of the Imperium of man, it was known that the Aeldari could hold entire conversations based off body language alone, the language of the Eldar was beyond any complete understanding the Imperium, one subtle tone in voice or shift in body could be the difference of inviting death or leaving the meeting alive.

"many of the autarchs are afraid, and so are you Vallek" Kaileth broke the silence. "of course we are, we have no idea where this webway path has brought us. But, I believe you're about to tell me all I need to know." Vallek said seriously and Kaileth nodded

"you've entered the Multiverse, and there are many empires and dominions of power seeking control or influence."