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I Feel Disgusting Open

Sometimes, life becomes too much for individuals, and they opt to take their own lives. But what is it that causes these overwhelming thoughts, and what pushes them to such brash decisions? What if the cause were that of demons?...

Mirror_mirror_on_the_wall Open

Strange things begin to happen to a man...As he explores, he comes to find it is a new world entirely...

When Angels Kissed The Earth (Open) Open

There was a moment where Earth began to fall into complete chaos; demons tormenting humans and humans destroying one another...The heavens feared God's beautiful creation, Earth and humans, would be burnt down with the chaos...What will be done?

Icy Veins-Full Open

A new game, called Icy Veins, has been created and six lucky teenagers have been hand picked to test it out. It all seems like fun and games, until the secrets begin to break the surface...

Hitiki Island Open

Once a beautiful island, now an undead playground. Infested with zombies, the only way off the island is by plane or boat, that is, if the rest of the world isn't like this as well...How will the survivers survive?

Blood and Chocolate Open

There are many different types of vampires; not all having the same ability, but all wanting to be the most powerful...Wars and fights amongst these different vampires break out, and humans get caught in the middle sometimes...(OPEN)

Twin Island Open

Twins all over the world have been invited to visit Twin Island for free this summer. Time to have some fun! (Closed, but can still look)

God Dolls Closed

There are stories of Gods and Goddesses, and even more about hell and Satan. But what happens when the Gods and Goddesses begin to be overtaken by Satan, are turned into dolls, lose their memories, and then are sent to Earth to weaken their strengths?

Succubus Games Closed

Succubus have been a long known demon amongst the human race, but are easily brushed off as simple delusions due to the fact that they only attack taken humans in their sleep. But problems occur with both human and succubus in this love game...

Hax Infinity Closed

Computers and the internet have advanced greatly over time. Now people can enter games through the internet as if they were really there. What adventures await you in ÄĻÅĪ° ∞ (Hax Infinity), the coolest online game around (ALWAYS OPEN).

It's not always as it seems... Closed

There is a strange trinket shop in a dark alley of Tokyo, Japan, which goes by the name of Sakura Banquet. It seems like just a normal shop. However...the items and toys that lay inside may hold mysterious and magical powers...(NEED MALES)