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Mech Battles Open

private roleplay

Gundam Correct Century: Mars Open

While the events of Turn A Gundam happen on Earth, Mars has its own scenarios to face. [private RP]

California School Mayhem Open

1x1 between BarrelRacerChick and ZacharyTC

In Love and Mafia Open

private roleplay between Polarisbear12 and ZacharyTC

The Modern Nephilim: War Aftermath Open

Private Prologue between Grrbot and ZacharyTC

The Mysterious Bird-Woman Open

Private roleplay between xfaithyx123 and ZacharyTC

Warped to Shzarkuso Open

1x1 between EKRonnie and ZacharyTC

Mech Unit Warfare Open

The Metargo Kingdom has invaded the Benjlakki Republic for its fertile lands, and now a new squadron is about to fight an experienced and deadly one. (spots open)

Odd Couples and Plenty of Attitude Open

private roleplay between merthur (bandgeek) and ZacharyTC

War of Mechas and Golems Open

Two nations are at war, a third currently neutral. Once it is discovered that such neutrality has been violated, however, it will turn into a three-way war. Where will this go? (several spots open)

Pokepeople: Comedic Romance Abound Open

Private RP between masato22 and ZacharyTC

Love born from Conquest Open

private roleplay between Arabella13 and ZacharyTC

Blades and Crosses Open

Private roleplay between Ever and ZacharyTC

Nephilim and Fae Love Open

private roleplay between MaliceinWonderland and ZacharyTC

Heavy Hearts, New Lives Open

Private roleplay between The Soul one and ZacharyTC

Mechas, Golems, and Nations Open

Two nations are fighting, one is neutral, but not for long. once it is discovered the neutrality is violated, it will turn into a three-way war. (plenty of spots open)

Two Hotshots, One Foe, Enterwined Destinies Open

Private roleplay between Qaida and ZacharyTC

After Surepath Open

Private roleplay between ChristyLovesYou, Thundergod1020, and ZacharyTC

Love and Pain Open

{Private Roelplay between Hallowed777 and ZacharyTC} While Nadia and Jephthah are starting out on their relationship, a couple angels are working together on multiple tasks.

Supernatural Living II Open

Twins of two of the original "Supernatural living" characters decide to use an old building in Southern France as a residence area and invite people over as neighbors and such. How will it turn out?

Stan Ben Frank and Lucky Clover Open

Private roleplay for CookieCupcake and ZacharyTC

Naruto: Harumi and Akira Open

This is a private roleplay for xLevesquex and ZacharyTC

Mechas and Golems Open

Two nations are at war, another taking a neutral stance. That neutrality is violated, however, which means a three-way war is inevitable. (Plenty of spots open)

Living-Undead Love Open

A group of guys end up dating girls that are sort of odd. The reason: they are zombies! Harmless ones, mind you! (1 spot open.)

Beast Hunter Chronicles: Riddles Open

After having to rescue his warrior brother, a human monk sets out with two elven women on a journey to a temple in the hopes of finding the truth behind a scroll.

Cultural Chaos in the Neighborhood Open

In a town where culture feuds are conflict, there are some zealots who are proven wrong about whoever they hated. What happens when they fall in love?

Primeape and Goldeen Open

Private roleplay for masoto22 and ZacharyTC [Other people can be invited to participate]

The Love Surge Open

In a world of elves, people know who their mate is by the energy surge they feel from each other. The problem is, one elf feels it from a Nephilim who can't feel her surge. (11 spots available)

The Nephilim Civil War Open

Private Roleplay for MaliceinWonderland and ZacharyTC

A Vocaloid Pair: Traveling the Digital World Open

Private roleplay for CookieCupcake and ZacharyTC