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Zaria member of RPG for 7 years

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I'm new to roleplay, though eager to play :)
My favourite books are : Ender's game and World War Z
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Playing video games, writing, storytelling
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We few, who struggle to live...

Apocalypse it may be called, but maybe not. World it is in which you try to survive, how will it go is up to you. Dead roam as if alive, infection awaiting your smallest mistake. One wrong move and you may just end up like the rest...dead or worse.

Hunter's Will...

Welcome hunters, coming from all sides, you people are few that fight with all kinds of monsters. Will you join us in struggle for survival and money?

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White was waiting for far too long, and slowly boring it became…just then someone sent some kind of transmission. Actually not one transmission, two…one coming from Mailmen that seemed to be in need of information, and second known thanks to Rai, there was some kind of job for Mailmen, job meant for specific people. At that point it seemed like she finally had to interact with more people, even though she didn’t want to.

“Rai connect me to Mailmen channel, please.” Rai did it immediately, and she took a deep breath…

“Anyone who hears this, and gets strange job with incredibly big pay for it, don’t do it…unless you have a group, though it’s still a bad idea.”

When such jobs appear just after attacks like that, it’s best to avoid them…even more if jobs are meant for specific persons. Usually it’s a way to finish job that failed, at least partially failed at first, but there are other cases as well. White expected something else to be possible, but she wasn’t sure about what it was, yet.

Hopefully no one will ask why I'm skeptical about this job...

0.25 INK received for post #2738979, located in A Futuristic Earth:

White heard another message, coming from mailmen, talking about the possible source of all of it. Something that caught her attention, and annoyed little.

“Rai why didn’t you…” She started.

“Too vague information gathered, possible trap or already abandoned, also there was a firewall that almost thrown us out of mailmen channel when the message was sent out. Possibly another reason to suspect trap or someone from mailmen trying desperately to hide this message.” Rai’s reply made sense, they could leave machines in form of distraction, message she won't comment.

I still want to check that…

She slowly moved from that damn spot, tired of waiting…it seemed like there was an error in earlier calculations.

Let’s just make it a quick travel from here to there…

“I’ll shut you down again Rai…” She said and shut him down without waiting for reply.

"I see, I'll be there in few minutes, please do wait till then." - Came to her mind, but it would be weird for person that isn't a mailman reply to this message, staying silent and going there also. Either choice would be bad, but she wanted to go there...

*Few minutes later*
She finally could see building that was mentioned in message, and she could see someone. Who was that silver haired person,is what made her wonder...
She waved to him or her from a distance, whoever that person was, she would soon learn.

OOC - Silver haired means Kent.

0.25 INK received for post #2739337, located in A Futuristic Earth:

Luckily for her, whoever that person she waved to was, waved back.
Noticing that someone she was waiting for earlier joined silver haired person annoyed her a little, reminded again of error she was. She thought of bringing Rai on, but postponed it for later.

When silver haired one gave a sign to join she had to either jump to another roof or continue using something she didn’t want to use.

Jumping it is then…

Rooftop was close, so jump wasn’t hard, and fact that she traveled a lot made crossing gap even easier.

Once gap was crossed, she slowly walked towards the two.

“Hello there you two, silver is the one who sent message I presume?” When close enough she whispered , looking at Kent.

0.25 INK received for post #2735573, located in A Futuristic Earth:

Slightly earlier that day.
Broker life can be entertaining, and boring when there is no one who wants information from you, such boring day occurs every now and then. Today is such day for White, each broker decides to solve boredom in their own way. She’s usually solving it with sketching, and gathering information. She was up and high, on the roof of building well known in this place, known for important office that resides inside.

Today was a normal day, except for the boring part where you have no broker deals, last thing left is sketching and waiting…

White sighed.

"Rai, look around for something interesting, and tell me if any group makes some kind of move" Black sphere reacted to her voice. She heard a reply through an old communicator in her ear.
"Of course, do you want me to update you on their movement? "
She chuckled.
"On their movement? Rai, update me on everyone’s movement, but do please start with them…"
"Certainly, as always little is known about their movement…though representative of theirs visited Darkstar Nightclub for reasons shrouded in mystery, and about your usual question, no noticeable activity "
Her body seconds ago stiff, now relaxed slightly.

"Good, update me when something changes…" She said, before returning to sketching.

*Time skip to current*

"Kali, there has been a change…"
She raised head slowly, pencil movement paused.
"Go on…"
"Darkstar Nightclub had an incident reported just now, in which club manager died…"
She laughed.
"You mean slave trader and criminal boss, good he’s dead…but there will be another in his place, anything else flying around? "
"Hired work, Mailman, payer unknown" Key words were enough for her.
She nodded, looking down at people walking in and out of the building.

Funny it is that they look up so rarely, but always look down…

She observed as two people tried to pass one another but bumped into each other instead, and she saw something else as well.

Seems like Mailmen caught someone’s attention, maybe someone I know…

Kali decided it was time to get inside building, as she stood up, one thing came to her mind - would anyone notice someone’s on the roof finally?

OOC - If I did some kind of mistake tell me :)

0.25 INK received for post #2761849, located in Shadow's Guardian:

Velera continued to stare at Akita for a short moment, then she joined Fishy in cleaning, gathering half-empty and empty glasses. Her body focused on cleaning, but mind on other things - both Fishy and Akita seemed to be… worried about the appearance of this creature, while Velera might’ve been wary of it, she’s more curious about it, and surely thirsting for its blood.

Ohh, I wonder, could this little thing kill me, or will I kill another giant sooner or later... – she smiled at the thought, all while gathering cups of glass and lightly tapping right feet, wanting to dance a bit.


"Well then, I'll be downstairs. There's a sort-of doorbell on the elevator if you need me." Akita said, finishing her glass of Martini before she made her way to the breakrooms. Surprising it was, that it took her so long, nonetheless…

“Sure, sure, just do your thing… I need to come up with a new nickname for you.” Velera commented.