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Zenia member of RPG for 8 years

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I like writing, reading, roleplaying and playing videogames. Also a fan of the Protomen. I am also a proud supporter of WHOF

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writeing my stories, reading books, playing videogames, watching anime, reading manga, listening to the Protomen and other music I like. Roleplaying, I RP as both male and female characters.
Began Role Playing:
0- 0-2006
Favorite Role Playing Game:
ummm too many.
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Favorite Setting:
anime, fantasy, modern, horror.

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Universes Created

Mineme War

Ah High School, a time for love, a time for stress, tests, learning…and a time for Magical Girl Transformations…wait what?

The Mystical Hunt

Vampires, Angels, Demons, elves and fey. What do they have in common? More than you think!


Welcome to the battle of the Bands! Five two member bands have been taken from their world and sent to this one where they must work with their partner and battle through various 'levels' for their lives! Will they work together or apart?

The Sunken Mausoleum

Welcome to Bizenghast! Welcome to the Mausoleum! The vaults are full and need to be emptied, are you willing to help? But remember to enter you must bring gold!

Saint Kleio Academy

Welcome to St. Kleio Academy! Where the historical figures of the past meet with the high schoolers of the present!

St. Kleio

Welcome to St. Kleio Highschool! Where the historical figures of the past meet with the highschoolers of the present

Bravery Test

Let's play! eight teenagers decide to take the local bravery test, though it is more dangerous than they ever expected.

Farfalle Academey

Welcome to Highschool! The terror among terrors, where monsters roam the halls. That is not a figure of speech at Farfalle Academy for the "Gifted". Welcome to Farfelle Academy, though many simply call it Pasta High.

All in Your Hands

The War has come to Earth, and only a few stand in the way of the Yeerk Empire. Will they be able to succeed? Or will they Fail?

Iron Man armored Adventures Crossover

When Worlds collide...some may end up in Highschool...again [RP between Chatvert, Lyriael, Black Rose and myself]




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