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Universes Created

Clash of Kings: A Tale of Thrones

In the war to decide the thrones true heir, take up arms and pledge your fealty to one of the major houses at war to determine whose claim to the throne is most just(Closed).

School of Fighters

Ever wondered what would happen if video games martial arts masters were assembled in one setting? What if you could study under one? Who would you choose? Founded by Ken Masters, Rose Rugal and Heihaichi.The Cross-Platform school exists for this reason.

Final Fantasy: Dissidia Universitas

Ever wanted to wield a keyblade like Sora? Summon aeons like Yuna? or to be stealthy gun-totter like Vincent? Well, this is the school you attend to learn the trades of your favorite final fantasy characters. Taught by the heroes(or villains) themselves.

|A N I M A|: Rise Of The Kingdoms.

Longafter the fall of humans, 8 great clans within the animal kingdom emerge to compete for the claim of Master Race.

Kouhaku no Regios

In the distant future, a polluted world has been overtaken by havoc-wreaking creatures called filth monsters. Humanity, having been forced to relocate itself, must live in isolated mobile cities called Regios.

Gladius: Valor, Glory and Conquest

You are a gladiator, the most glorious warrior class history has ever known. Can you stand as a God of the Arena?


In the not too distant future, robots and humans live side by side thanks to the efforts of a brilliant scientist and Japanese designers, these robots are known as the Meta-bots.

PowerRangers: Star Force

In the far reaches of space at the Starfleet Academy, legions of young men and women train since childhood in hopes of joining the ranks of Star Force , the most elite ranger team in all the universe.(Open, Recruiting)

TeenTitans/Young Justice: War of the Fallen.

Everything you thought you knew about teen titans/young justice, was a lie. Heroes do fall in the end.


Scientists have found the gene that allows people to bypass the limitations of the mind, unlocking true 100% potential, thus making human beings Gods in a literal sense. Enter the ultimate phase of human evolution. What will this mean for the world?

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I'm a dreamcatcher but only nightmares I caught.