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I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I love to paint, draw, write, and read. I've been rping in forums off and on since 2000 so I am no newb. I've created my own stories and I LOVE manga and anime and have drawn my own manga chars.
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La Vernia, Texas
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Rping, writing, drawing, reading, anime, manga.
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On this site- Devil (romance rpg)
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Fantasy, anime, romance

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Aurora Givens~Cassie Peters~Lilith Evers

Lilith listened to Sibylla as the poor girl broke down. She tried putting herself in their shoes. Some of them were more adjusted to life on Earth here then others and Sibylla was obviously one of them. She watched as Silvia comforted the girl before addressing her again.

"Ivelda did not take your powers. If all of you had grown up normally in Rhindivel, you would have come into your powers when you turned 12 or 13 or around that age. Why your powers haven't popped up on Earth yet, I don't know, it could be because magical only works when it's acknowledge and it's not recognized on this planet. As for what I am asking of you, let me ask all of you if you accept who you are first."

However, before anyone can answer her, Justice suddenly makes an appearance, definitely acting like her 'normal self'. What surprised Lilith was the fact the girl was actually in her own round-about way helping her out, even though she was being very rude about it. She was about to speak up, when Aurora suddenly spoke up.

"And how, Justice, would you rule Taera Terrus when it's several kingdoms away from yours, not to mention I doubt the residents there would accept that. As for dealing with Ivelda, if our parents and Lilith couldn't defeat her, then I doubt you could handle her on your own. Ms. Evers, correct me if I am wrong, but when Ivelda killed our parents, she took them off bit by bit right? Those memories are still a big foggy to me because it all happened so fast, but I don't think our parents took Ivelda on as one big group right?"

This surprised Lilith and she nodded, "Yes, Ivelda didn't take on all the royals at once. My sister is very smart, she would have preferred to not take any risks. So even she had a limit."

However before she talk any further, Euphemia suddenly attacked Justice, first by headbutting her, then ranting and then tackling her.

"Oh crap! Cassie said before launching herself and grabbing Euphemia.

"Cut it out! We're in a public place, Euphemia! You were also so quick to act! Silvia, a little help here!"

Lilith was there too and tried getting Justice away from Euphemia.

"I know you hate being touched, Justice, but I am trying to help you here."

Aurora was too horrified to do anything but stand there.

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xEthan Knox ~ Hestia ~ #8B4513


xHeath Taylor ~ Athena ~ #808000


xxxxPenelope Givens ~ Hermes ~

Ethan and Heath watched as others showed up into the main hall. First was was Evelyn, who left after getting her stuff. Mason was next and then lastly Cherise, who sat where Mason sat. The two friends ate in silence and finished their breakfast.

"I am going to start looking for Iliana now. What are you going to do?"

"I think I'll start mingling with some people. Of course, I know I should be careful doing that. Not everyone appears to be in the greatest of moods." Ethan said, glancing at Sylas and Liv's table.

"Okay. I do wish you help me look, Ethan."

Ethan had a serious look on his face when he answered, "Well, I am going to honor Iliana's wishes for privacy. You know she's not going to be happy if you find her."

Heath honestly didn't care at this moment if his sister was going to be upset with him. He did admit, his own trial still loomed over his head. He had to make sure his sister was safe, and that was that.

"See you," Heath said before getting up and taking his dirty dishes to the back before leaving.

Once he got outside though, he saw Evelyn with someone's jacket on with another new face. Deciding to stay out of it, he merely walks in another direction. He figured he should go back to his cabin first to get one of Iliana's pads and pencil just in case he did end up finding her. Decision made, he went there, got her tablet, and left again. He walked around for a bit before hearing something. It sounded like a song someone was playing. Deciding to investigate, he soon sees someone he doesn't recognize either. Looks like more and more campers were starting to show up. Walking towards her, Heath is careful to not disturb her and waits for her to stop playing before addressing her. Already he can feel drawn to her and wonder why that was. He'd yet to be affected by any woman yet. He wondered who she was. Still her need to find Iliana override any other emotion. Soon the dark haired lady stopped.

"Sorry for interrupting you, but I am looking for my sister and I was wondering if you had seen her. She's 5'2" with long blonde hair and amber eyes. She would be walking around with a necklace with a dark stone on it too. Her name is Iliana."


Sighing, Ethan looked around. He could talk with Nelly and the new girl, but he decided to let them be. Others who were there he didn't think it be a good idea to join them. So deciding to look elsewhere, he took his own dirty dishes to the back and left. He also saw Evelyn and a new guy. What just happened here? He was curious to find out, but Evelyn didn't look too happy at the moment and the last thing Ethan wanted to do was make her any more upset. Looking in another direction he saw someone coming towards the main hall and soon recognized Wesley. He never really got a chance to interact with Aphrodite's son and hoped now was a good time. Walking in his general direction he could see the guy was in a very good mood, if the look on his face was any indication. Hoping to get his attention, Ethan made sure he was in Wes' line of sight. Once he was near he greeted the man.

"Good morning. I hope I am not being a bother, but I just wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Ethan Knox and I am Hestia's son. If your heading to the hall, mind if I accompany you? I've already ate, but I wanted to meet more of my fellow campers," Ethan introduced himself as he held out his hand.

Nelly caught the look of confusion on the new girl's face after Heath and Ethan left their table. She would have asked but the camper soon introduced herself as Julia and said her father was Zeus. Nelly's eyes lit up and soon she started talking again.

"Oh wow really?! That is so cool! You know there's two others here who are children of Zeus, but I haven't seen them at all recently. It's like they've vanished. Yesterday, some of the gods visited the camp to make us do a trial, but those two never showed up. I hope they're okay. Maybe they went up to Olympus. Sorry, I have the tendency to say my thoughts out loud when I am revved up. When did you get here Julia? I've been here for several days now. So much has already happened in that brief time. We're suppose to be getting one of Poseidon's sons today too, although I can't remember why at the moment. Is there anything you need help with?" Nelly offered, wanting to not get off on the wrong foot with this new one.

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Eireen liked being on the Newspaper club since it allowed her to take pictures. But she didn't always like the big events she had to go to, especially since she always stood out with her red hair. By this point though, she'd come to be use it by now. It was her school's big school festival. Thankfully as the photographer of her school, she didn't have to interact as much as her fellow newspaper members who were the ones who did the interviews. When she first entered high school, she decided to go with the Newspaper club over the Yearbook due to it being smaller of the two clubs. Eireen still preferred smaller groups to big ones due to her introverted nature.

Today Eireen could already tell though there would be more people to this festival. That did not put her in a great mood, but she 'grinned and bared it', as her father would say. At the moment she was having a break with the rest of her Newspaper group before the Festival really got underway.

"Isn't this exciting! I always loved this festival!" exclaimed the club president, 3rd year Miroki Kentai.

"We're right here Miroki-sempai, there's no need to shout." said 2nd year member Tadaka Jiro.

He was the most practical member of the group and Eireen got along best with him the most and they were good friends.

"There are so many people. I hope I do well here." added 1st year, and new member, Kaito Uzuma.

"You'll do fine, Kaito. Just still with me okay?" Miroki suggested.

"Will you be okay with this crowd, Rini?" Tadaka asked her.

"Yeah I will be," Eireen said.

She looked around and just happened to see someone she didn't expect to be here. Kira Sohma. The junior high student just happened to be someone she tutored. She liked the young lady and her natural blonde hair made her stand out easily. She only just started tutoring her so she didn't know her too well. And she was currently with two people she didn't recognize, but they obviously knew her. Not wanting to keep on staring, she turned and looked elsewhere.

"Okay you guys, let's get to work. Takada and Eireen, you two know what to do. Kaito, just follow my lead." Miroki said, before heading off, Kaito following her wake.

"You heard the boss." Tadaka said.

Eireen nodded and followed her friend as she started taking pictures.

0.25 INK received for post #2808813, located in Rhindeval:

Lilith Evers and Dawn Henderson
Codes- #C71585 and #5477B9

Lilith always made it a routine to buy a cup of a cappuccino at the local cafe on campus. The campus itself wasn't big compared to other college universities, but it was still big enough to have dorms and other facilities besides the different departments. If there was one thing Lilith was going to miss when she returned to Rhindeval was this fascinating drink and electricity. As far as her knowledge went, electricity was being 'played around with' in one of the more technological kingdoms, but nothing substantial had been made yet. She hoped the princesses wouldn't struggle too much to adapting to their homeland for it was very different from this planet. As she walked she soon spotted one of the princesses leaving the student center. Recognizing the blonde immediately, she walked over to her.

Dawn had just finished breakfast and was heading for her first period class when she heard her name. Looking up she saw her English professor, Ms. Evers. Dawn really liked her, but there was something about her that just didn't feel 'correct'. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she always had a sense of deja vu around her. Maybe she knew the woman before loosing her memory. Dawn had known for years that she couldn't remember anything prior to being adopted. Well she was very young, only 6, but she figured she should have had some memory.

"Good morning Dawn, how are you?"

Lilith most of the time had to catch herself from saying any of the princesses' true names because she knew all of the royals and their families before the tragedy. Princess Aurora was one of the younger princess and was the only child of King Helios and Queen Selene Givens. Their kingdom was one of the strongest magic wise and Queen Selene had possessed the blessing and curse of clairvoyance and she had been the one to warn her about her sister's plan. In their last meeting the king and queen would say they would do their best to protect their kingdom from Ivelda and specifically asked her to watch over their daughter and the other princes and princesses. Unfortunately for Lilith, Selene hadn't known what exactly Ivelda would plan nor that they would have lost their lives that same day for Lilith had talked with the queen the day of Prince Richard's birthday. She hoped the King and Queen had been able to protect their kingdom in some way before their deaths. Looking at "Dawn" now, she saw much of her mother in her, personality wise at least. Aurora had the looks her father though.

"Good morning professor. I am doing okay. Had another dream last night though."

Dawn never told anyone about her dreams, but with Professor Evers, she felt this kinship with her so much that she felt she could tell her anything. Dawn had come to rely on her instincts and she felt that her professor wouldn't judge her.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Maybe later, not out in public like this."

Lilith nodded. Aurora had always been shy, even as a child. She had a habit of clinging to her mother's gown, but would still try to keep up with the likes of Richard, who had been like an older brother to her. Seeing how the kingdoms of Lostein and Traumet were neighbors and Richard and Aurora had no siblings, Richard had taken upon himself to unofficially become Aurora's 'big brother'.

"It's fine, Dawn. You know when my office hours are so come by if you want to talk."

It was then she spotted another princess and felt her heart race faster. She recognized the raven hair young woman as Princess Kyri Shokira, but was now known as Lynn Summers. Litith knew the princesses had yet to get reacquainted and figured now was the perfect time.

"Dawn, I know you have first period soon, but I want you to meet someone first."

Puzzled, Dawn followed her professor and saw the person they were heading towards. Tingles went up her spine as she got a good look at the young woman. What was wrong with her?

As soon as the two reached the student, Lilith greeted her, "Good morning Lynn. Glad I ran into you this morning. I want you to meet another student of mine. This is Dawn Henderson, she's in my Freshman Comp class. Dawn, this is Lynn Summers. She's a science major but she's one of my students also."

Dawn hid a bit behind Professor Evers but came out briefly.

"Um . . . hello, nice to meet you."

Ivelda Evers
Code- #003300

Ivelda had been looking at her mirror that showed the physical locations of the other 'kingdoms' when she heard the sound of armor coming closer to her throne room. Smiling with glee, she 'closed' the spell on the magic mirror and placed it under her throne before sitting on it. When her general entered the room and knelt before her, she quickly acknowledge him.

"Aw! My little demon has returned safely! I hope those pesky villagers didn't give you too much trouble. How are you feeling?"

The one who use to be known as Prince Kiran Shokira had been fun to break. He had been so brave, trying to avenge his parents and protect his sister. Her mark on him always gave her satisfaction, but it did hurt her too that she had to mar such a handsome face. But business always before pleasure.

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ImageHex Code: #778899
"You say that I'm kinda difficult
But it's always someone else's fault."
- Marina and the Diamonds

Lucie wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. Torres had one job and he screwed up royally. But in all fairness, any screw up that brought her discomfort was considered screwing up royally by Lucie's definition. She was a merciless employer. There had only been one other time Torres screwed up which was her first time on the university campus when he had the audacity to steal the spotlight among her peers. The nerve! It didn't matter to her that it wasn't common for personal bodyguards to frequent universities. What mattered was that it was her day, her debut and he made it all about him by soaking up all the attention until she felt as insignificant as a stone on the street. It also didn't matter that he didn't utter a single word to anyone.

"I'm going to rip him to pieces! I knew I should have listened to father and picked someone with inferior looks.." She could imagine it happening all over again, her bodyguard somewhere out there in the festival having the time of his life surrounded by young infatuated women. Lucie was cursing at the mental image as her hand balled into a fist. She always had an eye for beautiful things and people but it did not work in her favor with the innate need to compete with the other good-looking person in her presence too.

"Hello, Lucie, are you okay? Why that's a lovely statue you have there. Is it Angelite?"

Lucie let out a breath she didn't know she was holding in as her name being said brought her back down to reality. "I am so frustrated! How hard can it be to follow me around? I'm not even sprinting." She responded, venting openly. Lucie let out another huff before turning around to see who she was speaking with. She recognized Ms. Evers quickly, given that she was her English professor at college and classes required students to sit down and stare at the teacher while they lecture for ages. The girl standing behind Ms. Evers however, Lucie didn't recognize. But she recognized the gown. There was another question to answer first before getting around to that.

"It is Angelite! Angelite is always lovely." Lucie sighed in admiration of the statuette in her hands, clasping it lovingly and pressing the stone against her cheek much like a child with a cherished stuff toy. "My bodyguard is busy being an imbecile unfortunately so I'm stuck here until he finds me. I am not leaving without it." She said assertively, taking a moment to adjust the angle of her parasol that provided a little shade from the sun's rays. Lucie wasn't comfortable standing around especially since she had already found what she desired. If Torres was here and competent, she could have bought everything and moved on to browse other interesting stalls or left entirely to return to the comfort of her own home. But he wasn't here and she wasn't a thief and stubborn was she. She was not letting the Angelite statuette go at all costs.

Lucie turned to the blonde girl (Dawn) with Ms. Evers, the dress earning her attention. "Nice choice. It suits you and complements your eyes." She noted the gown's color along with the girl's eyes and gave a nod of approval. "Did you buy it from a stall back there? It caught my eye but I couldn't stare for too long.. The vendor was ugly. If I stared any longer, I swear I could have thrown up in my own mouth." Lucie said casually with a smile. It was normal for her to speak her mind as harsh as it may be. Her attitude was not restrained even in front of authoritative figures like Ms. Evers. The professor and her acquaintance were both beautiful people though so this was as accommodating and polite as Lucie could be.