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aarondalea » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by aarondalea as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Bacchus L. Anarane

Bacchus L. Anarane, located in The Two Kingdoms

as part of Where rivers collide

"Whomever dared kill Riven Anarane deserves one fate- and that fate is death."

Character Portrait: Joshua V. Kingsley

Joshua V. Kingsley, located in Neverland

as part of Neverland's Fall

"I am the self-elected protector of my siblings."

Character Portrait: Darren von Hapsburg

Darren von Hapsburg, located in The Ocean

as part of Destiny's Child

"...I will help...this expedition...but I suggest do not put...too much me..."

Character Portrait: Leon Theodore Schwartz

Leon Theodore Schwartz, located in Montana

as part of Breaking Traditions

"I will protect my charge with all my might."

Character Portrait: Benjamin Cesar Mason

Benjamin Cesar Mason, located in The Silhouette Institution

as part of The Silhouette Institute

"I am not sure where exactly I will end up if this continues."

Character Portrait: Darren Felix Boreaux

Darren Felix Boreaux, located in Seraphic Academy of Zodiac Magic

as part of Clash of the Zodiac

"When something shatters one's really is hard to build back one's sense of leadership, isn't it?"

Character Portrait: Earl Derrik Godfrey

Earl Derrik Godfrey, located in Shinganshina District

as part of Humanity's Pawns

"Get the hell out of the way or I'll raze you to the ground like everything else!"

Character Portrait: Haydn Brenton

Haydn Brenton, located in Amaroff Theatre

as part of Life Backstage

A womanizer with a rather troubling past.

Character Portrait: Balthazar Geroux

Balthazar Geroux, located in New Tokyo

as part of Tundra

"The time of Terror and Darkness- of Ira Shoku shall come to an end by our hands."

Character Portrait: Kurai Niji

Kurai Niji, located in Gaia

as part of Worldend Rinascita

"I will never forgive nor will I forget. Just like how I never forget the faces of my victims neither shall I forget the faces of those whom wrong me."

Character Portrait: Balthazar E. Geroux

Balthazar E. Geroux, located in The Commonwealth of New Tokyo

as part of Tundra || Remaster

"The time of Terror and Darkness- of Ira Shoku shall come to an end by our hands."

Character Portrait: Joshua V. Kingsley

Joshua V. Kingsley, located in Neverland

as part of The Fall of Neverland

"I am the self-elected protector of my siblings."

Character Portrait: Josh Davidson

Josh Davidson, located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

as part of Hogwarts - Memories of the Past

"Playfulness should be moderated with studying- unless Slytherins are included."

Character Portrait: Kumorimaru

Kumorimaru, located in Edo Japan

as part of Tsukiakari

"If thou so wish- I shall condemn eternal hell unto the one thou thus hate."

Character Portrait: Kurai Niji

Kurai Niji, located in Nominum

as part of From the Depths of Lore

"It is funny how so many fear the shadows when it really, is, our only, true abode."

Character Portrait: Ishida Mitsunari

Ishida Mitsunari, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Abstract

"Kyo...may I kil this vermin? you want him, instead? If you don't stop me soon he will be gone very... very....soon-"

Character Portrait: Adelric Mathis Holtzer

Adelric Mathis Holtzer, located in Concentration Camp HΓΆlle

as part of The Warriors from Within

"I am the only leader of this camp- and don't even think about getting out."

Character Portrait: Eric Vandeese

Eric Vandeese, located in Scotland

as part of Escape From the Heart House

"It's okay, we'll be fine; just do what I do, and nothing will go wrong."

Character Portrait: Jason Montague

Jason Montague, located in Boston

as part of Romeo and Juliet- The Continuing Story

"I swear a lot- deal the fuck with it."

Character Portrait: Somerald Morris

Somerald Morris, located in Teraton, North Carolina

as part of Return to the Dark Ages

I am the son of fire and ice- but, well, more fire than ice, I suppose.

Character Portrait: Victor Samil

Victor Samil, located in Teraton, North Carolina

as part of Return to the Dark Ages

"A man's life is like a stage- if so, then why aren't we all living like actors?"

Character Portrait: Raphael Smith

Raphael Smith, located in Charleston, South Carolina

as part of Hold on to me

"I will be of your assistance- however, my fascination of the human psyche might hinder the amount of help I may give."

Character Portrait: Seth Ellis

Seth Ellis, located in "Infinity"

as part of The Infinity Realm

"I will wait for an eternity for peace, quietness, and tranquility."

Character Portrait: Vincent Velorien

Vincent Velorien, located in StarFire 200IO

as part of Into the Stars

"You'd better do as I say, because it won't work out any other way."

Character Portrait: Aeron Gwyn Demyan

Aeron Gwyn Demyan, located in Tabitha

as part of Across the Wilds

"When death claims me- and it shall, with time- I will evade it and subject it to my feet. But, for now, I shall live for the moment and succeed."

Character Portrait: Takeshi Masamura

Takeshi Masamura, located in Japan: Sengoku Era

as part of Ways of The Samurai: Revenge

"For your sake, just tell me the job and then stay away."

Character Portrait: Orpheus Dwight Dunstan

Orpheus Dwight Dunstan, located in The Academy

as part of The Demi-God Academy

"...say what you said again, now."

Character Portrait: Edwin Adler Ashford

Edwin Adler Ashford, located in Minimum

as part of Error

"Keeping order through a blue veil is what I have delegated myself to do for the rest of my life."

Character Portrait: Kazuki Matsuoka

Kazuki Matsuoka, located in St. Helena, California

as part of Every Second

"I don't know. No one agrees with me, but I think that a dash of spontaneity in life is...invigorating." (MWIP)

Character Portrait: Iyen

Iyen, located in The Doll House

as part of The Forbidden Games; The Untold Tale

"I promise my friends won't do anything! The only thing they might do is probably rip off your arm, I don't know."

Character Portrait: Aiko Koizumi

Aiko Koizumi, located in Kyoto, Japan

as part of True Forms

"Mah, people say that I'm clumsy with everything that I do and, like, ahh!! I can't say that they're wrong!!"(MWIP)

Character Portrait: Akihiro Torai

Akihiro Torai, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Notes and Bullets

"It's not that I am acting rebellious, nor is it that I have no emotions; no, I am trying to right what is wrong because I alone can do this." (MWIP)

Character Portrait: Raoul Hemming

Raoul Hemming, located in Wyoming

as part of Insignia: The Rebellion

The closed off Beta of the Bleddyn pack.

Character Portrait: Walt Henry

Walt Henry, located in Henrietta, Virginia

as part of The Raven Summer

Smiling yet cold, the Stormbringer intends to wreck all for but a few of his closest kin.

Character Portrait: Alexander M. Geremi

Alexander M. Geremi, located in Eden ; The perfect city

as part of City of Eden

"Our race of Nobles have all but the basic principles of morality."

Character Portrait: Wulfric Enns Lockwood

Wulfric Enns Lockwood, located in Earth, Tokyo, Japan

as part of Clocks

"I cannot refrain myself from giving life to creatures of my imagination."

Character Portrait: Ranemiro del Basque

Ranemiro del Basque, located in Savannah, Georgia

as part of Secrets in the South

"Work as I will, as I have the wisdom of centuries to guide you."

Character Portrait: Joel Carter Kingsley

Joel Carter Kingsley, located in Milano Residence

as part of Rise of the Milanos

"I will teach what I must- and most of those lessons end with death."

Character Portrait: Ulrika Adalheid

Ulrika Adalheid, located in Enchanted Forest

as part of Enchantedly ll Charmed

"Let me help you, dear."

Character Portrait: Blake Barakel

Blake Barakel, located in Earth

as part of Blood Moon: A Supernatural Apocalypse

"My sister's a fool; why act sagely when there's all the world to ruin?"

Character Portrait: Julie Anne Taradeau

Julie Anne Taradeau, located in Tokoyo, Japan

as part of Still Dolls

"Let's be friends, okay?" (MWIP)

Character Portrait: Nakusu Sakamoto

Nakusu Sakamoto, located in Tokyo

as part of Hell's Gate

"Where am I? Who are you? Are you here to give me my new mission- who must I kill?" (MWIP)

Character Portrait: Hisoka Yukimura

Hisoka Yukimura, located in London

as part of Clocklock

"What more can we do but continue fighting until we are too old? Let these powers to waste and wither along with time?"(MWIP)

Character Portrait: Hadassah I, Queen of the Sirens

Hadassah I, Queen of the Sirens, located in Hannah Gordon's Room

as part of Into the Stars

"I will rid the seas of mer-filth once and for all!"