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angelwolf123 » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by angelwolf123 as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Ariel Morgenthal

Ariel Morgenthal, located in Pokémon Universe

as part of Menagerie

"...I'd rather not."

Character Portrait: Cyril Vecchio

Cyril Vecchio, located in Pokémon Universe

as part of Menagerie

"I'd like to kill myself, but I'm afraid of commitment, so I just take a lot of naps." (wip)

Character Portrait: Neptune

Neptune, located in Moon Base

as part of Fly Me to the Moon

will all great neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?

Character Portrait: Dragan Úna Aries

Dragan Úna Aries, located in Asteria

as part of Astrologia Eclipse

Ruler of Aries

Character Portrait: Calypso Sytille

Calypso Sytille, located in Ismir

as part of Blood in the Sand

The Friend

Character Portrait: Isidore

Isidore, located in The Land of Cosmos

as part of Natsukashii

Ruler of Pisces

Character Portrait: Cashmere Václav

Cashmere Václav, located in Cosmos

as part of Cosmogyral

"At the end of the day, it's all theatre~." WIP

Character Portrait: Zed Richter

Zed Richter, located in Kairos

as part of mbuki-mvuki

"If you say so."

Character Portrait: Martin Stiles

Martin Stiles, located in Kairos

as part of mbuki-mvuki

"I like pumpkins."

Character Portrait: Kashou Honeshiro

Kashou Honeshiro, located in sengoku period, japan

as part of The Ways of Samurai

"This... this is probably edible...."

Character Portrait: Mazu

Mazu, located in Temple Center

as part of Soul Mates- Saving the World

Patron Godess

Character Portrait: Allure

Allure, located in The Depths

as part of Beyond the Guise

{fat wip}

Character Portrait: Rae

Rae, located in "Infinity"

as part of The Infinity Realm

"I do hope I'm suitably terrifying."

Character Portrait: Vision

Vision, located in The Country of Hearts

as part of Bloody Clocks

"Who... are you?" WIP

Character Portrait: Riel

Riel, located in Tokyo; Japan

as part of A Tragedy

"Does your ass get jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth?"

Character Portrait: Alezae Vayu

Alezae Vayu, located in Senjuku

as part of Keepers

"Peasants." WIP

Character Portrait: Lucien Damani

Lucien Damani, located in Anywhere

as part of Requiem of Reality

"Honestly, you'd think that no one's ever tried to kill you before." ((WIP, but acceptable))

Character Portrait: Ruben Lilit

Ruben Lilit, located in University of Diversity

as part of Sponsor Me

"You'd be amazed by how diseased people are...."

Character Portrait: Dark

Dark, located in Greenfield Academy

as part of Greenfield Academy

Confrontation avoided. The strange young man regards you with interest.

Character Portrait: Ciel Demarius

Ciel Demarius, located in The Continent of Asvara

as part of Thaumaturgy

"It seems that I have quite the problem here...."

Character Portrait: Kaika Daikirai

Kaika Daikirai, located in Magical Modern Earth

as part of Angel Resurrection: Let the Battles Begin!

"These silly humans and their nonsense emotions... I do not understand them."

Character Portrait: Louvel Regis

Louvel Regis, located in Blanchett Manor

as part of The Lines Between Black and White

"Hate is an ugly word. I prefer 'homicidal ideation'."

Character Portrait: Vanja Lalit-kumar

Vanja Lalit-kumar, located in The Cosmos

as part of Yuanfen

it can all be very suffocating.

Character Portrait: Celso Ravenius

Celso Ravenius, located in The Cosmos

as part of Yuanfen

he thinks about overthrowing his own government the same way one might contemplate suicide.

Character Portrait: Nova

Nova, located in Nevermore

as part of Forget My Name

"Wanna take a chance?"

Character Portrait: Richard Howell

Richard Howell, located in New Wicker

as part of Deceitful Ranconteur

don of coveta

Character Portrait: Song-Hua

Song-Hua, located in The Land of Cosmos

as part of Natsukashii

Guardian of the Eye

Character Portrait: Sorina Calder

Sorina Calder, located in Earth, Tokyo, Japan

as part of Clocks

-WIP- Damnit, Luna, you're onto me

Character Portrait: Dolour

Dolour, located in Hell

as part of Lucifer's Throne


Character Portrait: Ammon

Ammon, located in Ephemeral

as part of Cruel Fate


Character Portrait: Alicha

Alicha, located in The Labyrinth

as part of Awake


Character Portrait: Oshiro Rika

Oshiro Rika, located in Gakuen Hoshiyama

as part of Love Live! Cascade

First Year | Pink

Character Portrait: Kaiya Amarante

Kaiya Amarante, located in Japan | Tokyo

as part of Life is a Big Great Paper

"I'm not some little girl you can just push around."

Character Portrait: Romulus Valeska

Romulus Valeska, located in Earth; Los Angeles

as part of Brilliant Lights

*sound of whip cracking* [WIP]