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Hi im glad your reading cuz i love rpgs like naruto and pokemon and tdi stuff! if you read this then please invite me to your rpg if its on of them listed above.
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a naruto story
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Universes Created

Bleach: the new universe

Bleach: the new universe is about the world of bleach. Everyone (including ichigo and them) are dead because of a war. but new people are here. click to find out more!!!!

Total drama island:again!

Your new host,Jim, is ready to hold a total drama island! He wasnt that good at naming it and yes there will be other seasons and a thread for the losers.

total dram island: back and ready for more!

Chris: the wonderful host comes back with more drama. btw if you want to do a certain challenge pm me and ill see if i can do that.

Hakumara high

its a high school thats been normal for 3 years(also how long its been going).But then old go away and new come.will their be drama or not this is up to you guys!

Naruto: Ninjas United

Naruto and the others died long ago. the akatsuki is destroyed[for now :)]. The Hokage seat is currently empty. The villages had another war which ended shortly after the hokage died so now its a month afterward and its completly restored.

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