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I got into roleplaying a couple years ago with my friends, I decided to take it online when my sister told me about it. I told my brother to join it, and so he did. We had a blast on here and I will play on here for a while. robertozombie
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London Ontario Canda
I am the vocalist for the band All Hope is Lost, and I'm in training to become a roofer.
I like heavy metal, roleplaying, I love slipnot, doing a lot of things with zombies is amazing, i LOVE TO CREATe scripts and film shows and movies, so I joined this! I love mechs and things like that. I am just now getting into horror sotries, and creating.
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11 Jun 2008
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Anime, steam punk, zombie

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Careless Whisper Completed

a life let love series

Phantom In The Ground: Socity Of The Damned Completed

Hades has decided that the queen is not meant to rule the land, so he makes a brother hood, or socity of assasin's

Mortal Kombat: Portal of the chosen Completed

Four MortalKombat player are sucked into the game and have to play Mortal Kombat to get out.

Ring Master's evil Completed

A superhero rp brought to you by poison X comics

Universes Created

The Slashings

Horror has struck Armait Falls, a small town known for the biggest death in all of North America.

Otherworlders: The Second Rising

*This is not for the easily offended or heavily religious* The sons and daughters of Satan act as guardians and peace keepers to the demons who live on Earth. But what happens when God wants to cleanse the world of all satanic creatures?

Friday Night Fight: Ultimate Week

Spanning from Monday to Sunday, the biggest wrestling event on the Extreme Audience Channel. Will you fight for glory, fame, or because you just enjoy the fight?

Night Watcher: Night of Thornes

A none fiction with a twist of fiction. super hero.

Stake with your name on it

Vampires, they are every where. Only one man can stand up to them. But what can he do when he is masley in love with one?

Life At its Fullest.

Victor is a troubled man. He has no friends, nobody to be around, but one day, people finally notice this poor man.

Dead streets

A virus, if its even that, has swept the streets of Zoruth falls, can you survive?

Undead: Virus Spreading

An odd virus has contaminated a small town surrounded in a forest, leaving children and teenagers to fend fend for themselves.

Lies, all lies.

A horror story about a bunch of friends who go to an old house....


Open and accepting!

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Richard B. Riddick: You made three mistakes. First, you took the job. Second, you came light. A four man crew for me? Fucking insulting. But the worst mistake you made...
[Toombs darts for the gun rack which he finds to be empty while Riddick smiles]
Richard B. Riddick: ...empty gun rack.