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Teens find out they have supernatural abilities and have to go on the run from their parents who are trying to kill them. (Needs more active RPers.)

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River lightly nibbled her lower lip as she took her first step out of the house. She was not sure where she was going yet, but there was something nagging at her to venture out that day. So, here she was, unsure of where to go and what to do, so she wandered aimlessly. At least, that was what it felt like at the moment. Her wandering led her to a field where two men were walking. Part of her wanted to travel in the opposite direction, but there was a strange energy about them. Curiosity got the best of her and she hesitated for only a moment before she walked in their direction. I really hope I don't regret this. She was a little nervous about approaching them. After all, she was a female wandering alone. The only difference was, she could call on nature should a conflict arise. That was all the defense she needed, right?

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Dani decided to walk to the end of the street closest to her. The less time she spent walking down one street, the less likely a cop would be to spot her. At least, that was her logic. So, she kept walking throughout her neighborhood. She wasn't surprised at how dark it was but, but she didn't realize how quiet and empty it would be. There was not a single person in sight. However, she wanted to be on the safe side so she stayed alert and listened for every sound and made sure to observe the area around herself every so often.

Dani stayed away from the park she had visited earlier that day. There was bound to be a cop car there. She headed toward another park instead. It was at the very back of the neighborhood and right next to it were brick walls lining where houses were supposed to be. The building process had been delayed, so the spaces were going to be vacant for a while. It was the perfect spot backed by a hill that would either provide an easy escape route or make life difficult. It didn't matter much to Dani. She knew the neighborhood well enough that she was sure she could lose anyone who chose to follow her.

It took about fifteen minutes to walk to the park at the base of the hill. Dani kept close to the back where the park met the hill. It felt like the safest spot. There, she found a curb to sit on and just sat there. She was enjoying her time outside by herself at a time she wasn't supposed to be there. The best part? There was still not a single person in sight.

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Dani noticed almost immediately when the only one she cared for began growing distant from her. At first, she assumed she had done something wrong or that he was growing tired of spending so much time around her. She gave him his space. I hope this is just a phase. The thought lasted for a while. The hope began to slowly fade after a year had gone by. Dani's patience had not paid off. Maybe this is just what happens when the wealthy buy a new expensive toy. It becomes old news after a while.

In the meantime, the sale of vampires and werewolves had remained the same. Certain rogue groups would form and attack facilities involved in the trade. The attack on Integra's home made her a little uneasy. She was afraid that tensions between the races were increasing. It did not help any that Integra would go on missions as often as he did and would return with many different scents on him. Most of them were unpleasant.

While Integra was gone on his trips with Samuel, Dani would patrol the territory for any intruders. Most kept away from Integra's property. Every once in a while, Dani would spot a wolf watching her in the distance. They never approached the territory or attempted to speak to her, only watch her for a short period of time before running off elsewhere. Sometimes Dani considered tracking the scent of this wolf to see where it came from or where it went, but she would not want to miss seeing Integra before he left. She never knew whether he would return or not.

Dani was standing by the back door and staring outside when she heard Integra call for Samuel. She did not turn to watch him leave. It was enough that she could hear him. A small sigh escaped her as she remained lost in her thoughts. What kind of life is this? I no longer serve any purpose here. She was dressed in grey sweatpants with a white tank top. Her feet were bare, as usual. She glanced back in Integra's direction once before opening the back door and letting herself outside.

Once outside, she began her leisurely walk to the edge of the property. Lately, she remained in her human form. There was never a rush to do anything or be anywhere. As the edge of the property, she could smell the other wolf. It had recently been nearby. Dani looked around, but it was not anywhere near that point anymore. Usually the wolf let Dani see it before it took off. Dani took a step outside of Integra's territory. I can get in trouble for this. I wonder if he'll even know that I did it. She took a deep breath and continued into the trees. Something moved up ahead. Dani's eyes fixated on the point of movement. The wolf had appeared. Its grey fur appeared to be clean and well taken care of.

"Who are you?" Dani called out. The wolf stared at her for a second before it turned and ran in the opposite direction. Dani did not hesitate to chase after it. Integra was leaving again. There was no reason for her to stay at the house. It wasn't long before a small, somewhat familiar clearing appeared ahead. The wolf stood near the entrance and appeared to wait for Dani. Dani slowly approached. A twig snapped somewhere behind her and before she had the chance to turn around, something had planted itself into her arm. She blinked a couple of times before she fell unconscious.