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blackrider » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by blackrider as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Flint Cadash

Flint Cadash, located in Thedas

as part of Dragon Age: The Sword of Andraste

"Sodding Orzamar. Sodding Paragons. Sod it!"

Character Portrait: Shimamoto "Jiu" Ni  Zi

Shimamoto "Jiu" Ni Zi, located in sengoku period, japan

as part of The Ways of Samurai

"It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things work."

Character Portrait: Max Hollyfield

Max Hollyfield, located in Chippewa and Blink Chippewa

as part of Blink World

"Were you looking at my sister?"

Character Portrait: Rawhide

Rawhide, located in New York

as part of Earth's Greatest Heroes

"Trust me, I'm worth the price."

Character Portrait: Stretch

Stretch, located in Earth

as part of The Midnight Society.

"I only stole candy from a baby once! Once!"

Character Portrait: Kowatta "The Ink Collector"

Kowatta "The Ink Collector", located in Japan

as part of Boryokudan

"In these trying times we must trust in the wisdom of our great Emperor."

Character Portrait: Flint

Flint, located in The continent of Tecon

as part of The Book of the Damned

Mountain man of the North

Character Portrait: Gus "Gramps" Amante

Gus "Gramps" Amante, located in The Far Future

as part of The Sky Calls

"Where'd I put that wrench..."

Character Portrait: Prince Edrik The Fifth

Prince Edrik The Fifth, located in Swyndell

as part of To Steal a Heart

A spoiled prince.

Character Portrait: Ted Landon

Ted Landon, located in The Landons HouseHold

as part of The Landon's House

The crazy Uncle. Literally-hes a crazy uncle.

Character Portrait: Red

Red, located in Blue Hill, Maine

as part of What have we done?

Whiskey fueled lumberjack

Character Portrait: Saria Stoneblade

Saria Stoneblade, located in Swyndell

as part of To Steal a Heart

The Valkyrie

Character Portrait: B2-SR1

B2-SR1, located in The Alliance of Planets

as part of Bounty Hunters

A very "strange" robot.

Character Portrait: Bigby Wolf

Bigby Wolf, located in Fairtytale Academy

as part of The Fairytale Academy

The sonf of the Big Bad Wolf

Character Portrait: Blake Wesson

Blake Wesson, located in The Alliance of Planets

as part of Bounty Hunters

A wanabe bounty hunter

Character Portrait: The Midnight Masher

The Midnight Masher, located in Kansas City

as part of Cape Killers

An old hero out for revenge.

Character Portrait: The Bronze Bear

The Bronze Bear, located in Kansas City

as part of Cape Killers

An ex-hero living in constant fear.

Character Portrait: Jim Samson

Jim Samson, located in A small midwestern town

as part of Dead Nation

Just a normal working man.

Character Portrait: Bigby Hood

Bigby Hood, located in Grimmland

as part of A Fairytale Curse

The son of the Big Bad Wolf.

Character Portrait: NPC's

NPC's, located in Earth

as part of The Midnight Society.

The spot for brief descriptions on major or recurring side characters.

Character Portrait: Cathryn "Cat" Malloy

Cathryn "Cat" Malloy, located in Illinois Wasteland

as part of Fallout: Nuclear Nights

"What are you staring at?"

Character Portrait: James Dayson

James Dayson, located in Earth, Year 2020

as part of Operation Omega

"Who says a crocodile cant dress nice?"

Character Portrait: Tay Bendross

Tay Bendross, located in A Faraway Galaxy

as part of A Faraway Galaxy

A crotchety old Fade Weaver.

Character Portrait: Tom Roach

Tom Roach, located in Las Flores

as part of Blurry Lines: Establishing Them

"For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer."

Character Portrait: test char

test char, located in Bay City

as part of Private Eye

Character Portrait: Torn-Fin

Torn-Fin, located in The Coral Reef

as part of Decadent Depths

Hunter of The Deep.