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Vampire Knight A New Story Closed

The vampires continue to live on. However, this a brand new beginning, a brand new story of the vampires.

Rivals Forever? Open

How long will the two packs stay as rivials? Will they ever unite together?

Rivals For How Long? Open

Will the two wolf packs stay as rivals forever, or will they be able to unite, and cause no more problems?

Still Rivals... Open

The two wolf packs have always been rivals. Will they ever be able to unite someday?

Bonding... Open


Weapon Masters Are Here Open

Japan is in danger.. why? Because there's mosnter and demons roaming around.

High School For The Riches Open

A high-class High School for the riches

Guilds Of Magic Open

There are 4 guilds in the land of Utasia. Which one will you join?

The Resurrections Open

It has been years since the war between ninjas had stopped. However.. more troubles come when someone tries to resurrect the dead. One of those who will be resurrected will be Minato, Naruto's father.

A Boarding House Open

This isnt a boarding school... it's a boearding house. Come on in and see for youself.