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I am a good gamer a forum lover and a smart girl so what else i have to say * nerdy huh you think that *
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15 Nov 2000
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Sonic games
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Universes Created

Misicale Galaxy Boarding Prep Tech Academy

Well we all want to help the galaxy huh?

The planet Bunzola

Human eaters.

Divided by 4 fixed by 4

In a world were people are diided by class what happens when 4 children from each class are forced to go on a surival trip.

4th vs. 5th: School my Test Paper

Will there be a end to this grade bound war??!!??!!

Warrior Pokemon

What if wild pokemon had clans by type.This rp is like the Erin Hunter book Warrior Cats.

Schiavitu sull'isola Albana

Transalation: Slavery on Albana Island. A beautiful island called Albana near Italy is a slavery place for gold, and stuff.

Flipnote Hatena surival.

Based on the flipnote Hatena website and the flipnote hatena war, when flipnote hatena gets exploded all the surivors new-famouse hav to find a way to surive.Especially with starbeggers and false reporters lurking around.

Warrior Cats: The rise of the Eclispe

What is happening too this world the moon is so black. A eclispe it has given good and bad what about you.

The Hunger Games: Different Rules

144 come in 64 come out. 200 days to try to live. The Hunger Games have begun.

Sweet but Deadly

Pink and Sweet. Red and blood everywhere. A Gunslinger Girl RP.

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