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"At least there won't be nearly as much traffic on the road back." Devon jested as He watched Henry walk off to his ride before realizing he'd better get a move on as well. "It's probably a good thing you're knocked out, it isn't exactly a pleasant experience for first time flyers." He mumbled to an unconscious Akiko a wisps of smoke began trailing around the both of them pulling them into wraith form. As soon as the smoke had dissolved the both of them Devon set off flying the straightest path to the hotel he could practically follow.


At arriving back at the resort one couldn't help but notice the crater in the yard and the debris in the area surrounding it. Though who left such a striking impact from the others that were residing at the resort was a bit of a conundrum to him, there were actually quite a few culprits that he could see able to cause that amount of damage. Might be worth looking into who it was later, but first there were other priorities.

Still maintaining his wraith form Devon made his way to the room he assumed was Akiko's, at the very least he assumed there weren't any others that had brought companions of the feline nature with them. Slipping his way through the cracks around the doorframe he entered the room and with a glance at the cat was was just lazing on the bed he confirmed that it was Akiko's. As he undid his wraith form to deposit an unconscious Akiko the very much unappreciating feline jumped up, hissed and fled the scene for one of the hidden corners of the room, though Devon had a feeling he/she would return quite quickly to the bed and Akiko once he'd left the room. He laid Akiko into the bed and made sure to tuck her in before returning to his wraith form and making his way to the ground floor.

He went almost directly to the buffet for a cup of coffee, as it was quite honestly very much needed. If only to take the edge of the circadian fuck-up-ery that was that bout of time travel. After downing the first cup of coffee he got his hands on in pretty much one big gulp he grabbed a refill and headed back out into the resort, looking for any other sign of life... Well beyond the staff, one couldn't exactly talk esoteric matters to them... Especially since he hadn't even gotten a firm grasp on it all himself.

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As the ship tilted forwards and began pushing off the timestranded supers and the humans inside the belly of the ship Devon decided to not waste more precious time and took a running jump towards the swirling time portal. Taking one last look behind as he jumped. "Thanks for everything, both of you and may we meet again... In due time." He yelled back the crew of the ship.

He had no idea whether they had heard him or the portal had already swallowed him at that point, since the next moment he was back on the beach with everything in between being a vague mess on the very of a semi-lucid. It wasn't until Henry began speaking that he snapped back into reality, while his body may have been completely unchanged from the adventure he could still feel some fatigue. He quickly searched around in his pockets until he found the orb Chimalma had given him, tangible evidence that what had just happened wasn't some hallucination.

He didn't have long to study the orb though before Akiko drew his attention by slumping over like a sack of potatoes. "I guess it only reverted physical ailments and not so much mental fatigue... Or soul fatigue?... Anyways, going back to the hotel sounds like a good idea." Devon then walked over to Akiko lifting her up and throwing her over his shoulder in a fireman carry style. "If only to drop this one off... More important question, do you have a vehicle or are we gonna have to fly air Freischütz?" He asked Henry.
The others he didn't expect to have used a vehicle, Sasha could just easily morph into something that'd move quickly and inconspicuously, Akiko could turn invisible and fly and well he knew damn well how he got there, but Henry's power didn't seem to have a convenient transportation option that wasn't running around like a cosmic kaiju.

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As he had expected the big mother roach was quite tough, even after all that brutal violence of fire she seemed to have enough fortitude to press on even while burning and rushing it's way through an oxygen deprived zone. A bit of surprise washed over Devon's face when the queen appeared from the smoke caked in melting and burning carapace of her own mixed with that of her brood, it wasn't so much that she was still alive and kicking that was surprising, but rather the sheer tenacity or stubbornness with which she attacked even after being dealt such a blow.

His surprise didn't last long as her incessant screeching reached his ears, before he could fully take in the words she had spoken he released the next shot. Reacting to the words as the shot soared at the target. "Let me help you with that vermin problem. Starting with this roach infestation!" Devon screamed back at the enraged queen his shot exploding almost in sync with him uttering the word roach. The explosion itself wasn't much to look at though no spectacle of fire or color, the only visual ques of the explosion was the settling smoke and the roach corpses beneath being launched away from the epicenter, and of course the roach queen being shoved back from the impact force. However it certainly could be heard as the shock wave passed over the ship sounding like a rapid series of nearby heavy lightning strikes.

The heavy hit had bought them a little bit more time, but it wouldn't be enough to stop the furious roach of continuing her pursuit. However looking at the distance to the Precipice, Henry's jogging pace and the speed at which the queen gave chase it wouldn't be enough. Not to mention the thought that she might chase after them through the Precipice and potentially come raise hell in their world didn't sit well with Devon.

While he was thinking about another solution since clearly so far the effects hand't been stellar Devon continued to fire the thought cannons with what basically amounted to fireballs, exploding and burning more of the chitin, honestly it might as well have been the beast of decay with how he was attacking it... "Well... I guess I should have realized that sooner, fuck me." He said as an epiphany reached his brain.

Almost immediately after the content of the shots chanced from it's fiery contents to something more... liquid. As the first shot of liquid made contact it started to hiss and evaporate cracking the carapace where it hit, taking out small chunks of it and freezing the exposed flesh between the cracks and chipped chunks of chitin. Thermal shock to break the armor and the freezing effect would take care of the flesh exposed. No matter how unlike normal roaches they behaved they were still roaches and still were just blood filled meat sacks, and all that water contained in there is just perfect to freeze and destroy those cells it's in and around. "Henry I don't mean to hurry you, but... She still gaining on us." Devon said with a bit of concern in his voice to the atlas sized entity running with the ship like it was a trophy he just won. The freezing was working, but between the time gadgets and her berzerker like enraged state it just wasn't quite fast enough.

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"It migth take a moment, but I should be able to find an angle where I can provide supporting fire on both fronts." Devon replied to Henry and Akiko trying to give both of them a bit of reassurance as he looked around the caverns for a good position to unload from. There were many small outcroppings and shadowy corners to hide in however there weren't any that jumped out regarding their firing angles, he might actually have to hop between firing positions quite a bit to provide assistance to both sides.

It was then that Akiko moved towards the tracks, not wanting to break the invisibility he had to follow along and got their first glimpses of what was happening in the tunnel. Looking into the tunnel Devon could see the rather one-sided nature of the battle at hand, while it might have looked like a stalemate for the moment this was a battle of attrition the woman wasn't going to win, there were just too many roaches there and god knows how many there were in reserve ready to get called in to replace the casualties.

"Last time I tried to keep it alive to beat some answers out of, that's not a mistake I'll make again." Devon whispered as black smoke began flowing from him. "I'm going to cause a bit of chaos, this'll probably be the best moment to do what you have to do Henry... And I'll have to ask you two to get her out of that encirclement. If everything goes silent regroup back the way we came just far enough from these slavers to avoid detection." He whispered to the group breaking contact with Akiko just a moment before the smoke has dissolved his entire body.

Making his way over to a small shadowy outcropping halfway up the tunnel wall Devon settled into his firing position,it was far from perfect and he was worried about the time bending bull those roaches could pull, but at the very least it seemed like it took a moment of warm up to activate. He took a deep breath and unleashed his first volley, the sound of the shots echoed against the tunnels walls and overlapped just as he'd hoped, it would help keep his position a bit harder to pinpoint with the dissonant sounds it created.

At almost the same time the sound of larger explosion rang from in between the ranks of roaches as fragmentation shells detonated mid air. A varied mix of shots was levied at the roaches, armor piercing shots aimed at any of those damned broaches he could see and anything that shared a resemblance, and fragmentation rounds scattered between the roaches trying to avoid sending shot towards the woman.

After the initial volley he switched out from his rifle to his pistols unloading a mixture of cryogenic, high kinetic and soft point bullets. Between the possibility of hitting an invisible ally and the flammable nature of the smelly air his options after that opening volley were a bit limited.

0.25 INK received for post #2823011, located in Titan's Fall:

When Raudd got bumped into by a young man who by his ragged breathing had ran like the devil was chasing him he initially paid it little mind other than passing a quick feel over a coin filled pocket in his suit. It was when the man began describing the devil in question that he fully tuned in on the conversation. A woman in a theater mask, really now after they've just been warned about exactly such existence a mere few hours ago, that felt a little too perfect to just be mere coincidence. And one that apparently had managed to gain access to Emerald Bullet's guns at that.

He looked over to his sister who by the looks of things had managed to come to similar enough conclusions, though before they had the time to vocally confirm each others suspicions it was the sound of a large caliber pistol that was first to break the relative silence. With the ensuing firefight on the background Zolya was the first to speak. "I'd hate to say this, but we might actually have to help Halcyon this time." "I will have to help them, no way in damnation will I allow you anywhere near a teleporter who can overpower Emerald Bullet and who knows how many other powerful supers. You go home and send a scout team after me, not a soul who'll know where I'll end up fighting that one." Raudd reacted with a slight amount of annoyance seeping through his voice.

Having taken in the words of her brother Zolya, rather than trying to fight a sound argument just giving a little confirmatory "Got it." followed by a sigh as she took off towards where they had left the deer and onward to the Stoneworks. Raudd on the other hand intercepted one of the Halcyon enforcers who was running towards the scene just to grab the communications device he was carrying and yelling a "You're all gonna owe me big time." to whomever was listening in on the other side before throwing it to the ground and giving it a customary introduction to the sole of his shoe smashing it to pieces. The enforcer in question was in the middle of an attempt to say something about it when he looked at the face of the person he was about to read the riot act and quickly decided to keep his jaws glued shut.

After which point Raudd picked up his speed and outpaced the Halcyon enforcers with seeming ease. Though realistically just forcing his way through the muscle cramping unburdened by the pain or the consequences. Giving him the opportunity to arrive just before those Halcyon goons were gonna unleash hell once more. With the person in question coming into his field of view he dropped his pace back to walking. "And here I was expecting to find Emerald Bullet ignoring the collective's decision, but who might you be?" Raudd asked feigning a bit of ignorance on his part.


Death came to town.