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I love roleplaying, always looking for new people to roleplay with & new friends. I am artistic so I like doing art as well. I'm a single parent to a 5 yr old daughter. I love reading and writing and thinking of personalities for various characters I create. Hope to find people to rp with^^
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Universes Created

Langzongse Werewolf Pack

A place where werewolves who are alone come find others like them. They argue, they get along. It's chaos, it's life. Though you'll always know they'll have your back. A horrible battles about to reach the pack, better be ready.

Celestial Maiden: Travel To Other Worlds

Suddenly there's a bright light, almost as if the sun's light has expanded. A portal opens up, and suddenly a beautiful lovely maiden enters into another world. Come join me as this lovely maiden travels worlds meeting different people.

Dimensional Drift Fight For Earth

For Centuries there has been a life long battle/war against two kinds of races. Heaven sworn to protect Earth, often left to look after people like one's guardian angel would do. Unseen by the human eye, only revealed when close to death or chosen to be s

A Quedingde Tragedy

Tragedy Strikes tearing the whole family apart as a big murder happens in odd ways for a lot in the household he lives in. Where Daixue easily could be considered the suspect. Come help uncover the mystery.


Calstrians live on that planet and they come in all different looks. There are Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, Ice, and Dark. None of these Calstrians have met one another, like tribes they stick with their own kind of race.

Elegant Chaos

Medevial meets Feudal Japan like era style. I'll play a few elves characters and am looking for others who love playing elves to join me. Many decades ago a war had almost costed complete destruction of everyone. The evil enemy was defeated...

Inuyasha : Destiny's Awaken

Do you love Inuyasha? Have you ever wanted to play as a character or add your own to it. Come join the fun as you find yourself in the fuedal era, where you can be anything from a form of demon good or bad, a human, a priestess a demon slayer.

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