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comicbooklover » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by comicbooklover as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Isaiah Harris

Isaiah Harris, located in Modern

as part of Sūpāmisuterī Academy

"Let's all just lighten up a bit..."

Character Portrait: Claire Shane

Claire Shane, located in Erjykove

as part of The Changelings

"Ah, so what I'm different? Normal's boring anyway!"

Character Portrait: Abbas Coren

Abbas Coren, located in Vallrien

as part of Mortal King

"I'd like to be left alone, thank you."

Character Portrait: Toddlk Lorav

Toddlk Lorav, located in Clarkton

as part of The E.T. Project

"Woah! Humans are so cool!"

Character Portrait: Torex

Torex, located in America

as part of Touch

"May I assist you?"

Character Portrait: Charlie Redmond

Charlie Redmond, located in America

as part of Touch

"I thought I was already as outside as it got."

Character Portrait: Barnabas Vine

Barnabas Vine, located in Somewhere in the Seven Seas

as part of Pirates of the Curse

"Don't worry, I know where I'm going."

Character Portrait: Aven Otis

Aven Otis, located in Uptown

as part of As you wish, Master.

"When life gives you apples, make apple juice! Wait, I think I got that wrong..."

Character Portrait: Smith Bryant

Smith Bryant, located in University of Diversity

as part of Sponsor Me

"I am legally able to ignore your accusations until you can find proof. So far, you have none."

Character Portrait: Evan "Spyke" Daniels

Evan "Spyke" Daniels, located in Xavier Academy

as part of X-Men:Before The Last Stand 2.0

"Class? Why bother! Let's go skateboarding!"

Character Portrait: Evan "Spyke" Daniels

Evan "Spyke" Daniels, located in Xavier Institute in Washington DC.

as part of X-Men: Before The Last Stand.

"Class? Why bother! Let's go skateboarding!"

Character Portrait: Evie River

Evie River, located in Hybrid Earth

as part of Hybrid Escape

"Well this 'otter' be good."

Character Portrait: Captain Curry

Captain Curry, located in Somewhere in the Seven Seas

as part of Pirates of the Curse

"I'm your bloody Captain, so if you've got a problem with that, get off my ship."

Character Portrait: Rosemary Turner

Rosemary Turner, located in Somewhere in the Seven Seas

as part of Pirates of the Curse

"I've always wanted to see the world, but I must say, this isn't how I wished it to happen."

Character Portrait: Erik Web

Erik Web, located in Canada

as part of The Promise Land

"Trusting in hope is easy... when you find something to hope in..."

Character Portrait: Thomas Walton

Thomas Walton, located in Area 1

as part of Blindsight

"Call me Professor."

Character Portrait: Michelle Reed

Michelle Reed, located in Imaginary and Beautiful World

as part of The Imaginary World

"I'm surrounded by idiots."

Character Portrait: Xavier Donovan

Xavier Donovan, located in Earth

as part of Corporate Races

"Slow and steady wins the race."

Character Portrait: Wren Mosley

Wren Mosley, located in Agate, Colorado

as part of The Life of an Ordinary Teenage Wizard

"Don't hang around me when I'm in a bad mood...."

Character Portrait: The Siren Zone

The Siren Zone, located in Empirica

as part of Empirica

"Ta otoma eta azoo."

Character Portrait: Mackenzie Grace

Mackenzie Grace, located in Canada

as part of The Promise Land

"Stay out of my way, and we might just get along."

Character Portrait: Timothy

Timothy, located in The "Endless" Forest

as part of Endless Forest


Character Portrait: Brian McShane

Brian McShane, located in Neverland

as part of Neverland's Descent

"How's the weather down there?"

Character Portrait: Elinor Sterling

Elinor Sterling, located in Vega

as part of Artificial: The War For Vega

Work In Progress!!!

Character Portrait: Kioshi Masaaki

Kioshi Masaaki, located in Tokyo

as part of Windows To The Soul

"What a pleasure to meet you!"

Character Portrait: David Barnes

David Barnes, located in World of Terron

as part of Journey Into The Unknown

"I'm ready for a change of scenery!"

Character Portrait: Edmond Blaire

Edmond Blaire, located in Sunnyvale, Alaska

as part of Know Your Enemy

"They say 'Curiosity Killed the Cat'. Good thing I'm a dog."

Character Portrait: Lou Foster

Lou Foster, located in Chromia Disease Control Center

as part of Heterochromia

"Creativity is what keeps me as sane as I can pretend to be."

Character Portrait: Lisa Cross

Lisa Cross, located in Utopia

as part of The Rising

"Does it comfort you to be in the capable hands of the girl who flunked mechanics?"

Character Portrait: Celina Green

Celina Green, located in Cyber Earth

as part of Cyber Rule

"I belong in a mental institution, not a war."

Character Portrait: Eleny Forrest

Eleny Forrest, located in Kingdom of Altiair

as part of CHROME

"All races have their faults. I am unlucky enough to have seen them all first hand."

Character Portrait: Seth Livius

Seth Livius, located in Wonderland

as part of Wonderland Struggle

"Which way you ought to go depends on where you want to get to."

Character Portrait: Hugh Audric

Hugh Audric, located in Capitol

as part of The 100th Annual Hunger Games

"Intelligence beats force, always."

Character Portrait: Jacob Cage

Jacob Cage, located in Somewhere in the United States

as part of Brigadiers Forever

"It's just sad that my time spent in a bunny costume was the highlight of my life."

Character Portrait: Erica Monroe

Erica Monroe, located in World

as part of Heavenly Taste Candy Shop

"Germs.... Germs everywhere, mate...."