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crybloodredtears member of RPG for 8 years

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Well, I'm a female, for one.
I prefer when people do not capitalize my username... And I like when people call me 'cry' as a short form. :)

Watch out, I'm a picky person. I looove to spell things as best as possible during a RP but tend to add extra letters when typing in the OOC. Just a warning.

I'm sure you would hate for me to do the same for you so let's be courteous and not copy characters, shall we?

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The Interwebs.
College Student
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0- 5-2009
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Completed Stories

Shadows of The Past Completed

As war rages in the land of Valcrest, a clan of assassins struggles to survive as they are accused of killing the ruler of one of the warring cities. Will they be able to prove the truth and end the war? (COMPLETED RP)

Universes Created

Before Morning Comes

Before Morning Comes there are supernatural creatures that roam the streets. Some itching to kill while others wish to protect and even make friends with humans.

From Dusk Until Dawn

A Twilight RP; 15 years into the future - Things have changed for the Quileutes of La Push. This is their story.

Know Your Family

Private roleplay between crybloodredtears and CyanSponge.

An Odd Devotion

~ Turned into 1x1 between crybloodredtears and Beach-Born-Boy. ~

Keep It In The Family

A family business is better run by the family, not an outsider. ~ Under Construction.

Safe House

A teen and her family is in danger. Why? Because she witnessed a mass murder and the murderer is willing to do anything to shut her up for good, including harming her parents and siblings. Who is the killer? Her own uncle. ~ Warning; possible incest. ~

Tokyo's Private Academy for the Elite

Welcome to the Special A class where the drama is the same, if not worse, than any other school in the country. ~ All Roles Are Taken ~

The War of the Bloodlines

For many millennia, two bloodlines have been fighting a near constant war against each other; Vampires and Lycans. What would happen if a vampire and a lycan from each of the royal lines were to fall in love?

The Tudors II

Do you have what it takes to survive life at court?




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