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deathrisesagain member of RPG for 9 years

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I've been roleplaying for forever, and i love it. I've pretty much roleplayed every kind, table top, messenger, forum, email, larp. Throughout my years of roleplaying i've accomplished many things. I now roleplay to have fun. Though my posting statistics may not be high and my grammer, puncutation and spelling may not be the best, i do post a paragraph, and try my best. Don't let statistics, spelling, grammer and puncutation cause you to judge me before you know me.
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I'm currently a college student, and i love to have fun. In class i'm known as the Jester, it's awesome being me.
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25 Jan 1995
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medeval fantasy

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Universes Created

Camp Keystone vs. Camp Bloodlust

Two years after the last of the Shadronians announced himself, and a year after a new camp across the lake opens up, Camp Keystone opens up year round.

The Lost Prince of Anathia

Can the prince be found and take the throne in time, or will the royal family loose the throne for good?

The Revolution has begun!

The humans was loosing a war, until they gained a secret weapon.

The Mystery of a Lifetime

A young lad is found on the shores of a small town in North Carolina, but he's not from this time, what will happen to him and the family that finds him?

Maximum Ride: Next Generation

The same experiment, the same problems, what will happen?

The Human-Hybrid War

An interplanetarian war between the human race and their genetically altered counter-parts, the Hybrids.

Extinction of Mutants

Mutants around the world are being hunted down and killed. Some is based off of Xmen, and The Gifted, the new twist is of my own creation.

The Nevillian Wars

Will the humans, along with their new allies, the hybrids, be able to claim victory over a race that none before could?

The Battle for Winterville

Evalyn Frost has declared war on Winterville, is there a group brave enough to stand against her?

The War for Universe Freedom

What happens when 3 alien beings that were cryogenically frozen, and 3000 years later they are thawed out?

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